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So I've got writer's block. Seriously hardcore writer's block, it's so bad.

I've also got a shiny new TV in the bedroom, plus a DVR box, and since the bedroom is basically my domain, I've been spending a lot of time watching Criminal Minds. A LOT. I did not realize I liked crime shows, but Criminal Minds is on approximately fifty million times a day, and I've been taping all of them. I've formed an attachment to Reid, it's like he doesn't sleep or eat, he's all pale and elastic and there's these constant zombie circles around his eyes - I ask you, how is that attractive? And yet it is! I just want to bundle him up in blankets and feed him soup and pet his shiny hair.

I have also be reading Criminal Minds fic - and before you ask, no, I will not write it, I don't write in a lot of fandoms I read in - which has led to me reading NCIS fic, which has led me to watching NCIS the show, which I refuse to tape, because it's on just as much as Criminal Minds, and if my DVR is constantly taping, then I'm unable to watch anything else. I'm just going to wait until I catch up on CM, and then I'll start NCIS. I am obsessive about these things.

In other news, I thought my iPod was dead, but apparently I just let it run out of battery life? I don't know how that happened, I think maybe my charger wasn't plugged in right.

AND, here is your random trivia thingy of the day, week, month, however long I go again before posting, who knows -

Before she was Designing Women's Julia Sugarbaker, she was on Different Strokes, and had a ginger-haired TV son, Sam. Sam and Arnold got into all kinds of shenanigans, including getting kidnapped by a pedophile, talking to KITT and blowing up a movie set, meeting Mr. T. And around the same time, Sam appeared on an episode of Dukes of Hazzard, as a little kid who done lost his dog. Now, the fine folks over at Dukes of Hazzard apparently didn't think Sam's adorable southern twang was adorable enough so they DUBBED HIS VOICE with the person who did the voice for Cindy Lou Who in TV's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It was strange and mystifying.

These are the things I remember. Along with Webster BURNING DOWN MA'AM AND GEORGE'S APARTMENT and the creepy talking ventriloquist dummy in ALF. The 80s were kind of fucked up.

Gotta cheese it, folks, talk to you later.
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