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The heater exploded in our eel tank and killed Lenny, my lunar wrasse, and Deputy Steve, our awesome zebra moray eel, and I was SO UPSET. Lenny was badass, he hated everybody. Steve was a cool dude. They will be missed. But last weekend we went crazy in That Pet Place (you have to go crazy there, it's close to the best place on earth) and we got Rick, a little lunar wrasse just coming into his own, and Officer Kevin, a zebra moray with an awesome personality; I felt a little bad because he was the 'baby' of one of the fish staff people there, but we couldn't leave without him.

I want a writing nook. And a bird. A secret writing nook with teal walls and a big lovebird cage and no dogs or cats. J has promised to make this happen, but I have my doubts.

Boring life is boring.
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