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So those of you following my twitter already know, but I lost my house rabbit this week )
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So--about a week ago? The cats knocked the lid off the 40 gallon tank that houses our Nile monitor, Lando, and he got out, and we kind of gave up looking for him. He's about two feet long right now, mostly all tail. I resigned myself to finding a dried up lizard carcass somewhere in the house, but tonight! Tonight, he showed up out of nowhere, chasing Millie! And then Roxy cornered him in an overturned trashcan and he bit her in the nose. But all is well! We really figured he was gone for good, because he needs to be in constant heat and it's been really cold in the house lately. I'm not really fond of him, but I'm glad he's not dead somewhere in my house. Huzzah!
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Just when we were settling down to catch the encore pilot ep of that Terminator show, Roxy decides to eat Chewie. I mean, they fought over a bone, but Chewie's smaller than our cats, and Roxy kind of wanted to kill her. I'm not going to lie, it was possibly the scariest thing ever, oh my god. We ended up at the emergency vet for about three hours; Chewie's got a puncture wound on her throat and one just under her eye, which LUCKILY didn't cause any corneal damage. We kept Roxy downstairs and slept with Chew-bear snuggled up to us under the covers. Roxy, of course, doesn't remember a thing, and couldn't understand why she couldn't sniff and nudge Chewie around, and Chewie was terrified of her for about four hours this morning, but J called around noon and said they were playing together again. They no longer get bones, ever ever. I've still got this horrible sick feeling in my gut, because it's not like we can ever get rid of Roxy, because they'd put her to sleep, and Chewie is my baby girl and I can't live without her.

Poor Moose had no idea what was going on. He was following me around the house last night, and he usually just ignores me if I don't have his food.

So, okay. Take my mind off of stuff with drabbles? I want Zack stories. And stories about Joe. Or anything that involves cuddling and/or hurt/comfort.
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So! My brother is married. It is done.

My weekend, in brief:

Friday: arrived at hotel and left immediately for the bridal luncheon where there was lots of yummy food, got nails done, had rehersal dinner at Stone Mountain's marina. Got lost for an hour coming back, but J and I were asleep in the back seat so it didn't matter much to us. My Aunt K's parents left without her (they're 80 some years old) got lost, and didn't make it back to the hotel until ONE PM THE NEXT AFTERNOON. Yes, folks, they were lost from 10 at night to 1 the next day. It was a little nerve-wracking.

Saturday: had my make-up done, hair shelacked, put on my neck-plunging bridesmaid gown. Dudes, it was so low. I had to tape myself and I was worried I was going to pop out all night. I'll have pics in a few days maybe :) Had a very nice reception, then I went to sleep while J stayed up and got so drunk he threw up all night all over the hotel room. I was and am still very pissed. I had to stay up all night and clean up after him and make sure he didn't destroy the room. I left the maid a hefty tip anyway, but way to put a strain on my brother's wedding J! Thanks!

Sunday: woke up after about 3 hours sleep for the wedding brunch. J, still drunk, managed to behave himself and not throw up at the table. Packed up and headed for the airport, where about 15 other guests from Philly were also on the flight. Got home around 5, rounded up all the animals. The cats were angry, Moose wanted to go back to J's parents, Roxy just wanted ATTENTION she's such a brat, and Chewie wouldn't leave my lap. Happy didn't even notice we were gone, so long as her food arrived in time.

So, yeah, not the relaxing weekend I had been hoping for, but it's OVER thank god. Did I miss anything around here?
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* J is at school today, for the first time in months because of his injury (and health), and the dogs and cats are all by their lonesome. He leaves before me and they'd already started panicking by the time I got up, because they knew I was going to leave, and they didn't understand why Daddy was gone, too! Moose stared at me through the front window when I left. I felt so bad, but mainly I'm just waiting for some huge mess when I get home. Furniture eaten, torn apart, pieces of bedding everywhere. Oh well, they have to get used to it!

* All fics are still being edited. This is sort of pathetic, but oh well. Other than that, I've got my fingers in a couple different stories, but nothing too deep yet. Nothing has caught my immediate fancy.

* Who wants an AU where Brendon is Jon's dog walker/cat caretaker, and Jon lives across the hall from Spencer, and Spencer is sort of sure that Brendon is Jon's boyfriend or something, except he totally keeps hitting on Spencer and Spencer's all mean to him, because Jon! Jon's a great guy! And Ryan is this total hermit writer who forgets to bathe and lives on coffee and cereal and he lives in the appartment next to Spencer's and he has his groceries delivered by Frank, who is totally fascinated by Ryan-the-writer, but in a competely platonic way, and starts bugging him and stuff when he drops off his food. Apartment building AU! Bob's the SUPER (I've got a thing for Bob and fixing things, I don't know). Pete and Patrick live above Spencer and have LOUD FIGHTS and Spencer was at first really annoyed by it, but he gets used to it. Jon has a mysterious job! He's hardly ever at home - thus the need for Brendon - and Frank and Ryan start making up stories about him, like he's a super secret spy and stuff, and Ryan hasn't written anything in months and Frank bullies him into taking showers and eating real food and ends up kind of his unofficial assistant instead of the grocery boy. The apartments are above a odds and ends store that Gerard and Mikey run. It's got music and comics and art and just weird 80s memorabilia. Frank has a crush on Gerard! And then there's Ray and Andy and Joe who all live together and seem mainly normal, except Joe keeps breaking things so Bob will visit them, because he thinks Bob is awesome and he keeps calling him the Key Master and makes blatant references to Andy being the Gate Keeper, but only when Andy isn't around, because Andy would seriously punch Joe in the face.
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So remember when I said Chewie had a stuffed head she carried around like Wondermutt in Summer School? (pics under cut, not dial-up friendly)

Chewie and Wilson take a nap )

bonus Moose sleeping )

bonus Roxy confused )


Jul. 31st, 2007 01:07 pm
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* Did I tell y'all that my wedding dress was in? I'm so excited! I go for my first fitting in three weeks! I can't believe it's only five months away! I'm starting to get disgustingly giddy about it.

* We had another showdown with our neighbors. God, I can't wait 'til we can sell this place and get the hell out. They were complaining about our yard - which is, admitted, not ideal, but it's a dog yard. Non-dog people have no idea how hard it is to keep up a smallish yard with three dogs running around. We don't have a lot of grass, and no flowers planted because Moose is a digger, but there's no trash or anything, so they just have to shut the hell up. They threw it in our face that we're not friends with anyone on the street, and J pointed out that they've all been shitty to us since we moved in because of the dogs, and the guy was like, that's because you're never outside, and I'm sorry, I have mild social anxiety and a problem with strangers in general, and that is any of their business how? And that automatically makes me a bad person? Fuck them.

* I'm having trouble deciding who should be who in my One Crazy Summer AU. I was originally thinking MCR, but now I'm back to Panic! because I love writing those boys. I think maybe, maybe I want Jon to be Demi Moore, but I'm not sure. I was hoping to make it Brendon/Spencer, but it's looking like it might be Spencer/Jon. Hmmmmm. Must think more on it.

* Speaking of, Ashlee in this AU is making my month. I can't wait to finish and post!
Ashlee arched an eyebrow. “I don’t know how much time you’ve spent with your cousin in the past couple years, Rhi, but he’s got the emotional range of a robot.”

Ryan’s jaw tightened, because that totally wasn’t true. He just wasn’t into big public displays. He was reserved.

“And he’s got this really inappropriate obsession with prostitutes, and, okay, I heard he’s, like, originally from Vegas or whatever, but if he submits one more article on syphilis I just might scream.”

Ryan’s reservation was serving him well right about then. He kind of wanted to punch Ashlee in the head, and he honestly liked her, he did, but there was nothing wrong with indulging in a little research on venereal diseases!
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So we just spent just about 1000 dollars to fix and dog-proof the fence, and guess what? Moose got out. He flattened himself and squeezed through the tiniest hole imaginable, and Moose is 130 pounds! Moose is a HORSE, okay, and he cut his face and then he went to a neighbors's yard and ROLLED IN SOMETHING NASTY and I had to drag him back and give him a bath, and what the hell Moose? Why can't you just stay in the freaking yard? But really I'm mad at the fence people, because we told them our problem and they said they'd put steel wire around the bottom of the fence so he couldn't push through, and what do they do? They put it too high. They put it too high on about half the yard, the half of the yard that is downsloped, so it's the place that Moose always got out before. The EXACT SAME PLACE. We're calling on monday to have them fix it, and they better not charge us because that's just shitty. The guy who gave us the estimate and told us what he'd do wasn't even there to do the yard, so his lackeys just did whatever. Seriously, I can't believe this. Moose is such a jackass. And our neighbor across the alley who hates our guts and stares out his window all day at us because he has nothing better to do just WATCHED Moose do this, and it must have taken Moose a fucking long time to get his butt through that hole. Seriously, wow, you showed us. I mean, if Moose gets hit by a car and dies, you REALLY showed us, didn't you, you fuck. He's a DOG. Who is that fucking mean about a dog who wouldn't hurt a fly and is dumb as rocks and is such a pansy that he's scared of BEES, okay? Damn it.
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* Expect the next story in the Directional Series very, very soon. Hermione POV. It's already beta'd, but I feel weird posting three stories in a row. Like I'm jinxing myself or something. I don't want writer's block again!

* Do the Panic! boys really call each other by their full names all the time, or is that a fandom thing? Because that's just adorable.

* I am reading possibly the most horrible Panic! AU ever. I don't know why I'm reading it. I got sucked in by accident, and I can't pull myself away. I keep cringing and skimming and yet I KEEP READING!

* J is getting surgery on Monday. They told him it'll be about six months before he has full use of his arm again. Jesus.

* The dogs are driving me CRAZY. Ellie tore up the rug in Happy's room. There's hardwood under the rugs, so now we've decided that we might as well tear everything up and get rid of the rugs, since they're disgusting anyway. Still, that's a HUGE project. Thanks Ellie.
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I feel completely out of the loop, what with not watching any of the SGA eps until sci-fi airs them in the distant future. And I keep seeing all these horrible subject lines for reviews of Sunday, and my finger wants to click on the cut, and I kinda know what the main spoiler is, but I don't know any details, and I'm trying to restrain myself, but it's so HARD! DAMN YOU, SCI-FI! Who the hell wants to watch stupid Jake 2.0 or whatever. Geez. Go back to Popular.

Also, I've missed a great deal of fics with spoilers, and I hate that.

I have, though, finally started watching Psych, and dudes, that show is so awesome. I want to buy the first season and just wallow.

The Surfacing zine should be coming out soon, and I'm excited and vaguely sick to my stomach.

You know what's a good word? Ungentle.

I tried to push Myrtle off my head in the middle of the night and she made me bleed. My palm and thumb are in shreds.

I am wasting time. Yes.

oh my god

Jan. 24th, 2007 08:48 pm
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I have no idea. No, seriously. What day is it? Where am I? Who are you?

I think I might actually be broke.

Elliot has a urinary tract infection, and before we figured it out I thought she'd decided she was no longer house broken and wanted our lives to be equivalent to the deepest pit of hell. Because constantly cleaning urine off the rug makes me want to kill myself.

No, seriously, I'm doing the bills and coming up 30 bucks short. I have never been this broke before. I'm considering selling off Moose to a burlesque house.

I have been a crappy flister, and have complete writers block and I found myself having a deep and meaningful conversation with my head the other day about JD/Dr. Cox relationship fics, and how easy it is for them to completely suck. JD and Dr. Cox work because Dr. Cox calls JD girly names and JD dreams about Dr. Cox riding a pony or whatever. Also, having JD call Dr. Cox Perry is wrong wrong wrong no matter how much sex they're having. And again, I am overthinking scrubsfic.

Um. I think I'm done.
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We have a lot of animals. Sometimes, I feel like just giving up and laying down and letting them eat me or something.

The pond is now gone. Apparently, J was walking Ellie and heard a splash and Roxy was freaking out, trapped in the pond, pulling all the rocks in and crying. J got super angry and took a shovel to it. So, no more pond. It stank, anyway, since we had to take the pump out for the winter, and then the tree dropped all its leaves in it, and then it got warm again.

Plus, Roxy had secretly been drinking the pond water, and now we think she's sick. At least she's on heartworm meds.

Myrtle had a cold but now she's better, and Maude has decided that the best way to wake me up is dropping picture frames on my head at 5 in the morning. Good times.

Moose eats dirt. And rolls around rotting leaves. Or if you give him a piece of shrimp, he'll carry it off and place it carefully on the rug and then roll on it instead of eating it. He likes to smell extra nice.

Happy has un-litter trained herself, so cleaning her cage is just so much fun. Plus Myrtle likes to pee in her box.

Every night at around seven, the cats have a battle royale on the dining room table, up on their back legs, paws wrapped around each other's heads. Maude has Myrtle on size, but Myrtle beats Maude for sheer moxy. Since I usually pile the weekly mail on the table, it ends up all over the floor.

Yes. I am the keeper of the zoo.

Top that!

Oct. 16th, 2006 10:04 pm
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So remember the Teen Witch cool movie post?. J found this. God, I love that movie. Seriously, check out the jeans rolled up to his calves. That dude is so dreamily cool.

In other news, we're dogsitting a six pound rat terrier who is now Roxy's SUPER BEST FRIEND! They are so cute together. They play tug-o-war and fight over bones and sticks and Chouie sleeps on Roxy's head and poor Moose just stares at them with sad eyes.
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* I am all over the place. J and I spent half the night battling off Myrtle, who likes to nest in my hair while I sleep. Which in turn makes me whimper pathetically and that wakes J up and then J throws her off the bed, and then it starts all over again. I swear I threw her off about five times last night myself and finally gave up and scrunched into a ball so she could have my pillow.

* I have abandoned my AU, which is sad, sad, very tragic and horrible, because I'm 26 pages in already, but I believe it really, truly sucks and needs a tremendous re-write that I'm not quite in the mood to do.

* Weird marriage fic is puttering along. It's John's POV, which is always harder for me to write, but in some ways kinda fun, since I get to use "cool" and "awesome" a lot.

* Oh my god, I suck.

* Is it just me, or has John gained muscle mass this season? He seems less lean and stickish. I can see it in his face, too.
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Note to self: Do not run with crazy, insanely hyper pitt bull who has previously been known to drag me through the snow on my ass.

Seriously, the arches of my feet ache. The arches of my feet!!! And my upper back, neck, entire right arm, shins, because - silly me! - I tried to hold her back and not let her pull me down on my face. Wrong, wrongy wrong wrong. Never again!

Tomorrow is the mid-season finale of the Stargates, and I am deeply sad :( Does anyone know if those rumors about a six month hiatus are correct? God, that is way too long a wait.

If you haven't already, go play in [ profile] summercon!

Also: The Office is new tonight! Yippy skippy!

Also, also: Thanks to J, I now know the reason John Sheppard wears that silly wristband - probably. I mean, it's a reason, so I'm going with it, but who knows why TPTB do anything? It makes him cooler, so whatever. I like it.


Sep. 9th, 2006 12:17 pm
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It is with great sadness I announce the death this morning of Mel, the 3 ft Savannah Monitor that has been living in our basement. J is so upset. We buried him in the front yard.

I'm not going to lie. I wasn't thrilled with him living in the basement, but he was still cool. The neighborhood kids thought we had an alligator down there. He'd sun himself by the back door. He was pretty awesome, all in all.

So. Bye Mel. *sniff*

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So, is everyone as unproductive as me? There seems to be a general lack of new stories up. Perhaps it's all the excitement for tomorrow night. SO EXCITED!

I had my girly doc appt today, so I was off from work and not much online. But! My blood pressure is down to 105/65. I'm amazed. I think it's the running every morning. It hasn't been below around 120/80 for over a year. Go me!

I tried to watch Catwoman this afternoon. I know. Why, right? Well, it was on HBO, and I thought 'eh, maybe it's not that bad,' and I made it through about 45 minutes of it just because I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My god. I mean, one of the many, many things wrong with it was... isn't catwoman supposed to be in gotham? I'm totally not up on my comic universe stuff, but I always thought she was part of the batman arc. Anyway. We turned it off when Judge Judy came on.

And: Maude gives cats a bad name. It's been established that she hardly ever cleans herself, and today? I was walking out onto the porch and didn't want her out there, so I shut the door behind me. Only normally she follows me right out as soon as she hears the door open, so she clonked right into the pane. I mean, it was hilarious, but poor Maude! She's one dumb little cat.
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So we're leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be gone 'til Tuesday. I'm looking forward to relaxing on the beach, however I will miss my zoo! The dogs are going to J's brother's house, and Brownstone is coming over on Sunday and Monday to feed Maude, Happy, and Deuce, but I don't like leaving them alone! What will Maude do?? She's going go insane and break things. When she sees bugs she cries like she's dying. It's very amusing. And she greets me like a dog whenever I come home, and likes her back scritched and loves being carried around and she'll be so lonely!

God, and whenever I'm off the 'puter for a few days, my flist explodes, so... I will miss you all! And your fabulous ninja writing skillz.

I'm not promising any writing while I'm gone, but I'll try. I'll probably just read, though, and I want to print out some long John/Rodney stories, but I've got to find some juicy ones that I haven't read yet. Any recs? Nothing sad. Angsty is fine, so long as it ends up happy.
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So I get to the part where John invites Rodney to go sledding on Old Man Caldwell's hill, and Rodney's ignoring him and pretending to be absorbed in drinking his coffee 'cause there's no way he's going to risk his genius that way, and I think - I CAN BE EVEN MORE UNPRODUCTIVE! JUST WATCH!!

pics of (some of) my babies )

Could I be more lazy if I tried? I don't think so. This is what comes of a week off of work. I fear I may be entirely too happy to go back on Monday. This may've been the College's plan. Hmmmmmm...


Dec. 16th, 2005 08:54 am
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One of my best friends just had a baby girl!! Saw her at the hospital last night, and she is so cute and perfect and it's so exciting!!

And Maude is home and walking about and she seemed much more like herself this morning. Tho Roxy was being a huge brat last night 'cause she thought Maude was getting too much attention. And Roxy? Roxy is the most annoying dog ever. I love her, don't get me wrong, but she can whine for hours in your face and not get discouraged by your lack of response. Whine, whine, whine. And it just gets louder and more high-pitched until you want to shoot yourself. Good times.


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