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NINJA | PG-13 | ~32,000
Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden (also: Kevin/Zac Efron, Brendon/Spencer, Bill/Miranda, Pete/Ashlee, Pete/Patrick)

There are grooves in Kevin’s fingers from where he’s gripping his bass, soft, but calloused underbellies digging into the strings. It’s enough pain to ground him; he releases the strings backwards, the positioning a direct reverse of the beginning of In Front And Heavy. This is it. There’s no going back, even if one of the kids singing along in twenty minutes recognizes the curve of Miranda’s mouth, the timbre of Brendon’s voice, the strawberry blonde curl of Patrick’s hair under his knit cap; Bill’s splayed, spidery legs, Kevin’s wrists, fingers – the white band of skin that isn’t hidden by a thin band of silver.

*We are your losers, your loud weirdoes, your science stars, your shy, retiring band geeks*, Kevin thinks, and sets off for the stage.

A/N: This is it. The completely pointless, self-indulgent high school AU about a secret band playing secret music and writing a secret blog. I kind of hope you enjoy it. Massive thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the excellent beta-work, and also to [ profile] starflowers, who cheered me on through this entire thing. This actually had a different title, but then I thought, fuck it, because it's always been NINJA in my head. (ps – more notes at the end about who’s who in some of the blogged about bands, if you’re curious)

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Yes, NINJA is done. No, it's not ready to be posted yet. It's 32,000 words of craptastic highschool AU right now, and it might be paired down some.

I have moved on to small town FOLK BATTLES and were-dogs, though not in the same fic.

Kevin likes Michael Guy. He’s kind of nice and doesn’t blow cigarette smoke in his face and he takes them with him to The Tar Pit, which is actually a cozy little bar with bright lights and loud music and it seems like the entire town is packed inside.

He chews on the end of his cigarette and glances them up and down and says, “You’re those Jonas kids,” and he doesn’t seem impressed or anything, which is awesome. He seems mostly noncommittal about them on the whole, just jerks his head towards the door and says, “Go on. Nobody’ll bite,” and then he flashes this big smile, like maybe, maybe someone will. Kevin’s not sure how he feels about that.

Joe just shrugs and heads inside.

Kevin grabs onto Nick’s hand and sticks close. If he had a monkey, this would be easier. It’s not like Kevin’s shy, but monkeys are, like, the ultimate ice breaker - all the fun of being recognized without the possible derision for who they actually are. Oh, you’re a Jonas Brother? HEY CHECK OUT YOUR MONKEY! NO, I NO LONGER WANT TO MOCK YOUR TIGHT PANTS AND FANCY AMULET. And it’s not an amulet, anyway. It’s just something pretty.
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You know what you all should do? You should go out and write Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden and then post it at [ profile] sodamnskippy. You should also join that, by the way. And write. This is the pairing of my soul, friends. The pairing of my soul.

“There is something seriously wrong with you.”

Kevin jerks his head up. Carden is looming above him, half under the overhang. He’s got an army jacket on, rain beading up on the canvas, and fingers pinching a cigarette, hand half curled over the tip to keep it dry.

Carden stares down at him. He shifts a little, gaze dropping to the kittens in Kevin’s lap, then he rolls his eyes. He flicks his cigarette out into the rain and grabs the handlebars of Kevin’s bike from where it’s leaning up against the side of the shed. “Come on,” he says, and then he starts off across the field without looking back.

“Uh.” Kevin scrambles to his feet, juggling the kittens. Two of them have fallen asleep, lumped together. The third paws at his sweatshirt, and its mouth opens in a soundless, pathetic meow. “Yeah, I know,” he whispers, then follows Carden up into the parking lot. He at least needs to get his bike back.

When he gets to Carden’s car, though – an old, beat-up Bronco – Carden’s already trying to stuff his bike in the backseat.

“It, uh—there’s a lever to make it fold up,” Kevin says.

Carden gives a noncommittal grunt, but he steps back and lets Kevin move forward – and Kevin drops the squirmy, awake kitten in Carden’s hands on his way past, and when he turns back around again, Carden’s sort of—grinning down at it, and Kevin’s heart hitches, then starts pounding. It’s almost painful, being this breathless, but Carden is grinning at a kitten, and Kevin’s pretty sure he’s never seen that look on Carden’s face before.
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[ profile] starflowers has been cheering me on, and I've got about 24000 words of NINJA fic now. And around two and a half months left to write, which will include (but will not be limited to!) prom, band-o-rama, spring break, Bill the-ultimate-cool-dude freaking out, Pete and Patrick finally doing something about Pete and Patrick, NINJA unveilings, and Kevin being stupid about Carden. I can't believe I've written so much about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is the ultimate in pointless self-indulgence.


“I think I’m going to ask Audrey to prom,” Brendon says. They’d just finished practicing Hey Sunshine, and Brendon pushes sweaty hair off his forehead.

Kevin presses his lips together and carefully doesn’t look at Miranda. He can see her making faces out of the corner of his eye.

Bill huffs out a breath, unfolds himself from where he’s been perched on Kevin’s amp, and grabs hold of Brendon’s arms. “Listen to me,” he says firmly, bending down so their noses touch. “Girls completely frighten you. Girls are pretty and soft, so this baffles me about you, but you’re utterly and totally uncomfortable around any girl except for Miranda. You are gay.” Bill shakes him a little, and Brendon’s eyes go wide. “You are incredibly, hugely gay, and you’re in love with Spencer, just go with it, Urie.”

“I’m.” Brendon open and closes his mouth, then says, “What?”


Brendon shakes his head. “No, I’m—”

“Gay,” Bill insists. “Not even bi, my friend. You are so, so gay, and if you ask Audrey to prom I will slap you.”

“I just—”

“Slap! I’ll take my open palm to the baby-soft skin of your face, Urie, carefully heed my warnings.”

Brendon pouts.

Miranda snorts a laugh into her hand, and Kevin still refuses to look at her. He can feel Patrick glaring at them all from behind his kit.

“Well, I’m not going to ask Spencer,” Brendon says petulantly.

“Spencer’s going to ask you,” Bill says, and Kevin doesn’t know whether he has insider information or if he’s going to make Spencer ask Brendon – he doesn’t think it matters. “And when Spencer asks you, you are going to say yes.”

“You know how much I love talking about the prom,” Patrick says, tipping the brim of his hat back with one of his sticks. “But if you guys want to see The Upstanding tonight with all your limbs intact, you might want to shut the fuck up.”

Bill says mildly, “You seem to be getting angrier lately, Patrick. I think you need to get laid.”

“I will end you,” Patrick says through his teeth.

“Patrick,” Bill says, “sweetheart—”

Kevin lunges forward and claps a hand over Bill’s mouth. There’s Patrick-baiting, and then there’s having a death wish. “Let’s just, uh, finish practice, okay guys?”

Brendon says, “Yes, please.”

Bill’s eyes are dancing at Kevin over his palm. When Kevin lets him go, he says, “I know what I’m doing, Jonas,” grinning, and Kevin says, “I’m sure you do.”

Bill’s probably the only one of any of them that actually does.
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I don't get where Ryan's going, I just hope he doesn't crash and burn.

here, have a snippet leading into another Eat More Cats fake blog post. Someday, this story will actually be finished.

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Okay, so, yes, I feel like my heart is breaking, and it's ridiculous, because it's a band. A band of people I do not actually know, and it's not like they're all going to drop off the face of the earth (I hope!), but the worst of it is that I can't help thinking that maybe they're not friends anymore! UGH. Whatever, I can still write about them. I predict an overabundance of angsty plot-lines now - more so than usual. Zack, your defense of their announcement is admirable, but it does indeed suck, and, as many people have stated, kind of unprofessional, timing wise. I'm going to go with the so-high-this-seemed-like-an-awesome-time-to-do-this thing.

On other things, my laptop died again, and fed-up and armed with my ext hard drive of everything I needed anyway, I got a Mac. Windows, you crashed my life one too many times. I salute you, but I must leave you behind. So nows I have a macbook pro and it's super neato, and it only took me 4 hours to figure out how to get on the internet - it didn't help that I apparently hid my SSID when I set up my router three years ago - hi, brain, sometimes you go on vacation - but the apple support guys were AWESOME and led me through every single step they could and didn't get impatient with me being a fucking idiot (I seriously wanted to cry and take the stupid laptop back to the apple store, I seriously could not figure it out - so, yes, Apple Guys, you saved me the 119 dollar return fee! *LOVE*).

To celebrate or spit in the eye of the now split Panic, whatever, have a (really rough) fake blog post about Ryan and Jon for my mike/kevin secret band NINJA high school fic (now at the 43 page mark!) Background: NINJA also reviews bands at a site called Eat More Cats. Yes.

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I'm 12,000 words and 3 and a half months into Mike/Kevin high school AU, and right now Kevin is dating Zac Efron o_O. It's gotten wildly out of control! And it's also completely pointless; I know I say that about a lot of my fics, but absolutely nothing happens in this story. They just all hang out and play music and talk about bands (that I made up), so it's fun for me, but I don't know about anyone else :)

“I’m really enjoying this debate on what we should wear,” Miranda says, flipping her hair over her shoulder and fiddling with her amp, “but maybe we should concentrate on the fact that we’ve never performed live before? I’m kind of worried about how Brendon isn’t actually an octopus, no matter how many limbs it seems like he has – what are we doing about the piano?”

“I know the guitar parts on Lefty Persuasion,” Bill says. “And there’s no reason why everything has to sound exactly the same, you know. We can improvise. Also.” He curls a finger over his upper lip, tilts his head back. “I’m going to wear a mustache.”

“Please don’t,” Patrick says.

“Too late. It’s decided,” Bill says. “I’m going to make Kevin wear one, too.”

Kevin blinks. “Uh.” He’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to wear a fake mustache, but Bill’s sort of hard to say no to.

Miranda strums a chord and messes with her pedal. “Kevin’s not wearing a mustache,” she says.

“Are you volunteering to be my mustache buddy then?” Bill asks Miranda, grinning. He saunters over and hooks an arm around her shoulders. “They’ll tickle when we kiss, like whiskers on kittens.”

Miranda elbows him in the side; Bill half-stumbles away from her with an oof, mouth still curved up in amusement.

“So if anyone’s interested,” Miranda says pointedly, “I’m going to play Weak In The Knees now.”
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I have decided that I am going to try reading actual paper books this summer! Instead of fanfiction! I don't know if it'll work, but we shall see. So, anyway, you should tell me what's good to read! I like comedy, teens, romance, time-travel, dogs, horses, sci-fi, historical fiction, etc. I don't like anything heavy or depressing. I don't mind having to think, but I'm hugely disapproving of long, boring descriptions, no matter how accurate or whatever. I'm afraid I have a low tolerance now for epithets, sloppy POVs, use of "lover" (oh god, shoot me), and, seriously, hate, hate, hate something that's overly-wordy for no purpose at all, but just because the author likes to write about flowers or bicycles or sunsets or clothes or quidditch (hi, JKR) - bleh. ANYWAY, I'm sure you all can suggest something to read that isn't going to make my eyes bleed and my brain ooze out of my ears. Summer fun!

I've got 27 pages of utter Kevin/Mike high school AU crap, but whatever, I'm still trucking. I figure I'll just write and write and write and then go back and slice it apart and put it back together into something that maybe makes sense and doesn't suck, but no promises.

Also, I'm SO TEMPTED to write iCarly het, because Sam and Freddie are so adorable together and Sam is like my favorite character on TV right now and iCarly rocks, even J likes it.

♥ you

Jun. 3rd, 2009 01:39 pm
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Thank you all so much for the notes of sympathy about Happy *bighugs* - I'm looking forward to the summer being much better than this past month(s)

In other news, have a snippet. (why does it feel like Friday?)

“Spencer Smith is indeed a catch,” Bill says. “Also, if you’re going straight, Urie, you might want to reconsider the random boy make-outs. You’re sluttier than Jonas here.”

“Above the waist doesn’t count, right Kev?” Brendon says, and Kevin says, “Keep me out of this,” because Kevin is most definitely gay. He’s never said it out loud, maybe, but he’s never bothered to deny it.

“You sound like Wentz. It doesn’t work for him, either,” Miranda says.

Brendon huffs and says, “Wentz is dating a girl.”

“Wentz wants to marry Patrick, he has entire blog dedicated to it,” Bill says, and Patrick palms his face and groans.

“I hate my life,” Patrick says.

“Oh, you lie, you love it—wait, wait, Spencer Smith?” Miranda says. “Wasn’t he the drummer for Summer Daze?”

Kevin thinks back, but all he remembers about Summer Daze is the costumes and face paint – he’s pretty sure the drummer had a tiny mustache and goatee.

Ryan’s Spencer, oh, that makes so much sense, he bought him that watch,” Brendon says, nodding. “He saw us at The Cell for Tenderfoot Junction.”

“Great,” Patrick says.

Brendon waves his hands around. “No, no, don’t worry, I cleverly deflected him with trickery—”

“He played dumb,” Kevin says. “I don’t think Smith bought it.”

“I don’t know, Brendon’s dumb is pretty convincing,” Miranda says.

“Stop picking on my tiny friend,” Bill says, wrapping an arm around Brendon and tugging him close. Brendon burrows his head under Bill’s chin and shoots Kevin a smile and an eyebrow waggle.

Kevin shakes his head. His friends are ridiculous.
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I'm trying out this cross-posty thing. Can you import comments after you've already imported your comments? Does that make sense?

ANYWHO. Only 14 pages into Kevin/Mike NINJA highschool AU. I'm trying to do a month-by-month thing, so I've got September done and I'm in October, so I've got lots and lots left to write. Yes. Mostly I'm having fun making up band names and mixing and matching bandom folks - Pocket Thief! The Von Dangerfields! - and making them sing weird songs. Fun stuff.

Since I have nothing else going on, how's about we do a question thingy? Like y'all ask me whatever you want about any of my fics in any fandom and I'll try and answer coherently. Sound good? Let's play!
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I'm trying out this cross-posty thing. Can you import comments after you've already imported your comments? Does that make sense?

ANYWHO. Only 14 pages into Kevin/Mike NINJA highschool AU. I'm trying to do a month-by-month thing, so I've got September done and I'm in October, so I've got lots and lots left to write. Yes. Mostly I'm having fun making up band names and mixing and matching bandom folks - Pocket Thief! The Von Dangerfields! - and making them sing weird songs. Fun stuff.

Since I have nothing else going on, how's about we do a question thingy? Like y'all ask me whatever you want about any of my fics in any fandom and I'll try and answer coherently. Sound good? Let's play!
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wow, okay, it feels really weird updating this instead of just twitter! hmmmmm. I'm on Dreamwidth (same name), and even though I'm not updating it (yet) feel free to friend me over there. And I know probably everyone and their mom is already on it, but I've got two one invite code if anybody wants it - just let me know.

SECONDLY. This new high school Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas fic that I'm writing feels kind of epic. And, like, sprawling. Which probably means lots of rambling, and I've also created a fake blog for it and basically the concept is that Brendon, Kevin, Patrick, Bill and Miranda Cosgrove (hello random! I just love her, she's so adorable) are the school weirdos/losers (although not really Bill, Bill's their token cool guy) and are in a SECRET BAND together called NINJA (all caps, yes) and at night they sneak out and and change up their looks (Kevin straightens his hair!) and go out to watch bands and then review them on their SECRET BLOG and no one knows who they are (and it's a little like Pump Up The Volume in that respect. Vaguely. Not really, but the concept's there) and they only post their music for downloads, they don't perform it live, and they are AWESOME and everyone loves them. And then there's the backstory where Mike keeps saving Kevin from bullies and Mike’s surly and thinks Kevin needs to defend himself, and he pushes him around, only not with intent to harm, leading to rough kisses and “Jesus Christ, kid, you drive me crazy,” and other good stuff. ALSO, Ryan is in a one-man folk band called Tenderfoot Junction, he's SO COOL. I'm having lots of fun with this blog thing, let me tell you. I have to make myself write the story first before I start going crazy with it. More than I already have, at least.

And that is all! Nothing else is going on, I'm lame like that.


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