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Wondermutt | R | 7,000+
Prequel to Found Days, Longer Than The Road, and Plays Out Like A Drum.
Kevin/Mike, Quinn/Bert, Butcher/Sisky, Gabe/VickyT, Blake, Bill, Lissa, Sam, Eddie & Mab, Zack, Brendon & Spencer

A guest-bands band deserves a story of stories. Scenes from the Wondermutt festival tour.

A/N: see Beach Dog’s timeline. I’m back in this world because of my new-found love of NCIS (Mark Harmon --> Summer School --> Wondermutt --> Beach Dog) and if you don’t get that reference, you should watch Summer School and pay close attention to my favorite little throw-away scene. End quote-ish thing that isn’t a quote is bastardized from the movie, because that beach dog totally parallels this Beach Dog, in ways that are smarter than me. Herein lies sex, babies and very little rock n’ roll. Oh, so self-indulgent, sorry.

Wondermutt )
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I'm documenting a Beach Dog discography because I have nothing else to do with myself, writing wise. This is getting so pathetic :(

But it may turn into another Beach Dog 'verse fic, so let's hope this gets me out of my funk.

In other news, I want a grill, so J can cook me yummy things.

I should also stop taping Criminal Minds so I can catch up on the 25 I have left on my DVR.
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* Firstly, someone has to put Merlin and Arthur on Atlantis, okay? That just should happen, like, immediately. I kind of want to make Merlin a gate tech *hands* so he doesn't know why Arthur is always taking him off-world.

* Secondly, someone NEEDS to write a fic where Jon Walker saves Christmas. I don't care how - maybe something Santa Clause-esque, only without him aging and rounding out; or maybe Jon's mysterious Uncle Nick needs some holiday help! Maybe he always disappears in radio silence to "Chicago" each year, but really he's up at the North Pole! Seriously. Seriously, think about it now, JON WALKER SAVES CHRISTMAS, HOW CAN THAT NOT BE A RECIPE FOR EXTREME AWESOME?

* Also, I'm feeling totally glum, so here's a bunch of random WIPs (Amnesty, anyone?)

Ghosts R Us, featuring exasperated!Spence, fakeaccent!Brendon, sexuallyinapropriateghost!Ryan, and haunted!Jon )

Pastor Jon, featuring it'sapraisebandnotacult!Ryan and choosingtobeamused!Spencer )

Tea Shop Jon, featuring staidandboring!Jon, enthusiasticcook!Joe, and squintyeyed!Spencer, AKA the boring one that I abandoned for being boring )

Alternate Beach Dog Universe, where Brendon has a boy and Ryan fosters kids and has too many cats - you can see why I didn't go with this original version )

And speaking of Beach Dog, here's a Mary Beth and Eddie snippet set right before they joined Five Days and AZF on tour for Plays Out Like A Drum )

And just for fun, here's a Beach Dog Marty and Keltie snippet, because god knows when that's actually getting written )

And... I'm spent.
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At some point in the near future I'm going to attempt a Spencer/Johnson Beach Dog 'verse fic, where Spencer has five year old Jamie and two year old David and Haley's gone and Johnson just shows up and it's awkward and awesome!! BUT IN THE MEANTIME PONDER THIS:

Men At Work AU!! Pete and Patrick as Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez (sp?), slacker trashmen who are forced to ride with crazy ex-military psycho Gabe! Jesse Lacey and John Nolan can be the douchey cops (idek why I keep making Lacey out to be an asshole, but whatever) and Mike Carden and Michael Guy Chislett can be the prankster trashmen who are always trying to get Pete and Patrick in trouble! Ryan is the guy in the appartment complex across the street who Pete's OBSESSED WITH and spies on all the time! BRENDON'S THE HAPLESS PIZZA DUDE THAT GABE TIES UP WITH THE DEAD GUY. The dead guy can be, um. I don't know. Someone else should write this!
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Plays Out Like A Drum | PG-13 | ~4,000
Sam and Mary Beth sequel to the Kit and Lissa sequel to Found Days.
download the soundtrack

Mary Beth looks sleek in designer jeans and a black scoop-neck sweater. Sam’s heartbeat speeds up, she can feel the throb all the way down to her fingertips, and her throat’s so dry it clicks when she tries to swallow.

A/N: So for the three of you who will actually read this: I love these kids. So so much. This story won’t make much sense if you haven’t read the Brendon/Jon Found Days and Longer Than The Road first. Sam Beckett is in a band with Pear Wentz, Lissa Urie and Kit Walker. Mary Beth and Eddie Saporta are twins. A couple of MCR minis show up in this, too. Title is from The Matches’ Wake The Sun.

Plays Out Like A Drum )
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I am:

a) wearing a fitted t-shirt I got in Switzerland 14 years ago. It still has its shape and the colors aren't even remotely washed out, thus I believe the Swiss are MAGICAL.

b) thisclose to finishing the Mary Beth and Sam sequel to the Lissa and Kit sequel to Found Days, featuring Digger Iero and Anthony Way, as well as Mary Beth's twin, Eddie! I AM WRITING AGAIN! SLOWLY BUT SURELY! Even though it's basically band kids!

Digger Iero is a little punk ass and Sam likes him a lot. They talk about their drums and his uncle Bob and Sam very carefully doesn’t say how much she hates Anthony now, because they’re family, and Sam knows how that goes.

Sam takes a swig of her beer and points a finger at Digger. “Your girls scare me,” she says.

Digger giggles.

They’re wedged into the back of the Five Days van with four six packs of the most foul beer they could find, because Sam thinks it’s Natty Light and Digger thinks it’s Red Dog and Sam and Digger are both kind of stubborn. Sam is so sure she’s gonna throw up before the night is done. Digger might have a point about the Red Dog.

Digger giggles some more, and then the door of the van slides open and Darby sticks her head in with her scary bright blue fauxhawk and kohl-rimmed eyes and Sam tries to make herself as small as possible, which isn’t very small at all, considering Sam’s a giant freak of nature.

“You,” Darby says to Sam, “tonight,” and then she disappears again and Sam can feel her eyes get huge because tonight what?

“Oh my god. Oh my god, she’s gonna cook and eat me,” Sam says, horrified, and Digger buries his head in his hands and laughs.
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With a name like Marty Wright, Jamie figures this kid has to be ten kinds of a dork. Not that Jamie minds. He’s used to his Uncle Brendon and that entire Walker-Urie tribe, and Kit and Lissa may be in a hugely successful band, but that doesn’t make them any less prone to the lameness of their fathers. It’s really endearing, Jamie thinks. He’s pretty sure he’ll get along fine with Uncle Ryan’s new stepson.

The problem, though, as Jamie sees it, is that Marty looks a hell of a lot like his mother, and his mother is a gorgeous, long-legged blonde. He’ll get the snot beaten out of him if he’s not careful. Jamie sighs. Seriously, he’s going to have his hands full keeping his brother David out of trouble this year, and now he'll have to keep an eye on Marty, too.

“Holy crap,” Minnie says, leaning heavily into Jamie’s side.

“I know.” Jamie rubs a hand over his forehead.

“I’m all a-flutter.”

Jamie gives her a look. “Who actually says that?”

“Well,” Minnie flails her hands around, “just look at him. I mean. He’s going to get eaten.”

Jamie stifles a laugh. Min DeLeon’s like a tiny, curly-haired poodle, with just as much manic energy as her dad. Plus, she tends to exaggerate. Marty’ll probably be fine. Maybe. Once Jamie got a few things straight with everyone.

“Whoa,” Colt says, skidding to a stop next to Jamie and dropping his book bag. “That dude’s not a chick, right?”

“Shut the fuck up, Colligan,” Jamie says, punching him in the shoulder. Colt’s harmless, but he’s generally an ass.

PS - meme from previous post will be finished when I have more time!


Sep. 20th, 2008 04:19 pm
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So, okay, whatever, I've decided that Katie Stump is not for Jamie Smith, okay? (this may never actually be another fic, but I daydream about these kids ALL THE TIME, it's a disease!!!) THIS IS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS:

Ryan Ross elopes and suddenly has a stepson - Marty! I've always wanted to give Ryan a fake-kid named Marty! He's sixteen and bookish! - and since they never had a wedding and Marty's been spending the summer with his dad, he doesn't get to meet 'the family' until Kit and Lissa's wedding, where he's forced to socialize with fourteen year olds Ginger Wentz and Katie Stump - Ginger totally is not impressed when Marty says he doesn't play any instruments and that he can't even sing, and she has no use for him, since he can't be in Katie and Ginger's TOTALLY AWESOME BAND - they need a bassist, because Ginger's the lead singer and Katie's on drums and Cara Johnson is on lead guitar and they call themselves Last Early Morning and they kind of suck, but that's because they're really sloppy about practicing - and ANYWAY, since Spencer James Smith the Sixth is his age and Jamie's dad is in Panic at the Disco with Marty's stepdad, they are totally stuck together all the time, and Marty thinks Jamie is SO COOL and TALL and HOT and CAN PLAY THE GUITAR AND DRUMS AND PIANO and Jamie thinks Marty is a geek but they get along okay, even though Marty totally just STARES at him a lot and is kind of quiet around him. I'm running out of steam. I don't know where this was going, I just have this scene in my head where Marty's stuck at Ginger and Katie's table at the wedding and they just keep pestering him and then going on and on about how dreamy Jamie Smith is, oh my god!!
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I woke up to pee last night and I had been right in the middle of the coolest dream ever involving Jon Walker, who was chummy with one of my friends and we were just sitting around a table laughing - I have no clue what was so funny - and chillin' out and I wish I could remember more. I barely remember waking up, except sitting on the toilet and going 'hey, wait, that was jwalk!' and telling myself that I totally had to remember this in the morning, but it didn't work out so well. I know we were talking about something AWESOME but I can't recall what. oh well.

Epic Fic Of Fail And Wretchedness is hopefully being helped somewhat by the tender and loving care of [ profile] flickerofyou, but I make no promises, because I seriously want to stab it to death and put it out of it's misery. Something just went drastically wrong with my harlequin fic. It's 22000 words of pure hot mess, I am not even kidding.

Oh, oh, and Mary Beth Saporta is totally an ACTRESS, y/mfy? Eddie sleeps on her couch, because he has no job and no life goals and he wears a bathrobe all the time and calls up Jace Wentz in the middle of the night to discuss how puppets could come alive and kill him or, like, the threat of robots on the human race, and how he's totally learning karate by On Demand. Jace, I think, is a reporter and he travels all over the world and he sends little Ginger (Jace is 2 years younger than Pear and Ginger is a whopping 14 years younger) stuff from wherever he is, and Jace is totally her favorite!!! Katie Stump also might have the biggest crush ever on him. /random
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[ profile] eckerlilas is so awesome, check out the super cool t-shirt she made at cafepress for Automatic Zombie Fall!! Oh my god, is it not the best thing EVER? It's a little tough to see, so hopefully this is better?

Okay, and, um, I really want to write more? Like, with Mary Beth Saporta and Sam Beckett and Mary Beth's TWIN BROTHER EDDIE and fifteen year old Ginger Wentz and her BFF Katie Stump and how Pete and Ashlee and Patrick let them go on a summer tour with Automatic Zombie Fall as merch girls, but only because the TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE AND GOD SO BORING SIXTEEN YEAR OLD SPENCER JAMES SMITH THE SIXTH WILL BE WITH THEM and Ginger HATES HIM SO MUCH because he ruins all their fun by tattling on them to Zack *hands* I maybe keep thinking about this a lot.
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Longer Than The Road | PG-13 | ~3,000
The Kit and Lissa sequel to Found Days
download the soundtrack

The problem with being in a band with Pear Wentz is that Pear Wentz is a diva. A diva and a dirty rotten best friend stealer.

A/N: I don't know, I think maybe I love this a little bit too much. Title is from Two of Us by The Beatles. Kit and Lissa have a band with Sam Beckett and Pear Wentz - and I have no clue who came up with Pear Wentz, but it's adorable, so I'm using it; my hat's off to you, my friend. *laughs* Oh, Pete.

Longer Than The Road )
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Found Days | PG-13 | 13,000+
Brendon/Jon | band AU
download the soundtrack

Brendon has a habit of handling Pete the same way he handles his twelve-year-old daughter.

A/N: So it seems like each time I finish an AU I say that it’s my favorite world to play in, but seriously, this is totally my favorite world to play in for reals. It’s a future fic in a world where all the bands are the same except Panic, and Brendon and Jon both have kids. I kind of love it a lot. I even made art! Massive thank yous to [ profile] flickerofyou, for beta’ing this even though she didn’t feel well *hugs* This is not actually kid fic. It’s about Beach Dog.

Found Days )

bring it

Aug. 1st, 2008 01:41 pm
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Much has already been said on this subject, but I'm digging the new delicious layout! It's going to take me a little while to get used to it, but it's much, much prettier. My favorite part is that the related tags actually narrow down your selection now :) And also the fact that there's no longer any pesky dots in the URL.

So I'm not entirely sure, but I think my Beach Dog fic is going to be split up into two parts, although I don't think I'm going to change POVs, like with Anywhere You Let It Go. It might be fun to do Jon's during the second, though. Hmmmmm, must ponder. I also kind of want Beach Dog to be real. Beach Dog is kind of awesome. In my head, at least, which actually isn't saying much. And I just spent twenty minutes trying to pick out a snippet that explains a little about Beach Dog, but I can't decide on one that won't give too much of the story away. But, like, Beach Dog is Brendon and Spencer's band. Here's a different kind of Beach Dog snippet for you instead, because I'm so boring and this is all I've got for you. (I like saying/writing Beach Dog. I think you can tell.)

“So what’s the deal with you and Ross?” Brendon asks.

Spencer shrugs. “Nothing.”

“Spence, come on. Old friends? You never mentioned him before.” Brendon gives him his best pout, and Spencer arches an eyebrow without looking away from his screen.

“Not a big deal,” Spencer says. “He’s a little older. We lived near each other growing up, went to the same school, but then he moved away for college. Chicago.” He glances over at Brendon. “Where he met Jon.”

Brendon rubs a thumb along the edge of the wooden desk, bites his lip. “I’m just curious. I mean—”

“Oh my god, Brendon.” Spencer slaps his hand down over Brendon’s. “You’re not being replaced, Jesus Christ, I still love you best.”

“Of course you love me best,” Brendon says, nodding, because he totally never doubted that, for real. “I’m awesome.”



“Leave before I kill you,” Spencer says.

Brendon hops to his feet, grinning. “Yes sir.”

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Almost moreso than Jon as a dad. Zack's his nanny. Hee.

Brendon’s perched on the end of a lounger and he waves Kit into the house when he shouts across the yard, “Hi, Mr. Urie,” soccer ball tucked under his arm. “Can Lissa come out and play?”

Kit Walker is three and a half feet of awesome.

Kit Walker’s the new kid across the street, and he’s super polite and grins a lot and is completely and hilariously in love with Lissa. Brendon thinks his mom is pretty great, too. He’d totally be all over that if he was at all interested in ladies anymore. The women of the world wept brokenly the day Brendon Urie and his fantastic ass came out, this is true.

“Go for it, little man,” Brendon says. He tells Spencer, “Kit Walker is totally going to marry into the family,” and he’s one hundred percent serious. He’s pretty sure that’d be the best thing ever.

“Kit Walker’s eight,” Spencer says.

“Kit Walker can take Lissa to prom,” Brendon says.

Spencer blinks. “Kit Walker’s eight, dude, and Lissa’s got a long way ‘til prom.” He looks a little green. Brendon sympathizes, because he’s pretty sure he’d prayed for Lissa to stay frozen in time back when she was six and still Brendon’s sweet baby girl.

I got nothing else. Except I totally want to write Chad/Ryan now - somebody stop me. Or else give me amazing ideas.
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I'm back at work! It's truly very sad. Although I'm hoping it'll give me my focus back, because I have no idea what I'm doing. None at all. But! J is finally going back to work! After six months, we'll be a two income family again! And have some money! Yay! To celebrate, I sent him out food shopping. It's always fun to eat.

My mini walker & mini urie story has turned into an AU about Spencer and Brendon's alt-folk-rock band, where they get other famous bands to collaborate with them on songs! It's awesome! But they're facing major writer's block and Pete sends them the lyrical genius duo of Walker & Ross! Brendon calls Spencer a dirty whore traitor! Shenanigans ensue! Plus, there's kids! I have no clue! For serious! It's tentatively titled Beach Dog!

I am still reading entirely too much Chad/Ryan high school musical fic. And I really, really wish there was more Cook/Archuleta stuff out there. Don't worry, I will not be writing in either one of these fandoms. No sirree.
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*whispers* i wanna write a jon/brendon au where jon's eight year old son has a major crush on bden's twelve year old daughter omg. i wanna write it so bad. like, um, he always shows up on bden's front porch wanting to hang out and he's super laidback jon cool except for how bden's teeny tiny tomboy daughter is AWESOME and mini walker gets big eyes around her and cassie lives across the street and mini walker's like WAIT TIL YOU MEET MY DAD CAN MINI URIE GO TO THE MOVIES WITH US! mini walker plays peewee soccer with mini urie and they're so cute you could DIE. i don't know what happened to mini urie's mom. like, i'm thinking they were never married - but jon and cassie are divorced, and cassie has custody of mini walker and cassie helps out bden, like, when mini urie breaks her arm and bden freaks out and forgets how to drive a car and cassie has to take them all to the hospital and mini urie is like OW! but also SO COOL LOOK AT MY CAST DAD! and mini urie totally tolerates mini walker - he's so young, and mini urie can almost date thanksverymuch, except for the part where bden will never ever let her date - and really deep down inside they're best friends, because mini urie is kind of weird, like her dad, and doesn't have a lot of school friends, but that's fine, whatever, mini urie knows she's awesome, her dad tells her so like all the time. and bden is in a band with spencer and cash in his spare time and ryan is the weird dude who lives behind bden and yells at mini urie and mini walker to stay off his lawn, and then one day spencer's like hey, wait, i totally went to high school with that guy, hey ryan! and ryan's all whatever, hey, tell those mini hellions to stay out of my pachysandra or i'll turn the hose on them, but secretly he leaves out plates of cookies for them, i don't know. ryan's a big ole softy. it's why he's got all those cats.


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