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(<--- basically I only have two HP icons left, this gem and the Ginny/wrench/JFF one. Total classics)

Ah, good times. Sometimes I wish I was still writing that.

Wow, okay, if you stare at this post too long you might start having seizures or something *blinks*
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I am suffering from the dreaded writers-block - still. It's horrible and I feel like a useless blob. So. Of course I took the time to totally edit and PDF and bookmark Dirty Trousers.

Downloadable Dirty Trousers with bookmarks to each installment is now available here [723KB] - please RIGHT-CLICK AND SAVE-AS so you don't shut down my website.

And while I'm here, anybody have any SGA ideas they wanna pawn off on me? I'm open to anything that isn't porn, because we've already established that I can't write porn. I need inspiration!!! I'm desperate!
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[ profile] dirtytrousers is officially done; the last installment has been posted. Whew.

And don't you just love Rodney's happy little chin-tilt in this mood? EEE!
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The first of the last SEVEN installments of [ profile] dirtytrousers has been posted - it's disturbingly fluffyish. Anywho, over the next six days, the rest will be up, with the last being posted next Thursday, barring any unforseen disasters.

I'm in the process of editing Six Degrees..., and it's taking forever. I've got fifty more pages to go, and I'm hoping to get through them sometime today. So that should be up fairly soon. For the interested, d'you guys want it in one huge HTML file, or the serial format? It's meant to be a serial - obviously - but I find myself that having it all on one page makes it easier to read.

Also, by request, once DT is completely posted on LJ, I'll be making it into a downloadable PDF. Hopefully.
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So. Ladies and Gentlemen. *ahem* [ profile] dirtytrousers is officially done. And not done in the abandoned, closing up shop sense, but in the I've written the end type dealio. And I can't properly express how excited I am.

Now the way it came about, though, is that I was bored out of my mind and took on the project of making it an original serial. But in order to do that, I realized I needed to actually end it. So essentially, I wrote the last SEVEN intallments as orignal-fic, and reverse wrote them to fit DT. Is that considered cheating?

In short order, you will all get the option of reading Dirty Trousers as it stands now - only complete - or the very large, just as manic serial Six Degrees of Dirty Trousers, with more characters than you can shake a stick at, clocking in at just about 264 pages, 97,000+ words.

I'm not going to make any bones about them being the same thing, only with slightly different characters, because it's all in fun, and I essentially see DT characters as my own very strange creations anyway. So. That's all.

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There's a layer of filth on everything in my house thanks to the brand new six foot hole in my wall. Yes, I'm finally putting in a slider, and it's taking forever.

So. What should I be doing? Writing my SGA Robin Hood AU. Mapping out another SGA idea that involves something horribly cliche but hopefuly fun. Writing more DT.

What am I really doing? Going through [ profile] dirtytrousers and picking out all the songs that they play that I made up and wondering what the hell I was on. No, really. Seamus is one trippy dude in my head.

Dirty Trousers original set list consists of:

The Ballad of Indiana Jones
Call Me Forward
Blue Jean Betty
Not Your Casablanca
She Says She Knows Your Mum
Predictable (the Rhyming Song)
Your Hair Says You're The Devil
Francis Ford Coppola’s International Marching Band
Don’t Vomit on My Brand-new Shoes
Tighten Your Screws

I think my favorite is FFCIMB. OOooo, and the Ballad of Indiana Jones, just because.

Also, I think this is still my fav segment:

“You’ve got to be joking,” Lav drawled. Bees, bees and more bees buzzing in and out of a honeycomb as a narrator droned on loudly.

“It’s fascinating,” Hermione said, absently reaching for a handful of popcorn.

“It’s a show about bees,” the guitarist stressed huffily. “I could’ve watched this at home.”

“Yeah, but then you wouldn’t have had us to watch it with,” Harry pointed out, chuckling. He was leaning up against Hermione’s side, three pretzel sticks clutched in his hand and another sticking out of the side of his mouth like a cigar.

Lav sighed. “Fine. This is officially the most boring Friday ever.”

Ron gazed at her listlessly from a reclining armchair. “Oh, I don’t know. It’s kind of refreshing.”

Ginny snorted. “Only because you were pissed out of your skull for most of the past twenty-four hours.”

“You didn’t exactly help matters,” he growled, glaring at her. Not only had she gotten him beyond drunk, she’d made him spend the entire day with Malfoy. Oh, she wouldn’t admit to anything, but he knew it was all her fault.

“You never did tell us what happened today, mate.” From his position on the floor, Zach tipped his head back onto the couch and sent him a teasing grin.

“No harassing Ron,” Lav admonished, squishing herself into the chair with the redhead and stretching her legs out over his.

“Where’s Seamus?” Hermione asked.

“Date,” she answered succinctly, nicking Ron’s bottle of water and taking a large gulp. “And Ernie’s downstairs, chatting with Roger and the Prick.” Lav gave Ginny a narrowed look. “You shouldn’t date him.”

Ron started, jostling Lav further onto his lap. “What?”

“I’m not dating him,” Ginny said, ignoring her brother’s sputtering. “I’m watching daytime Spanish telly with him.”

Hannah’s brows rose. “Riiiight.”

Hermione leant forward and coshed her on the head with a pillow. “Stop stirring up trouble.”

“But I’m so good at it,” Hannah countered cheekily.

“Shhhhh! The pollination segment’s started,” Padma said, grabbing the remote from Parvati and kicking the volume up a few notches. “It’s the best part.”

HURRAH for being unproductive! Hope everyone else is getting more done than me.

*is proud*

Mar. 8th, 2006 08:33 am
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Somehow, I managed to last 129 chapters before mentioning gay pirates and the lesbian mermaids who eat them. Truly, it is a wonderous feat.

Also: You know what was a good movie? Encino Man. Discuss.
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On the backburner, still simmering: Ginny and Nev and Sirius and Remus in pirate!fic

[ profile] dirtytrousers: Ginny and Justin are up next, but I don't think it'll get posted today. Possibly tomorrow.

SGA fiction: I'm joining the ranks of SGA kid!fic, because I just can't help myself. It's too much fun and seriously, I don't think aliens turning the team into kids ever gets old. Plus! Goats! And I can't share a snippet because even that would give too much away. It's going to be fairly short, though. I think. At this juncture.

Randomosity: I'm working my way through [ profile] svmadelyn's massive Smallville rec list alternately squeeing over and cursing the vastness of this fandom. Half the time I really have no idea what's going on, because last week I honestly tried to watch an old episode of Smallville (there was conveniently a marathon on) and I couldn't get through it. So mostly I'm thinking of the movies and trying very hard to keep my inner-eye on Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum and not Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman because ewwww.
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Because sometimes I feel like I have too much time on my hands, and other times not enough.

Here be my brand, spanking new ongoing Harry Potter AU fanfic [ profile] dirtytrousers.

Affectionately called the Local Fish Store AU, this is a loosely put together story about the Hogwarts gang in their early twenties. Their days are spent in Lupin's fish store, at the cafe, uni classes. Their nights mostly end up at Curly's pub, listening to Seamus rock out with his band, Dirty Trousers.

"Ongoing" means I have no immediate plans to finish it, and it'll be updated sporadically with slices of AU life. Feel free to friend it to keep up-to-date. The first bit is up, along with a cast listing.

Fun for all!
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My phone line is down at home. Hoping to get it fixed tomorrow, but 'til then I won't be commenting much. Am so so upset. And shaky with withdrawl symptoms. It's one thing to go away and not have access, but to wander around my apartment, staring forlornly at my computer? What the hell am I going to do? Clean? Start packing? Play with Happy? Er... well. Possibly I should.

Anywho, am not ignoring anyone. Just out of the loop for a little while, since I can only check this sporadically at work. I already missed so many posts last night! Woe is me *huggles flisters*

And this. This is what you get when I can't surf the web. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, CATS! THIS! )

I'm going mad. Mad I tell you.

VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: *ahem* Now that I've got your attention. Pirate Booty just sent this to me. An old old e-conversation that literally had me slumped over my desk in tears, holding my stomach. I think everyone thought I was sobbing. This is just too dang funny:

Pirate Booty: I'm going through like 1000 resumes that I searched for, no one is qualified, but myself of course.
Skoosie: Too bad you can't clone yourself.
PB: No, I'd annoy myself and we'd NEVER get anything done. Think about it, if you worked with yourself you'd be reading each others fanfic all day long.
S: HAHAHAHAHA but think about the production of the fanfics! I could produce twice as much!
PB: AND YOU WOULD HAVE YOUR OWN BETA READER!!!! AHAHAHaHAAHaHaHaHaHahA Of course I doubt she could catch any of your mistakes since they are the same mistakes she would have made.
S: Exactly, and we both suck at grammar. But we could bounce ideas off each other!
PB: But you would always like them. How about this, I trade my clone for yours and we can entertain each other all day! Of course I'd get lonely here if I sent you my clone and you were busy with her?!
S: Hmmm.... I see the problem. Maybe this clone business isn't such a good idea.
PB: Yeah, BUT if you had to go out with J and you wanted to just go to bed that would be good. Then again, if your clone is a floozy he's going to like your clone better. And I bet your clone WOULD be a floozy.
S: Look who's talking, miss I'm-a-scarlet-woman.
PB: At least my clone wouldn't drink from the toilet.
S: At least mine wouldn't eat kitty poo.
PB: She's not retarded, she just has an exotic diet. At least mine can dress herself and take showers on her own.
S: She's perfectly capable if she has her robot with her. At least mine doesn't wear her panties over her trousers and doesn't look like your mom.

Can't. Stop. Laughing. I'm so lame.


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