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Apr. 17th, 2007 10:23 pm
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Dudes, I am so cool. I totally cracked myself up making this one.
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the last unicorn icons )

As usual, feel free to use. Just please comment and credit!
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More Newsies! I'm totally obsessed now. I heart screencaps :)

Below find: Mush, Kid Blink/Mush (thereloveissocanon!), Spot, Spot/Race (thereloveisnotcanonbutcutenontheless!), Cowboy!Jack, FancyLad!Jack, Dave-the-walkin'-mouth, Jack/Dave (thereloveismostdefintelycanon! - Dudes, Jack can't keep his hands off him!), Jack and the Delancy Brothers, Jack singin', and Skittery (yes that is Justin from Party of Five)

more lovely boys! )
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Dudes. I've got Newsies on the brain ever since finding that grown up pic of Les. I've been singing the songs around the house and generally driving J insane, and I really, really want to break out my DVD... I just haven't been home long enough this weekend to watch it.

I encourage all who've never seen it to go watch it, because guh. It has got to be one of my all-time fav movies, right up there with Better off Dead. Only maybe better, because you can sing along. I memorized all the words way back in '92, when I was an obsessed sophmore in high school. Can you imagine how cool I was back then? Dudes. So cool. I should scrounge up a school pic because wow. You cannot properly fathom the cool without pictures to illustrate.

Anywho, I've found SCREENCAPS!. There are so much fun :) And, of course, this means I've been busy with my paintshop... some simple icons follow. Mostly of Spot, because he's my favorite and he's also got a pimp cane! I think I'll go back and do some minor characters later. I'm not the best at this, but feel free to take, share, request certain newsies. Yay!


dancing boys! only not sparkly, but really sweaty and orphan-y! )
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few more Better Off Dead icons for your enjoyment:

Charles De Mar! )

And because two of you so many of you asked for a Breakfast Club scene, I wrote this. It's actually only loosely BfC, and it's also young Marauders, which I have never, ever written before. Fun snippet, going nowhere. Unbeta'd and pretty raw. I may write a longer, crackier one with the current gang of Hogwarters, but that remains to be seen.

Remus twitched and curled further into himself, head bowing as he felt the weight of blue eyes. )
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Dudes, I've got Better Off Dead on the brain. God, I love that movie. If you haven't seen it. Go rent it. Now.

I found some movie stills and made icons. Aren't the best quality, but still fun *grins* Feel free to snag, just credit me :) *does The Robot*


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