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Hi all! So I've really been afraid to define this, but it looks like I'm in the midst of a hiatus. You've probably already guessed, since I haven't been around much. I've been in one fandom or another since 2003, and I've never taken a break before, so I figure I'm due.

I'm still writing my original story, being ably cheered by [ profile] starflowers and [ profile] liquitexart, so that should be done at some point. It's basically about a kid in highschool who curses a lot and accidentally made out with a guy. So, you know, my usual fare.

I've been buying some ebooks from Dreamspinner Press. The covers alone get me hysterical, I mean, seriously.

Also, Tosh.0 is my new favorite show.

So, uh. That's it. Sorry.

Oooo, thunderstorm.
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