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Jun. 27th, 2010 11:31 am
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I miss the days when I actually had ideas and told you all about them. Apparently, once upon a time, I was interesting? Weird.

I'm working on and off on the Mike/Kevin nanny au that's turned into an au where the entire cast of Wizards of Waverly Place works in a magic shop. It's also the one where Kevin's parents died and he raised his brothers and Frankie hates him and his life is angst-filled and ridiculous.

Kevin is only back at the shop for a week before Jake corners him in the storeroom and says, “Someone’s looking for you.”

Kevin says, “A mysterious stranger?” without looking up from his clipboard, because he’s been through this with Jake many times before. Jake thinks he has The Eye, passed down from his grandmother, but honestly he’s just really good at making weird stuff sound plausible.

“Yes,” Jake says.

Kevin waits for the punch line – there’s always a gimmick, usually something about bells chiming and peach cobbler and being in the right place at the wrong time – but Jake doesn’t elaborate. Kevin glances up at him. “Huh?”

Jake points toward the door. “Front of the shop, dude.” He gives Kevin a look, like Kevin’s the strange one here.

Sighing, Kevin sets the clipboard on a cardboard box labeled ‘whoopee cushions.’ He swipes his hands on his thighs and slips out onto the floor, dodging a stack of empty boxes that David hasn’t put away yet. He sees Carden hovering near the magician starter kits and the bottom drops out of his stomach. It’s stupid – he’s totally not scared of Carden, and Carden can’t fire him from this job, but he can’t help the fluttering of nerves and the inane urge to run far, far away.

He makes himself stand his ground; he only wishes his, “Hi,” wasn’t quite so pinched.

Carden turns toward him, then waves a hand at the kits. “These any good?”

“Um.” Did Carden seriously ask for him specifically to talk magic? “Sure. Oscar’s a little young, though.”

Carden nods. “Bill’s got a twelve-year-old. She’s big on Chemistry, blowing shit up.”

Kevin bites his lip. “Well. She might not be that impressed with these, then.” Most of them just teach kids how to stuff scarves up their sleeves. The biggest draw is the top hat and cape.

“Right.” Carden stares at him. It’s really disconcerting.

Kevin stuffs his hands in his jeans pockets.

Finally, Carden says, “So Em threw a bitch-fit.”

Kevin doesn’t say anything to that. He wants to say good, and he wants to maybe throw a—throw a bitch-fit himself, because it feels like his life has been steadily falling apart for years, a slow, painful erosion, but he knows that’s not Carden’s fault. Carden’s just a worried dad. And kind of an a-hole.

Carden shifts, thrusts a hand through his hair. “She’ll probably kill me if I don’t convince you to come back.”

That—Kevin had not been expecting that. “I don’t think I can,” Kevin says. Not that he doesn’t want to. He’s wary of Carden, yeah, but it’s probably a really dumb move to turn this down. Selena had taken him back with minimal questioning, though, and even scraped together a raise for him; he’d feel really bad if he turned right around and left again. He owes Selena a lot.

Carden’s mouth tightens. “I’m not going to apologize for kicking you out,” he says. “But I am sorry I kind of fired you.”

“Kind of?” Kevin asks, incredulous.

“I didn’t know who the hell you were, kid, and you didn’t exactly explain anything, either.”

Kevin’s momentarily tripped up by his use of kid, because Kevin’s creeping up on middle-aged here, and Carden can’t be much older than him. “I’m not a—” Kevin shakes his head, anger slowly heating up his chest. “Never mind. I’m sorry I tricked you into firing me.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Carden says, narrowing his eyes.

Kevin shrugs. “I don’t care.” He’s sick of—he’s sick of a lot of things, actually, but he doesn’t know Carden from Adam, so Carden can take his apology that isn’t an apology and shove it.

“Fine,” Carden says shortly.

“Fine,” Kevin says. He crosses his arms over his chest and tries not to feel petulant.

Carden glares at him for a minute, then makes a growly sound and turns and stalks out of the shop.

Jake sneaks up beside Kevin and says, “Good job.”

Kevin frowns. “What?”

Jake punches his shoulder. “You turned him down, dude, he’ll totally be back.” Jake grins at him like this is a good thing, like maybe Kevin said no for the specific reason of getting Carden to come back and harass him again – which, okay, Kevin definitely thinks Jake is wrong about this, Kevin is so sure that’s the last he’ll ever see of Carden. And he’s totally fine with that.

“I hope not,” Kevin says.

Jake snorts. “Yeah, right.”

Kevin’s cheeks flush in residual anger and embarrassment. “Jake.”

“I see all,” Jake says, waggling his eyebrows and fingertips. “I could’ve played a fiddle on all the sexual tension in this room.”

Kevin is—confused. Kevin’s had sex, painfully awkward sex, exactly once. He’d worn a purity ring for years and years, for his dad, and then afterward he’d been too busy trying to keep them all together - and failing miserably, if you ask Frankie - to do much of anything that resembled dating. It hadn’t even—something like that doesn’t really cross his mind much anymore. He doesn’t really feel like explaining that to Jake, though, or pointing out how completely wrong he is. He just shrugs and heads back toward the storeroom.
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