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So I've realized the reason I can't write fic right now - I'm way too invested in my original fic, and I can only write one story at a time, so my guys are gonna have to finish their story first. I'm at 21k and it just keeps going and going, so it looks like it'll be a while! In the meantime, I'll probably continue to be extremely boring, sorry.

In other new, I am finding nothing interesting in fic-ville to read, either, but I'm on a werewolf kick, so I'd be delighted if you guys could rec me stories where one or both of the main characters are werewolves, in any fandom at all, even ones you don't think I read in (although I read in so much!). WEREWOLVES. THEY'RE HAIRY AND FUN.
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This is where I'm keeping track of my summer reading! I'm having fun with books, it's something I've missed over the past few years, being immersed in fandom, and possessing a weirdly one-track mind. Feel free to add to my rec list here, I'm up for anything fun; though I'm not big on mysteries, I love supernatural stories injected with humor, any kind of teenage shenanigans, romance, etc, as stated at my original post. This will be updated as the summer progresses!

currently reading:
The Hero and the Crown
Boy Meets Boy – not entirely convinced of the awesome, the idealistic atmo and prose is not exactly my cup of tea, on hold!

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I have decided that I am going to try reading actual paper books this summer! Instead of fanfiction! I don't know if it'll work, but we shall see. So, anyway, you should tell me what's good to read! I like comedy, teens, romance, time-travel, dogs, horses, sci-fi, historical fiction, etc. I don't like anything heavy or depressing. I don't mind having to think, but I'm hugely disapproving of long, boring descriptions, no matter how accurate or whatever. I'm afraid I have a low tolerance now for epithets, sloppy POVs, use of "lover" (oh god, shoot me), and, seriously, hate, hate, hate something that's overly-wordy for no purpose at all, but just because the author likes to write about flowers or bicycles or sunsets or clothes or quidditch (hi, JKR) - bleh. ANYWAY, I'm sure you all can suggest something to read that isn't going to make my eyes bleed and my brain ooze out of my ears. Summer fun!

I've got 27 pages of utter Kevin/Mike high school AU crap, but whatever, I'm still trucking. I figure I'll just write and write and write and then go back and slice it apart and put it back together into something that maybe makes sense and doesn't suck, but no promises.

Also, I'm SO TEMPTED to write iCarly het, because Sam and Freddie are so adorable together and Sam is like my favorite character on TV right now and iCarly rocks, even J likes it.
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I got sucked into a few webcomics. The problem with them is that they're (usually) ongoing, so at the beginning it's awesome! There's so much to read! And then you hit the end and you have to wait another week or more for one more panel, which occasionally is just the characters making faces at each other or something. Ha, and now I really wish I could draw, because they look like a lot of fun to do. And, oh my god, I kind of want to go and find millions of pictures of bandom, right, and then cut them all up so I can make, like, flat posable dolls of each person, right, right? AND THEN MAKE THEM INTO A COMIC. HEE. Based on, like, idek, one of the many unfinished stories I have on my desktop. I think the idea of this is hilarious, but totally unfeasible!

I've been reading a lot of non-bandom fic. Some of it bad.

Also, words or phrases that will make me hit the back button faster than you can say Merlin loves unicorns (which, okay, where's the crossover story where Mikeyway is Merlin??? Or at the very least the one where they meet and BOND INSTANTLY):

lover (wretches all over the place), one (when used in place of you, I think maybe everyone already knows how I feel about this, however irrational it may be!!), random epithets (I mean, I dislike them in general, but there are still correct ways and then wrong ways, like saying 'the bass player' instead of Jon, when everyone clearly knows he's the bass player, and ALSO he's no where near his bass, like he's maybe cooking omlets or something, wtf people? WTF?) - okay, I think that's actually all I can think of that I've come across lately.

I have been CRAVING high school AUs. Anyone want to rec me high school AUs in ANY fandom - and ALSO any original high school stories would be SUPER ACE.
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* Rec me some recently good McKay/Sheppard? Preferably plot over porn.

* I've been reading Ryan/Seth OC fic again.

* I'm thinking about braving Fiction Alley for some new Draco/Ron stuff. I'm affeared!

* I need a reading light now by my bed, even when the main light is on. I can't see my paper to type! I'm so old.

* My birthday is Tuesday! Yay!

* I have to come up with music for: first dance, father/daughter dance, and our reception entrance. I'd like non-traditional stuff. Any ideas?

“What’s going on?” Spencer asks, walking over towards them. He’s got his P-90 angled down.

“Um.” Ryan coughs, giggles a little, then coughs again and bites his lips to keep them straight. “Um.”

Spencer narrows his eyes. “Ryan?”

“Spencer,” Ryan says.

“Smith,” Brendon says. He’s got his hands in Jon’s hair, and Jon’s leaning against his leg, face mashed into his knee, and Jon says, “Hiiiiiii. Hi, Spencer,” and then they’re laughing again.
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Rec me something gay. Rec me something juicy & lengthy & gay of the bandslash or SGA variety (no spoilers). Please?

Also -

Me: I'm going to marry Fall Out Boy
J: Do they know you already booked the hall?

Also, also -

J: You know what I want to be? I want to be--
Me: A magician?
*both of us die laughing*
J: No, no, I want to be--
Me: Seriously, you should be a magician.
*more dying by laughter*
J: No, I want to be, like, a criminal mastermind.
*silent pause*
Me: Can't you be both?

Now J leaves the room by pretending to throw down smoke and disappearing. We are so dumb. Seriouly, we could not stop laughing about the magician stuff, and it's really not all that funny. We totally deserve each other.
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Dear Flist:

The problem is that I'm an impatient reader. I can't find a fic and then SAVE it, but I'm going to try really, really hard this time. So - I'm road-tripping to Atlanta with my parents (yes, I'm almost 30 and still go on road trips with my parents *g*) to visit my brother next friday (I'm actually thankful we're on stargate hiatus right now or I would've freaked out over missing new eps) and the trip is THIRTEEN HOURS! And then there's another thirteen hours back to deal with, too. And pretty much all my family ever does in the car is read and sleep.

Thus, I need stories to read, since I won't have a computer or internet access for most of the weekend. I need LONG, JUICY, PLOTTY stories. I can't find anything GOOD that I haven't already read, so I'm begging, please, give me something - anything!

Fandoms I'm looking for:

1) RPS in Popslash (any pairing), WB/CW (any slash pairing), or SGA (joe/david - I'm pretty sure I've read all there is of these, though)
2) SGA McKay/Sheppard or Lorne/Novak or Lorne/Parrish
3) Harry Potter Ron/Draco
4) Supernatural Dean/Sam
5) Smallville Lex/Clark
6) Sports Night gen or Dan/Casey
7) The OC Ryan/Seth
8) X-files Mulder/Krycek (yeah, I know, I have a weakness)
9) due South Fraser/RayK
10) Good Omens
11) Scrubs
12) Buffy Xander/Spike, Xander/Oz
13) Any combination/crossover/fusion of any of the above. Bonus for any AUs!!!
ETA: I'll take any Stargate SG-1 fics, too! Daniel/Jack, Daniel/Cam, Daniel/Vala.

The longer the better, and I don't mind angst - love it, actually - but I NEED happy endings. So no deathfic or sadness or irreparable breakups or something.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for anything you come up with!


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