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NINJA | PG-13 | ~32,000
Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden (also: Kevin/Zac Efron, Brendon/Spencer, Bill/Miranda, Pete/Ashlee, Pete/Patrick)

There are grooves in Kevin’s fingers from where he’s gripping his bass, soft, but calloused underbellies digging into the strings. It’s enough pain to ground him; he releases the strings backwards, the positioning a direct reverse of the beginning of In Front And Heavy. This is it. There’s no going back, even if one of the kids singing along in twenty minutes recognizes the curve of Miranda’s mouth, the timbre of Brendon’s voice, the strawberry blonde curl of Patrick’s hair under his knit cap; Bill’s splayed, spidery legs, Kevin’s wrists, fingers – the white band of skin that isn’t hidden by a thin band of silver.

*We are your losers, your loud weirdoes, your science stars, your shy, retiring band geeks*, Kevin thinks, and sets off for the stage.

A/N: This is it. The completely pointless, self-indulgent high school AU about a secret band playing secret music and writing a secret blog. I kind of hope you enjoy it. Massive thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the excellent beta-work, and also to [ profile] starflowers, who cheered me on through this entire thing. This actually had a different title, but then I thought, fuck it, because it's always been NINJA in my head. (ps – more notes at the end about who’s who in some of the blogged about bands, if you’re curious)

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Saponification | PG-13 | multiple pairings | 19,000+
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation, Allotropy and Adsorption.

“I don’t usually follow gossip,” Brendon says, which is a blatant, bald lie, “but word is Crawford’s got an imaginary friend.”

A/N: For those of you who skipped Adsorption because of the JoBros, I strongly urge you to reconsider (Carden is awesome!) – I’m gonna say you probably need to have read ALL stories that have come before, and I’m gonna say that because I basically throw every character ever at you in this one. Except for, I’m sad to say, most of Panic. Fear not, they shall be the focus of the very next installment! Saying that, Saponification (title tongue-in-cheek) is about a slight mystery surrounding Joe, Gerard, Johnson and Ian. To make things slightly less confusing, have a Supersaturation Character Cheat Sheet! There are Nickelodeon and Disney people now! I blame Bonus.
Much awesome thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the kick-ass beta-job. I totally don’t have favorites, but this is for [ profile] druidspell (my best ‘verse supporter), [ profile] nunshavingfun (I fixed Joe for you!!!), and [ profile] starflowers (whose mere existence makes me smile).

Saponification )
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Found Days | PG-13 | 13,000+
Brendon/Jon | band AU
download the soundtrack

Brendon has a habit of handling Pete the same way he handles his twelve-year-old daughter.

A/N: So it seems like each time I finish an AU I say that it’s my favorite world to play in, but seriously, this is totally my favorite world to play in for reals. It’s a future fic in a world where all the bands are the same except Panic, and Brendon and Jon both have kids. I kind of love it a lot. I even made art! Massive thank yous to [ profile] flickerofyou, for beta’ing this even though she didn’t feel well *hugs* This is not actually kid fic. It’s about Beach Dog.

Found Days )
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Sublimation | 18,400+ | PG-13 | Various multibandom pairings
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy & Entropy
download the soundtrack

William is not exactly sure what’s going on, but he’s feeling very fourteen. Very awkward with his limbs, very sore, and he does not like it.

A/N: SGA/Bandslash fusion. You’ll definitely need to have read all previous fics in this ‘verse before hand, even though this one is decidedly William-heavy. Monster thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the fabulous beta (and for making me grin like a freaking loon). Of note: since the beauty of SGA is that it does not take place in the future, I’ve made all the boys randomly older than their current selves. There is arguably no plot in this? Not one of any substance, anyway. Also, right now I love William the most in all the land *twirls*

[ETA: a bandslash primer for SGA-ers | SGA for bandslashers ]

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I was going to wait to post this, but whatever. The weekends are for new music!

So, here we've got Tullycraft - awesome. The Ark, my new favorite band (glam rock, people; from Sweden.) Punchy, twinkly songs in the middle, then we take it down a notch with Beat Radio and the absolutely gorgeous Get It Right and Already Been Here. And then we head on out with a song that reminds me of zombies. Whatever, it’s catchy. Also: Gerard. Comment if you download, and let me know what you think! Remember, you can still download Journey hits here and songs off the actual Teen Witch soundtrack here. It's a music extravaganza! Enjoy :)

Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night
right-click save-as: Soundtrack.

“How am I supposed to know who likes me for me?” Ryan asks, and Pete’s brows shoot up.

“Well. Normally, people who like other people will engage in what I like to call friendly conversation. There may be smiling involved, or, like, shoulder pats—”

“Pete. Pete, I’m.” Ryan shakes his head. “The spell, Pete, okay?”

1. The Punks Are Writing Love Songs – Tullycraft
2. Absolutely No Decorum – The Ark
3. Hold It In – Jukebox the Ghost
4. This Heart Is A Stone – Acid House Kings
5. Too Much Space To Walk Away - Avocadoclub
6. Fearful – Beat Radio
7. Get It Right – Jets Overhead
8. Already Been Here – Cinnober
9. Forget Romance, Let’s Dance – We Should Be Dead
10. Come Back To Life – Fire Flies
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Read the fic: Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night

Download songs from the movie, watch youtube videos (WARNING: bandom cast spoilers): Teen Witch: The Movie Discussion

Download essential Journey songs: right-click save-as a selection from Journey’s Greatest Hits

Lamest manip ever that makes me giggle my ass off:

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Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night
PG-13 | 14,000+ | Teen Witch AU
Ryan/Mike Kennerty, Spencer/Jon, Gabe, Brendon, Pete, Gerard, Gaylor
master post | movie discussion & song downloads

download the soundtrack

One) he almost coughed up both his lungs; two) he gets fucking chatty when he’s high, apparently, and he’d lectured Disashi for god knows how long on Dostoevsky, of all things; and three) he’d told Gaylor he’s, “No lie, no lie, seriously, a witch.” They’d had a good laugh over that one.

Huge thanks to [ profile] chopsticknoodle and [ profile] audrey1nd for the excellent betas, and to [ profile] natacup82, because I wouldn’t have written this without our excessive squeeing over 80s movie AUs, and to [ profile] eckerlilas, who totally didn’t help me cast this, no way, of course not. Honest.

This is completely ridiculous and stupid and hardly sticks to the movie prompt at all. I hope you like it anyway.

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It's done! Oh my GOD, for all the freaking useless inaccuracy of this thing, I spent an awful lot of time perfecting the formatting and everything. I'm anal like that.

Introducing: a bandslash primer for SGA-ers. It's biased by my fan-goggles and occasionally half-assed, but it's got pretty pictures, so at least you can place names with faces! All links will open another window. All pics are hosted on my site, so hopefully my bandwidth won't disappear.

Also, it would be good to brush up on the idea of compartmentalization.

And here's a snippet of Grandson Of Supersaturation to get you PUMPED about bandom boys in Atlantis!!

“Are you kidding me?” Rodney stares Way and Wentz down, but Way just looks bewildered, and Rodney can’t even see Wentz’s eyes, hiding behind the truly hideous fall of his fringe.

Finally, Wentz says petulantly, “We didn’t even touch it,” and Rodney, for a brief, fleeting moment, considers retirement. Blissful, tropical retirement, far far away from Dr. Peter Wentz in all his distracting forms.

“Oh,” Ivarsson exclaims, hands clasped in front of her chest. “Oh, how precious.” Ivarsson, of course, is completely unhelpful, and Rodney has no idea why she’s even in the infirmary, and he certainly doesn’t want to know, even though he suspects it has something to do with the mini Major Toro that’d trudged in with Wentz, Way and Bryar.

Ivarsson hugs Way – and oh god, Way’s possibly even more big-eyed and helpless looking than usual; the labs are going to be anarchy.
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Solvation | 23,000+ | PG-13 | Sequel to Supersaturation
Brendon/Spencer, Patrick/Pete, Frank/Gerard, Bob/Joe, Jon/Ryan
Warnings: This is a little more serious than Supersaturation? Also, there's a long-ago character death.
download the Solvation soundtrack

It’s possible, maybe, that the whole thing is Brendon’s fault. “Okay,” Brendon says. “Okay, this could be my fault.”

It’s imperative that you read Supersaturation first. You might also want to check out my SGA for Bandslashers primer - the Wraith feature heavily in this. Many huge thanks to [ profile] castoffstarter for the awesome beta. Author notes are at the end, as well as a link to Enthalpy - Frank’s spin-off companion fic. Feedback would rock my world.

Solvation )
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Title: Featuring Murray, Starring Rootbeer, And Z Is Totally Short For Zombie
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG
Word count: 5,000+
Summary: There’s very little that Brendon loves more than his old pony, Murray
A/N: This is from the part of my brain that still listens to New Edition and rereads old copies of The Saddle Club. I’m sorry. It really didn’t deserve to be beta’d, so please point out any blatant errors :) I like to think this is the most unlikely AU ever.

download the podfic

Featuring Murray, Starring Rootbeer, And Z Is Totally Short For Zombie )


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