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I'm trying to think of what to write next. My Spencer-at-the-beach isn't quite ready to post, but I really want to start some sort of light-hearted Brendon piece and I can't decide what angle to take. So, anyway, these two tiny snips were in my deletedpanicsga word doc, so they never made it into Supersaturation:

the one where Ryan thinks about Jon and Atlantis )


the one where Spencer is affected by the exploding pebbles, too )

Blah, blah, blah. Lunch is almost over. I ran this morning. With Ellie. She is apparently terrified of grates and manhole covers, but other than that she's good to run with.
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So it looks like [ profile] sgastoryfinders generated a little renewed interest in my Scrubs/SGA fusion My Space Adventure, and I opened up my old scrubs file and lo and behold, at one point I had attempted a sequel! It's not going anywhere, though, so here. Have a slice.

There are exactly three rules I have to follow when I’m off-world.

One, I can’t touch anything. Two, if I touch anything, Dr. Cox reserves the right to hurt me in a deep and meaningful way. And three, if Dr. Cox hurts me, I can’t whine about it.

I readily accepted these conditions, though, because going off-world is the coolest thing ever, especially since our fourth team member is a robot. Robots are awesome. He looks eerily like Major Lorne, but talks like The Fonz. )
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And happy Sunday to those that don't.

Ever notice that I never have anything worthwhile to post about? Hmmmm.

So, I'm writing SGA/Bandslash right, and [ profile] d_copper goes OMG, ERNIE! and Ernie is so not in this, he's really not, except, dudes, Brendon and Ernie? BFFs. Total BFFs and Rodney's all jealous, because Ernie only really loves HIM and maybe John, but it was, like, love at first sight for Brendon. Brendon just spots him hiding behind Chuck's rolly chair when the Daedalus beams them down, clacking his voicebox and that really cool thick pen with the kittens all over it, and maybe his mickey mouse one, too, just because that's his favorite, and Ernie says, "Mine!" really, really loud when he catches Brendon staring because seriously, Brendon looks like he might be into shiny things, too, and Ernie's torn between bonding with him over this and establishing his dominance as Shiny Foil and Pen collector extrodinare. But Brendon's all, "Oh my god, is that a furry octopus?" and Ernie likes his voice, so he comes out from behind Chuck and he's all, "Mine? Mine, mine, mine," just to make sure Brendon knows not to take his pens and Ryan knocks Brendon's shoulder and says, "Dude, he speaks Urie."

So Ernie starts. Not following Brendon, because he only ever follows Rodney and John and sometimes Radek or Ronon, but he hangs around him in the lab, and sometimes he waves a pen when he catches Brendon's eye, almost like he's beckoning him over, and one time Brendon takes him up on his invite and sits crosslegged on the floor by Ernie's basket, and Ernie spends like a half-hour going through all his pens with a soft, "mine, mine, mine," over and over again, and Brendon makes appropriate impressed noises and then hums along a little, which makes Ernie pause and blink up at him with his four eyes, and then Brendon stops humming, only Ernie wants him to hum, so he bangs his knee with the sparkly gel pen Radek gave him until Brendon gets with the program and starts humming again, and then singing a little, just loud enough for Ernie to hear. Ernie just sits and stares at him and wraps a tentacle around his wrist and taps a pen on the floor to kind of keep the beat.

And then at some point Ernie just maneuvers his way into Brendon's lap, and Brendon's not sure what to do, since he's kind of done looking at Ernie's pens and shiny bits of foil and pieces of Ancient tech that're stuffed under the USAF tee and Brendon's not sure McKay even knows they're there, but Ernie's sort of wrapped around him and won't let go.

And oh my god, throw Temp in that mix and I just might explode from the cuteness, seriously.
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See, now I don't know how my Able-bodied Men 'verse is going to turn out, because I'm getting really, really attached to these guys. I think maybe it's going to completely fail as an AU with recognizable characters. It's disjointed, written in drabbles and double-drabbles with threads to connect it, and I don't know if there's a plot or not. It's completely from John's pov. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a disaster, and yet I am so very, very in love with it. Seriously. Also, Cadman occasionally breaks my heart. (the "he" in the below snip is not Bates by the way, because Bates and Cadman are, like, thick)

“Shit,” Cadman whispers, then giggles and presses her fingers to her mouth, her other hand shackling John’s wrist. )
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This is something I'm calling my Able-bodied Men 'verse. A band!AU, which will hopefully be nothing like trinityofone's band!AU (which I totally loved, yet I really didn't get any joy out of that, plus that John completely baffled me). Also, I'm attempting scene-like things, which I probably won't acheive, being that I am patently uncool, but *shrugs* Here's a short, short snippet:

John first meets McKay at a party. John’s pretty trashed. McKay insults his pants and tugs on his belt loop, and John’s kinda certain he flirts shamelessly, even though he doesn’t remember exactly what happens. )
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While I haven't exactly been offline, I've been kind of MIA for the past week. Sorry! My mind is brimming with fic ideas and for some reason I've been craving Ron/Draco stories, so I've been paddling around a bit.

For the interested, I've found a reception hall! The date is December 29, 2007, because I've always wanted a Christmas wedding, and we've booked The Mendenhall Inn's Grand Ballroom. The first pic on the page is it, as well as the third - which is the indoor atrium adjoining the ballroom, where cocktails will be served - and the last pic on the page, which is the winding staircase from which we'll be announced, with our own cocktails served in the pretty loft. It'll be all decorated for Christmas, too, with a big tree at the bottom of the curve. I'm SO EXCITED! I'm sure in about a month I'll be sick of details and just want it done with, but thank god I found a place I absolutely loved. We saw four places before this one, and two after, and they just didn't compare.

I'm currently working on Hermione's adventures in space, which will involve Boot and Malfoy most directly, and a few others on the fringe. After that I think I'll do Malfoy's story.

And I haven't forgotten Rodney and John. One idea is on the backburner of my mind, and the other involves being soccer moms. Or something like that. I don't know a lot about soccer, but I figured neither does Rodney, and it'll be from his pov. I'm pretty sure this was sparked by Benchwarmers - which is HILARIOUS by the way, and more fun that I thought it'd be - and also Kicking and Screaming, and possibly The Mighty Ducks.

“Seriously, are any of you having fun?” Rodney demanded, and they all just stared at him, like he was some sort of alien with fifty eyes that spoke backwards, and he had a hard time imagining these kids had willingly signed up for peewee soccer. )
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So I had a hankering for a buddyfic with slashy undertones, but nothing overt. And then I had a eureka moment, because Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of my favorite Thanksgiving movies, and the end always makes my heart ache, and I totally don't want to write it, so I kind of... didn't write it. The 'they're drunk' line was only slightly amended from the movie, because that part is absolute genius. Also, someone slicker than I could've made it all heartwarming and stuff, and more with the hilarity, and also threaded in John's life better, but! As I said, this is not a fic. It's important to remember that.

So Rodney has to make it home to Vancouver for Christmas or Jeannie’ll literally kill him, since he’s missed Maddy’s last four birthdays and he hasn’t yet met little Robert, only nine months old, but there’s a massive snowstorm sweeping into Colorado springs. )
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So, wow, there's a marked lack of fic lately, isn't there? Hmmmmm. Anywho, I'm still working on my Cinderella AU, which has been bastardized way past Cinderella into I don't know what. Seriously. Because, when you think about it, Cinderella was kind of a boring story. There's no DRAGONS, people, and as far as I'm concerned, that's just not right. So far, this version is 25 pages and counting. No guarantee of dragons, either, but I'm working on it. (DRAGONS! Almost as cool as ROBOTS!)

Tea. The man – he hadn’t said his name – poured them tea. Ronon had his knees nearly up to his chest, bent in half at the low table, and John wasn’t much better off, legs folded up uncomfortably.

“You’ll want to wait out the rain, of course,” he told them, his grin having morphed into a superior smirk. He dipped a honeyed spoon into John’s cup.

John would’ve protested, except the sounds of the battering weather were actually soothing, a steady rush, a roar of white-noise that made John feel vague and slow. He stirred his tea rhythmically, blinking absently down at the swirl of light amber.

There was something he was supposed to do. He was sure of it.

“We can’t,” he said.

“Oh, you can.” The man shook his head, ponytail swishing back and forth, pushing a plate of sugar cookies towards him. “You’d never find your way. You’d be blind three feet out.”

It was a reasonable argument. And the cookies were really good.

“These cookies are good,” Ronon said gruffly. He had crumbs all over his face, and he lifted a hand to swipe them off. A big, square-fingered hand, and that seemed wrong.

Something was wrong.

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The Stargate Fan awards have been announced! What Happens In the Clubhouse won best mckay/sheppard pre-slash. I am frankly amazed I won anything, which was the main reason I never bothered to, like, pimp or anything, so thank you to all the lovely people who voted for me *big hugs*

And also! Happy Halloween all! I have nothing written for you. Although, wait. Hmmmm. Random snapshot:

Sheppard’s pupils were huge.

“Colonel?” Rodney snapped, only half-concerned, because god knew it wasn’t an off-world mission with SGA-1 unless someone got drugged. They just had that sort of luck.

He blinked at him, slow and sticky, then rolled over from his sprawl on the bed, baring his cotton-covered stomach in a long stretch, a low, gravely… growl in the back of his throat.

Rodney froze. “Um.”

Sheppard’s tongue flicked out and his palm slid over his abdomen, clenching a fist in his t-shirt, bunching it up to expose a pale strip of flesh.

His movements were languorous. Rodney tightened his jaw. Sheppard yawned, shifted onto his side, sliding around the slippery coverlet, and it was like Rodney’s vision of hell – a look but don’t ever, ever touch deal, because nothing good would ever come of touching Sheppard.

“Rodney,” Sheppard drew out, a whine that wasn’t a whine. “I’m sleepy.”

Rodney flailed a hand, hissed, “Oh my god,” and then Sheppard started rubbing his hair on the covers, and everything clicked. “You think you’re a cat!”

Sheppard grinned at him, half-predatorily, and the situation was ten times more interesting than it’d been five minutes before. All Sheppard needed was some tight leather and it was every Catwoman fantasy Rodney’d ever had. Well, except for the fact that Sheppard was a man – officially. On paper, anyway – which actually made things better.

Or worse, since Rodney still wasn’t allowed to touch. At all. His fingers twitched.

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* [ profile] 206_bones - join and get access to the music archives, download some of the groovy music from the eps.

* [ profile] summercon - fun for everyone! read all the stories in the online zine! And anyone who left me feedback, but didn't get a reply, check and see if your post made it into my line-up... apparently some of them got stuck in the wrong place, and they can't tell which story they went with :)

* Chelsea Handler cracks me up.

* I'm working on fic in which everyone accidentally gets married. Several times over.

“You’re. You.” His hand slid down to settle on the back of John’s neck, hooking him towards him. “You’re my very best friend.”

John braced his hands on Rodney’s chest, his chin nearly hitting Rodney’s shoulder, and the very, very drunk scientist whispered sloppily in his ear, “You can godfather our babies.”

John pushed back so hard Rodney staggered and dropped Teyla. She blinked up at them from the ground, bewildered, and John jabbed a finger at both of them. “There is absolutely no way you two are having babies.”

“The priestess assured us a fruitful union,” Teyla said, making no attempt to get up off her ass. She slumped over on her side a little; started petting the grass. “I wish to name our first son John,” she said to the dirt.
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My au is turning into a cheesy slice of life piece, with more witty banter than actual plot. Or, you know, any plot at all. Floofy family romance, if you will. Which is fun, but not my usual writing bent.

“So. What do you know about Nick Jackson?”

“No comment.” It was odd, but Rodney felt strangely maternal around Daisy, like he was one step away from talking about his *feelings* or gossiping about boys, and if that ever actually happened, he was pretty sure he’d have to shoot himself.

“He’s cute.”

Rodney snorted. “His father’s a pouty-lipped, glorified librarian and his mother’s a manipulative harpy with a pretentious accent.”

Daisy sighed. “Still...”

“There is every possibility he’ll grow up to be an archeologist,” Rodney warned her, wagging a finger. “Or a high-priced whore who sleeps his way into political mayhem.”

Daisy cocked her head. “Should you be talking like that around me?”

“Probably not,” Rodney admitted.

Also: I seem to be the only one not getting in on this five things meme fun, so... feel free to give me some. I'd look for the meme wording, but I'm too lazy, and seriously, you've seen this everywhere, right?
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“What do you think it is?” Sheppard asked.

“Something important enough to warrant a gremlin,” Rodney said.

Ronon snorted. “Or dangerous enough.” He reached out, fore- and middle fingers sliding over the gritty rock, and Rodney snapped, “For god’s sake, don’t taste it,” just before they entered his mouth.

“I’ve been cursed with morons in every facet of my life,” Rodney groused, scrambling for his canteen.

Sheppard squeezed his arm. “Just focus on the entertainment value.”
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Guess who I've married Lorne to while I'm gone:

Once upon a time they’d both had dreams bigger than the town, but then John’s parents had died and Lorne ended up married to the least likely girl for love, if you can believe that, and they’d sort of... settled.

John owned half the garage, a tumble-down cottage he was slowly fixing up in his spare time, and a neurotic blue Macaw that plucked out its own feathers and screeched obscenities in the middle of the night. Three am, like clockwork.

The landline rang, and John took a deep breath before answering with his usual lazy, “Sheppard.”

“John,” Lizzie started, and he could picture her leaning against the diner counter, stubby pencil tucked behind an ear, phone hooked over her shoulder and both hands wrapped around a mug of coffee. He flicked a quick glance at the clock. The mayor-slash-diner owner wouldn’t be knee-deep in county affairs for at least another hour.

“What’s up?” he asked, then mouthed “Lizzie” to Lorne.

Lorne smiled, nodded, then hooked a thumb over his shoulder. He made a few gestures that could’ve been obscene, but probably just meant he was going to use the lift for the sedan.
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John’s lips quirked. “She needs some polish.”

The man glared at him. “Excellent, thank you,” he snapped. “Can you fix it? Are you capable of making this crap mobile move within the hour or do I need to have it towed into the city?”

“I can fix her,” John said, planting a fist on his hip, “but she needs an overhaul. A—”

“Spit and shine, yes, you said, and while I’m sure you backwater freaks just love to lick engines clean, I’m sure that’s not entirely relevant to actually making it go, hmm?” He waved a hand, blue eyes derisive. “Just bang the carburetor with a monkey wrench, or whatever the hell you charlatans charge unsuspecting civilized people for out here in the boonies. Or better yet, bill me for the use of your tools and I’ll fix it, because god knows I have more of an education than you.”

John’s brows rose. “Okay,” he drawled. “I’m thinking no. And you’re starting to piss me off.”

“Fantastic,” the man groused.
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So nobody cares that my SGA Robin Hood AU isn't going to be historically acurate, right? I've got two or three more parts to write, I think, and then it'll be done.

There were a number of brats running wild in the encampment, and they all loved Rodney. It was sickening.

Rodney’d managed to last thirty-six years without overexposure to the runny-nosed dwarves, with their tiny minds and ridiculously big eyes, grabby hands and lisping, grating voices, and suddenly he was accosted by children whenever he set foot out of his tent. The more abrasive he was with them, the wider their gap-toothed smiles became. Rodney suspected brain damage. Or – and the speculation was largely improbable, but a possibility nonetheless – Sheppard had fathered every single one of them. They seemed to share his amusement for Rodney as a whole, which was thoroughly disrespectful, but more than likely that simply proved Sheppard had the emotional development of a twelve year old.
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“You’re lost, aren’t you?”

Sheppard grunted.

“You have absolutely no clue where we are.”

“Shut up, Rodney,” he growled, stomping through the undergrowth, letting a lean branch whip back to hit Rodney in the head.

“No, really,” Rodney went on, ducking, “I find it amazing that you live in this forest, and yet have all the directional sense of a retarded pigeon. Can’t you just whistle for Ford?”

Sheppard shot him a withering glare.

“I’m surprised Bates didn’t follow us, actually, just to make sure I didn’t bludgeon you from behind and leave you in a ditch somewhere.”

and also:

She thought Beckett was adorable, and pestered him constantly about his tent mate, asking inane questions that consisted mostly of, “Don’t you think he’s hot?” and “Is he courting anyone?” and “Do you think he likes me?” and seeing as how Rodney wasn’t a fourteen year old girl, he growled out, “No,” and “Who cares?” and, “You’re trying to make my brain bleed, aren’t you?”


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Yeah, I'm alive. I'm just downloading like crazy. It's so addicting. I wish there were more podcasts of sga stories out there. They make me smile, and they make people on the train back away from me slowly.

sga/hp fic up to 45 pages. I have no idea how to end it. I fear I may be rambling in places. Ah, well. It's still fun...

“Seriously. I don’t think we can win,” Rodney went on. Not even the sight of his favorite teacher, flushed prettily with robes askew, bolstered his spirits. They were all going to die.

“I do not disagree,” Radek said from beside him, sliding his glasses up his nose. “However, I would rather not wait placidly for my death.” He nodded at Sheppard, and the two of them counted to three under their breaths and pushed the container as hard as they could out into the middle of the room.

Rodney’s eyes went wide. “That wasn’t ready!” he yelped.

“It’ll have to do, McKay,” Sheppard drawled, swiping his palms on his robes. “We’re running out of time.”

“It’s not going to work,” Rodney stressed frantically, gripping Sheppard’s arm. “There is every possibility I was *high* when I came up with this plan.”

ETA: [ profile] devildoll wrote Clubhouse fic!. You should read it, 'cause it's adorable *nods*
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Working on two stories at once is trying for someone with a fairly flaky attention span. I'm just about 6,000 words into my crossover fic, yet only about 1,000 into the Ernie sequel. Huh. Both shall get done eventually, though.

As I'm unsure of what sort of readership this crossover will get, since I'm writing it mainly for my own and for [ profile] civilbloodshed's amusement, I've decided to post a snippet of Rodney in Slytherin. No, he's not british, and everyone else is their own nationality from SGA. I promise it works in the context of the story, and I promise it's not stupid. Also, this is set in the HP universe year 2011. So I've fucked with everyone's ages, but it's all good. Also, also, there are only a smattering of HP canon characters, and not the one's you'd probably expect. Well, unless you know which minor characters I tend to favor. And no, the Professor Weasley mentioned in this part is not Ron. Also, also, also, even though this is mainly me throwing SGA characters into the HP world, there will be a surpising amount of stargate-ish references. I think. This one's bound to be longer than my other pieces.

Thoughts about Rodney's characterization (and the others', too) are most welcome.

“If you do not hurry, there will be no time for pancakes,” Radek stated, giving them a hard stare over the rims of his glasses, “and I will make you all pay.” )


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