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So [ profile] toft_froggy won [ profile] anatsuno's awesome podficing abilities in Sweet Charity and asked for a recording of my Attack of the Giant Robot from Outer Space story, so go here and download and enjoy :) I'm very flattered Toft asked, and very excited to hear it read aloud!
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* Firstly, someone has to put Merlin and Arthur on Atlantis, okay? That just should happen, like, immediately. I kind of want to make Merlin a gate tech *hands* so he doesn't know why Arthur is always taking him off-world.

* Secondly, someone NEEDS to write a fic where Jon Walker saves Christmas. I don't care how - maybe something Santa Clause-esque, only without him aging and rounding out; or maybe Jon's mysterious Uncle Nick needs some holiday help! Maybe he always disappears in radio silence to "Chicago" each year, but really he's up at the North Pole! Seriously. Seriously, think about it now, JON WALKER SAVES CHRISTMAS, HOW CAN THAT NOT BE A RECIPE FOR EXTREME AWESOME?

* Also, I'm feeling totally glum, so here's a bunch of random WIPs (Amnesty, anyone?)

Ghosts R Us, featuring exasperated!Spence, fakeaccent!Brendon, sexuallyinapropriateghost!Ryan, and haunted!Jon )

Pastor Jon, featuring it'sapraisebandnotacult!Ryan and choosingtobeamused!Spencer )

Tea Shop Jon, featuring staidandboring!Jon, enthusiasticcook!Joe, and squintyeyed!Spencer, AKA the boring one that I abandoned for being boring )

Alternate Beach Dog Universe, where Brendon has a boy and Ryan fosters kids and has too many cats - you can see why I didn't go with this original version )

And speaking of Beach Dog, here's a Mary Beth and Eddie snippet set right before they joined Five Days and AZF on tour for Plays Out Like A Drum )

And just for fun, here's a Beach Dog Marty and Keltie snippet, because god knows when that's actually getting written )

And... I'm spent.
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* J and I watched the most awesomest movie in the ENTIRE WORLD last night, no lie. I don't know how I managed to miss it in the 80s (it's one of J's all-time favs, and he's actually been trying to get me to watch it for years, but we could never find it, and suddenly it was on Encore last night!) Anyway: The Last Dragon. Oh my god. Oh my god, dudes, it starts out with a full DeBarge video. It's EIGHTIES DANCE MEETS KUNG FU. I don't even like kung fu. I'd even go so far as to say I hate kung fu, and yet this is the greatest movie ever made. He fights SHO'NUFF, THE SHOGUN OF HARLEM. I mean *flails* there's some sort of midget fifteen yr old kid who talks about sex NONSTOP and wears RED LEATHER PANTS (I actually have no idea what his age is supposed to be, but he's tiny and his voice already broke? WHO KNOWS IT'S STILL AWESOME). RUDY HUXTABLE IS RANDOMLY THERE AND ADORABLE. I spent the whole time going, "Oh my god, this is the best thing ever" and "Who actually wrote this, right?" because it is unbelievable! It's so bad, yet precious and hilarious.

* I want to have at least one soundtrack up before I leave for Disney. No, I will have at least one soundtrack up before I leave tomorrow :)

* So who would read SGA/Bandslash if I turned Singer into a giant saber-tooth-like cat? I might have him almost eaten by a tree, too.

His fur prickles and he cocks his head to see Johnson watching him. What? he tries for, and it’s a little yowl-y. A little defensive, because Alex totally knows what. He says: I’m sorry for trying to kill Marshall. He hangs his head a little to get the message across. He’s not completely sorry – a nip! A nip wouldn’t have killed him! – but Johnson has a censorious look in his eyes.

Alex rolls over all look! and I’m adorable! It’s how he gets Brendon to give him his desserts.

“You’re kind of ridiculous,” Johnson says, and duh. He’s a freaking cat. His entire life is ridiculous.
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Since a great deal of William’s unhappiness in life is because of a certain rat bastard Marine corporal, William assumes the whole mess is Lacey’s fault. This is only cemented by the fact that Asher – sexy Asher, with her shapely calves and breasts – answers Lacey’s door in his t-shirt and boxers.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Corporal Asher,” William says, because he is. That rat bastard Lacey is a sneaky son of a gun, undeserved of her attentions.

Asher arches an eyebrow. “Did you need something, Dr. Beckett?”

William is all set to spout a pithy remark when Lacey appears behind Asher’s shoulder, naked as a jay, and while on the surface Lacey is an attractive specimen, William must remember that underneath the skin Lacey’s some sort of crab demon, with extra legs and eye stems.

William says, “You’ll not tempt me with your devil ways,” and Asher tilts her head in question. Lacey just scratches his balls and grins really, really evilly. William swallows hard, because Lacey’s evil grin has none of the endearing qualities that Gabe’s has. “Have either of you seen Captain Gabe?” he asks.

“I imagine he’d be in his own quarters, Billy,” Lacey says, still unabashedly naked, and William has to admire his complete lack of a social conscious. Polite company dictates some sort of dressing, yet there Lacey is, in all his rat bastard glory. Lacey’s evil grin dips into an evil smirk, and he says, “You’re staring.”

William’s cheeks heat. “Of course I am,” he says, all false bravado, really, because William is staring, and Lacey will never let him live it down. This abstinence business is messing with William’s head, not to mention the fact that his body thinks he’s fourteen, and fourteen had been a perpetually horny year for William – horny, clumsy, and growing like one of those capsules that insta-expand into a dinosaur or a washcloth when soaked. Under normal circumstances, a bare-assed Lacey would make him want to vomit his last four meals.

Asher leans up against the doorjamb, cocking a distracting hip. “Is that all?”

There is really something fabulous about Asher’s legs. William’s no slouch in the limb department - and he’s a boy besides – but he’s just the slightest bit envious.

“I’ll just, uh, go find Gabe, then,” William says, and when the door slides closed, he applauds himself for keeping cool. He’d lost entirely too much money to the swear jar the day before.
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So [ profile] bexless asked for a Frank/Gerard quantum mirror drabble, and I wrote this. Um. I don't think this is exactly what you wanted, but I hope you like it anyway, hon!

Entropy | PG | Frank/Gerard, Dr. Lee | 1300+ words
His fingers itch, and the way they brush against the cool surface is a third reflex, a third accident, and a third pure perverse curiosity.

Please to be reading Supersaturation, Solvation and Enthalpy first. This sort of falls before Enthalpy, but I think it works better if you read that one first. Frank is in radically different moods, understandably. Also, before this popped into my head, I wrote this bit of background on Frank and Gerard and the SGC. You don't have to really read it to understand this, but it has some insight on their SGC beginnings that tie in with this.

Entropy )
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It's done! Oh my GOD, for all the freaking useless inaccuracy of this thing, I spent an awful lot of time perfecting the formatting and everything. I'm anal like that.

Introducing: a bandslash primer for SGA-ers. It's biased by my fan-goggles and occasionally half-assed, but it's got pretty pictures, so at least you can place names with faces! All links will open another window. All pics are hosted on my site, so hopefully my bandwidth won't disappear.

Also, it would be good to brush up on the idea of compartmentalization.

And here's a snippet of Grandson Of Supersaturation to get you PUMPED about bandom boys in Atlantis!!

“Are you kidding me?” Rodney stares Way and Wentz down, but Way just looks bewildered, and Rodney can’t even see Wentz’s eyes, hiding behind the truly hideous fall of his fringe.

Finally, Wentz says petulantly, “We didn’t even touch it,” and Rodney, for a brief, fleeting moment, considers retirement. Blissful, tropical retirement, far far away from Dr. Peter Wentz in all his distracting forms.

“Oh,” Ivarsson exclaims, hands clasped in front of her chest. “Oh, how precious.” Ivarsson, of course, is completely unhelpful, and Rodney has no idea why she’s even in the infirmary, and he certainly doesn’t want to know, even though he suspects it has something to do with the mini Major Toro that’d trudged in with Wentz, Way and Bryar.

Ivarsson hugs Way – and oh god, Way’s possibly even more big-eyed and helpless looking than usual; the labs are going to be anarchy.
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So I don't know how exactly I feel about the Tomrad thing, but I'm certainly not mad at Tom for breaking some fanfiction rule or something. You get into this fandom, this stuff might happen, because these are real people - although the characters in my fic are not, which is what always weirds me out about possibly meeting these people in person or going to concerts and stuff, because I have a very distinct separation from, say, the Brendon who's in my head, bouncing around with armfuls of puppies, and the Brendon who's actually a real boy, who I know nothing about.

So, whatever. I don't actually have a point, but I guess my biggest fear is that these people don't realize that. Like, I'm not actually acusing Brendon of being, whatever, in a committed sexual relationship with Spencer or being afraid of zombies masquerading as fangirls or being a Christmas elf in disguise (the fic that never was! SERIOUSLY!). And that's kind of stupid, because I'm hoping (HOPING) that these guys are smarter than that, but you never know. Ryro was pretty defensive about all the implied gay sex at one point, wasn't he?

WHATEVER. I'm not locking down my posts - hell, I hardly ever (if at all? can't remember) place a stupid disclaimer on my fics, so I'm just asking for something bad to happen - and my website is out there clearly marked with keywords and descriptions of exactly what is on the pages, and let's just hope I don't get, like, sued or something. Which would be so lame.

The small heart attack about that Certain Coasts post was totally justified - I mean, wouldn't you get all clammy and nauseous? Doesn't mean I can complain or bitch about it, though. That would also be lame.

Now I have to go off and figure out why the Ancients would have a tween-making machine on a off-world planet - any suggestions?
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William is not exactly sure what’s going on, but he’s feeling very fifteen. Very awkward with his limbs, very sore, and he does not like it.

“I do not like this, Sisky,” he says, and Siska’s practically an amoeba, he’s so baby-faced, and if William’s bones didn’t actually hurt – he’d almost entirely forgotten that tremendous growth spurt he’d suffered through during the summer of 1995 – he’d probably appreciate that more. “Also,” William goes on, “your hair is frightening.”

Sisky’s hair is beyond frightening, actually, and William’s used to Major Toro’s wild mop, as well as Joe’s.

Sisky pushes his curls off his forehead. “Bill.”

“No. No, really, I hope you realize it’s never the right time for a semi-permanent.”

Bill,” Siska says, and he’s as pink-cheeked as Smith at this point – and Smith’s another one that William would love to bundle up and eat, if his hands could be trusted to do anything but grasp a pencil, and even that’s sort of pushing it.

If William remembers correctly, the summer of 1995 had been the summer of oops. It’s where his drunken dropsies originated from, he’s sure of it.
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Our desktop broke, so J has been horning in on my laptop and I can't stand it! I need my computer all to myself! My early Saturday mornings usually consist of me searching and downloading new music, but that was totally thrown off by J stealing the comp at 8:30 this morning. Oh well.

Other than that, I finally listened to the new Panic! clip, and I like it considerably more than that nine in the afternoon song. I have decided to embrace the happy music! So long as Brendon's singing it, I'm sure I'll love it.

Okay, so SGA! SGA was awesome! NOW THE DILEMMA OF NEXT WEEK: THE RETURN OF PSYCH! How can they put them on at the same time? I have no idea what to do!

Someone (and I'm horrible, because I can't remember exactly who) asked for this before, but is there any interest in a simple bandslash primer for SGA-ers? There's SO MANY primers out there for different bands, but I know some of my SGA flisters haven't bothered to find them :)
[Poll #1116094]

See, the reason I always tease you is because I never have anything worthwhile to say:

Calypso Spencer! )
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SUPERSATURATION SEQUEL AND FRANK SPIN-OFF! That's right, folks; around 27,000 words of SGA/Bandslash is in my hands right now. I already did a lot of revision this morning, and I have to go through all of [ profile] castoffstarter's edits, and then they will both be ready to post! I'm aiming towards the end of the week, and I'm going to post them both at the same time, since the Frank piece is sort of a companion fic.

Also, I am thisclose to finishing my Saddle Club AU sequel! It's going to be full of christmas schmoop and love and HORSES and snow and twinkling stars and MORE HORSES and the boys all being adorable and fluffy.

December for the win!

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ETA: Does anyone think that Clothes Off! would be an inappropriate wedding reception entrance song? She hasn't listened to it yet, but my mom is worried that it'll offend people, and it's the first thing we've clashed on, but since my parents are, you know, paying and it's generally just a huge party for their friends... I don't know. I think the song's cute and catchy, but we'll have a hall half-full of 50 yrs and older people. What do you guys think?


J has this thing. This thing where he makes me do a Jack Nicholson impression and, see, I don't actually have a Jack Nicholson impression, so it's really, really stupid. And he'll do it EVERYWHERE. He'll be, like, hey, do that thing you do, and then he'll stare me down until I do the stupid "are we clear?" dialog from A Few Good Men, with him as Tom Cruise. In my regular voice. And then he'll bring it up in front of his friends, like, "do your Jack Nicholson impression!" and then I have to explain that, no, I don't actually have an impression, J is just insane. Whatever, he made me do the "You can't handle the truth" part in a chinese restaurant last night. I love him so.

Also, it looks like I'm writing another SGA/Bandslash fic. So I have the original, the sequel, the Frank spinoff, and now I'm writing William and his newly formed team.

The Butcher is one of William’s very favorite people, despite his penchant for short shorts and calisthenics. Or maybe because of that. There’s nothing quite so exhilarating as Lieutenant Mrotek’s morning jogs through the Atlantis hallways – watching them, at least.

William isn’t so sure it was a good idea to form an interplanetary team with him, though.

They’d set Greta on him. Sweet-mouthed Greta with curves that make his fingers itch, and Sisky’d low-balled him with his mischievous up-to-no-good grin that he knew William had no chance of resisting – nor did he normally want to - and now he’s a permanent member of SGA-15 and well on his way to getting eaten by the large, gorilla-like beasties on P54.

Hurray for off-world shenanigans! I haven't settled on a central plot yet, so I don't know who else will be involved, but hopefully more Team JWalk and Team Toro.
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My Ryan crossdressing AU is almost ready to post. I'm hoping to maybe post it later today/tonight, even though I just posted my other crazy fic, and I hate posting one fic right after the other. I want to get this thing off my desktop, though!

It's, like, 80 degrees outside today. It's October! I HATE this! I want a crisp fall! I want to trade out my summer clothes already! It's disgustingly drippy, too.

Also: STARGATE FRIDAY! Hi there, SGA, hiiiii *pets Rodney* I'm really sort of hating Sam right now, though. Seriously, the least they could have done was give us Daniel and Vala; can you imagine how much fun they'd be? Sam's just boring and intrusive.

As usual, I've got nothing else.
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Sunday! Church in a few. I heart singing.

Also, Chewie is the cutest rat terrier in the entire world! God, I just want to squish her, my little Chewmonger.

Also, I really, really want to write more SGA/bandslash, god. It's like this whole world I can play in! There's a few references to Sgt. Kennerty's team and then Saporta's team comes up quite a bit, and they get into SOME shenanigans in this sequel, but this one's mainly about Ray's team and Team Panic! and I can't stop thinking of new adventures for them all! William! He totally needs his own off-world team, too. Right now he just tags along with whoever.

Maja is all legs, and William can appreciate that. He also appreciates the way she’d probably eat him if he got overly handsy – she’s very particular with who she lets in her personal space – so he sticks to leers and lip-licking and hopes, one day, all his prettiness will lure her closer.

“This is cozy,” William says, and from the other side of Maja, Captain Gabe gives him one of his huge, evil grins and asks, “So we got a plan?”

Gabe’s team had been dispatched before they’d even missed check-in, mainly because Nolan had gotten overexcited about the readouts Travis had sent back through to Patrick a few hours earlier, so now there’s nine of them wedged in the little cave, Lacey puffing away at a cigarette, Nolan blinking at them behind coke-bottle glasses, datapad hugged to his chest, gorgeous Maja taunting William with her perfect, BDU encased ass, and Captain Gabe with a gash on his arm that seems to have made Pterry more irate than she had been, scent of blood thick and metallic as it steadily seeps through the hasty bandage Vicky had wrapped around it.

“Wait until Atlantis tries to hail us,” Kennerty says.

Wheeler - who is seriously adorable, William has always thought so, and he can’t imagine him in the Marines, really, but he’s got the patches to prove it – rubs a hand over his chin. “You sure we can’t just blast it?”

“Fuck, yeah, we can,” Gabe says, but Kennerty just stresses, “Babies,” and Maja cocks her head and asks curiously, “So you would like there to be more of these monsters?”

“I just.” Kennerty waves a hand. “Whatever, my mission, no killing the giant flying dinosaur, okay?”

Gabe can technically overrule Kennerty, but he only shrugs, tugs the cigarette out of Lacey’s mouth and sucks it down to the fiery orange end.
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I love when I'm trying to decide what to write next and you guys give me this and then this and my brain explodes of awesome.

I also kind of want to write a fic where Brendon is Patrick's invisible muse. Whatever, shut up.

And then I started surfing around my unfinished fic word docs and I found this, and I remembered that once upon a time I'd started a sequel to Everything Else is Secondary with special guest stars, and I have no idea where I was going with this, but now I kinda want to write Rodney texting Patrick all the time and John getting jealous.

There are three beats in Marshall Tucker's Rearview Mirror that John always fucks up. )
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So SGA is on, wooo!! I'm gearing up for my Supersaturation II fic, and I don't know if I have any bandslashers who hang around this journal and have no idea what SGA is, but this was fun to write anyway, and I wanted to have this down for when I post Ss II :)

Stargate: Atlantis for Bandslashers

This is a mixture of fanon and canon, because my own views pretty much color everything. Also, herein lie SPOILERS for the ENTIRE show, especially the pilot episode, so if you want to watch SGA and like to be surprised, keep away!

Once upon a time there was a movie called Stargate. )
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Who's ready to rock and roll with SGA tonight? I AM DOING THE ROBOT IN ANTICIPATION!! PERHAPS YOU ARE EMBARRASSED FOR ME, BUT I DANCE WITHOUT FEAR! Except I'm still wary about in-charge!Sam.

*le sigh* I have missed Rodney so. Rodney and his adorable face and snapping fingers and fabulous ass.

In other news:

Due to the response of my Maja snip in SUPERSATURATION 2: THE CONINUING SAGA OF BRENDON IN SPACE, ALTHOUGH THAT IS NOT IT'S ACTUAL TITLE, I have written more scenes with her in them. She is hardcore and tiny, like Frank. I find this pleasing.
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It's that time folks! [ profile] reel_band participants should now be putting the finishing touches on their fics! I will be severely disappointed if people have FORGOTTEN! I, myself, have asked for an extension, seeing as how my Ryan crossdressing AU is still in the editing stage, and I can't see it being finished for the Oct. 1st deadline. Nata is cool! She won't slap you if you need some more time!

I'm 12,000 words into my Supersaturation sequel. EXCITING! I really kind of like it a lot, so I hope you all will too when it's done :)

Radek pushes his glasses up the slope of his nose. “Dr. Wentz has gone missing,” he says, and Rodney rolls his eyes.

“Yes, like that’s a new development. This should be an incentive.” Productivity always slowed with Wentz dancing around the lab, flashing his donkey smile and tight pants.

“Badminton finals start this afternoon,” Simpson says, frowning, and his entire department has lost their minds, seriously.

“Do I look like I care?” He might have, once, but then his team got pummeled by Teyla and Katie two rounds in and he’d realized badminton was stupid.

“Pete’s missing,” Salpeter says, “and Maja kissed Patrick.”

Rodney jerks his gaze to Ivarsson’s console, and she just gives him an elegant, unconcerned half-shrug.

“Patrick is sweet,” she says, her grin sharp, and Rodney thinks she probably instigated the whole mess on purpose, because Ivarsson lives to be a pain in Rodney’s ass. She’s like a tiny waspish insect, intent on him dying of anaphylactic shock.

He jabs a finger at her. “Keep your harpy ways under control, Ivarsson,” he says, but she just laughs.
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SGA fandom tropes I've tackled so far in SON OF SUPERSATURATION which actual has it's own title now, but I'm not giving it out yet. I'm about halfway done? Maybe?

* hive ship survival - no one gets left behind!
* aliens made them do it! NO REALLY!
* fuck-buddies! Involving one of my favorite pairs ever!
* Amnesia! YES I GO THERE!
* That wacky quantum mirror!

I really pack a lot in, even if it's just a passing mention. I think it'll probably stall out with those; we'll have to see how it plays out.

Oh my god I'm so tired. I'm waiting for a download to finish and it's taking forever geez.
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* I have another flat tire, my second one in a few months. I don't really understand, because I hardly ever drive my car. It doesn't make sense.

* Whatever. It's Wednesday. I have tomorrow to pack, and then I'm off to the great state of Georgia!

* Supersaturation the second - I really need to come up with an actual name for it - is turning out to be a rescue mission fic, sliding between scenes on the hive ship, scenes on Atlantis, and scenes of the actual rescue mission - led by MAJOR TORO, HI! Hiiiiiii, Major Toro! You have MILITARY THIGHS LET ME LICK THEM!


Dudes, you know I cannot resist the urge to tease you!

“Bob escaped that Genii prison,” Joe says. “He dug his way out of that underground bunker with his bare hands.”

“Joe,” Frank shakes his head, “Joe, you fucking exploded the shit of that place first.”

Joe blinks at him. “Oh. Oh, yeah, that was pretty cool, you’re right,” he says, but despite his words he seems mostly dejected, and Ray can relate. They all can, really, because Bob was really good at keeping them together, getting done what needed to be done, competent and focused and solid and always there.

They’re silent then, staring down at the commissary table. No one wants to think about Bob being gone, but it’s the kind of gaping hole that’s hard to ignore.
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*laughs weakly* So I'm only about 3 pages and one scene into Supersaturation PART DEUX, and it's, um. Kind of serious? I'm hoping it'll get funnier. I wanted to do something similar to The One About Pancakes; like have it start with a single catalystic event or whatever, and then ramble off into tangents, like genderswapping or superpowers or kidfic or whatever, in the background. I don't think it's going to work out like that, though. Right now, Bob and Brendon are trapped on a hive ship! OH NOES!

And then Bryar mutters, “They’re coming,” and Brendon just. He sort of gains resolve. Like this is how it’s going to be, how it is, and it’s not okay, not even close to okay, but it’s going to happen anyway, and Brendon’s going to take it. He thinks maybe this is what living in the Pegasus galaxy, living in the middle of a war, does to you.

You know what I'm NOT working on? My 50 states challenge. I really need to get cracking on that.


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