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Here you go, folks, more of my wonderful speaking voice, now with bonus cat yowling. That's right, one of my cats - specifically Maude - had really, really, really wanted into the room while recording this, and I naively thought keeping her out would be less of a hassle. At one point she even starts jumping at the door handle. I'd redo this, except I'm pretty sure it's one of my best readings, so whatever! It's a comedy, the cat yowling will just make it funnier. Please comment if you download - enjoy!

read the fic: Never Needed It Now So Much

download the podfic (yet another new link! let me know if the it runs out again)
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As read by the lovely [ profile] nunshavingfun! Please enjoy, let me know if you're taking.

read: the first rule of broom-wielding

listen: podfic new link! (on yousendit, let me know if the downloads run out)
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So, at some point my phone does a teeny tiny ding? And I totally flubbed some words but kept on trucking anyway. And I also got seriously hoarse towards the end (there are many outtakes of me coughing. or giggling.) But! Those things aside, I think this was possibly the easiest one I've recorded to date. Oh man, this was my very first bandslash story *sigh* Good times.

fic is here: There Should Be A Name For Something Like This

It was the best idea Brendon had ever had, ever.

download the podfic (perm link courtesy of [ profile] general_jinjur!)

Please comment if you download! Enjoy :)
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Fittingly, [ profile] nunshavingfun has recorded How not to eat a cat, in which Frank is TV's Alf and he really, really, really wants to eat Joe's cat. Or baby cats. Any cats you'd see fit to give him.

fic is here: How not to eat a cat

When Frank crash-lands on earth, he makes the most of it. Sure, his home planet is destroyed, he’s likely the only survivor, and sometimes he stares at his communication console – in patched together pieces, sitting in Bob’s garage – and thinks about all he’s lost, but generally he just hangs around with Joe, bugs the crap out of Bob, and commiserates with the dog about how much they both want to eat the cat. Sweet, delicious cat.

download the podfic (perm. link courtesy of [ profile] general_jinjur!)

Please comment if you download! Let [ profile] nunshavingfun know how much she rocks :)
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So [ profile] toft_froggy won [ profile] anatsuno's awesome podficing abilities in Sweet Charity and asked for a recording of my Attack of the Giant Robot from Outer Space story, so go here and download and enjoy :) I'm very flattered Toft asked, and very excited to hear it read aloud!
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Hey, hey, folks - I'm home from Disney and bearing presents! Or, you know, one present. You know what's really awkward to say? "Ack." Yep. I never should have wrote that in this fic, but oh well. Also, you know how I have these long, convoluted paragraphs with hyphens and tangents? They don't come off all that well when read aloud. BUT! You get to hear me whoo?

Fic is here: The World May Never Know

“It takes three licks, dude,” Joe says, and Brendon nods, says, “Duh,” because he’s a freaking wise owl, he knows these things.

podfic here: [right-click save-as]

Permanent link compliments of the awesome [ profile] general_jinjur!

Please comment if you download - I know I'm a pretty bad reader, but let me know what you think anyway :)
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Yeah, so, my voice will most likely put you to sleep (I am so not joking), something weird distorts the sound about a third of the way in for half a section, I messed up and had to take out exactly one line and, okay, words like "Monroeville" and "Instructor Bob" and "suspects" are really, really hard to say (yet I nailed "surreptitious," go figure). So, whatever, this is my first try and it took me forever, so I'm just posting it for you to laugh over.

text here: Featuring Murray, Starring Rootbeer, And Z Is Totally Short For Zombie
podfic here: [right-click save-as ]

permanent link compliments of the awesome [ profile] general_jinjur!


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