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At some point in the near future I'm going to attempt a Spencer/Johnson Beach Dog 'verse fic, where Spencer has five year old Jamie and two year old David and Haley's gone and Johnson just shows up and it's awkward and awesome!! BUT IN THE MEANTIME PONDER THIS:

Men At Work AU!! Pete and Patrick as Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez (sp?), slacker trashmen who are forced to ride with crazy ex-military psycho Gabe! Jesse Lacey and John Nolan can be the douchey cops (idek why I keep making Lacey out to be an asshole, but whatever) and Mike Carden and Michael Guy Chislett can be the prankster trashmen who are always trying to get Pete and Patrick in trouble! Ryan is the guy in the appartment complex across the street who Pete's OBSESSED WITH and spies on all the time! BRENDON'S THE HAPLESS PIZZA DUDE THAT GABE TIES UP WITH THE DEAD GUY. The dead guy can be, um. I don't know. Someone else should write this!
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I was going to wait to post this, but whatever. The weekends are for new music!

So, here we've got Tullycraft - awesome. The Ark, my new favorite band (glam rock, people; from Sweden.) Punchy, twinkly songs in the middle, then we take it down a notch with Beat Radio and the absolutely gorgeous Get It Right and Already Been Here. And then we head on out with a song that reminds me of zombies. Whatever, it’s catchy. Also: Gerard. Comment if you download, and let me know what you think! Remember, you can still download Journey hits here and songs off the actual Teen Witch soundtrack here. It's a music extravaganza! Enjoy :)

Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night
right-click save-as: Soundtrack.

“How am I supposed to know who likes me for me?” Ryan asks, and Pete’s brows shoot up.

“Well. Normally, people who like other people will engage in what I like to call friendly conversation. There may be smiling involved, or, like, shoulder pats—”

“Pete. Pete, I’m.” Ryan shakes his head. “The spell, Pete, okay?”

1. The Punks Are Writing Love Songs – Tullycraft
2. Absolutely No Decorum – The Ark
3. Hold It In – Jukebox the Ghost
4. This Heart Is A Stone – Acid House Kings
5. Too Much Space To Walk Away - Avocadoclub
6. Fearful – Beat Radio
7. Get It Right – Jets Overhead
8. Already Been Here – Cinnober
9. Forget Romance, Let’s Dance – We Should Be Dead
10. Come Back To Life – Fire Flies
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Read the fic: Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night

Download songs from the movie, watch youtube videos (WARNING: bandom cast spoilers): Teen Witch: The Movie Discussion

Download essential Journey songs: right-click save-as a selection from Journey’s Greatest Hits

Lamest manip ever that makes me giggle my ass off:

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Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night
PG-13 | 14,000+ | Teen Witch AU
Ryan/Mike Kennerty, Spencer/Jon, Gabe, Brendon, Pete, Gerard, Gaylor
master post | movie discussion & song downloads

download the soundtrack

One) he almost coughed up both his lungs; two) he gets fucking chatty when he’s high, apparently, and he’d lectured Disashi for god knows how long on Dostoevsky, of all things; and three) he’d told Gaylor he’s, “No lie, no lie, seriously, a witch.” They’d had a good laugh over that one.

Huge thanks to [ profile] chopsticknoodle and [ profile] audrey1nd for the excellent betas, and to [ profile] natacup82, because I wouldn’t have written this without our excessive squeeing over 80s movie AUs, and to [ profile] eckerlilas, who totally didn’t help me cast this, no way, of course not. Honest.

This is completely ridiculous and stupid and hardly sticks to the movie prompt at all. I hope you like it anyway.

Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night )
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It's sort of sick. Apparently writing a Teen Witch AU means planning an entire post with a manip that just makes me giggle my ass off and also: downloads (of songs! for you! FROM THE MOVIE!) and youtube links, explaining why JWalk equals Funky Rhett minus the half shirt and rolled up jeans, how much Ryan likes boys, and why the formal is his FINEST HOUR, okay? That movie is creepily hilarious, it so is. Don't get too excited, though, because you know I hardly ever stay on prompt when I pick movies to AU. Otherwise it'd just be a boring rehash, right?

This should all be posted, with the story, sometime in the next few days. I'm not rushing myself.

Bonus: it will also have a soundtrack and a post of necessary Journey songs. Because, well. Journey.
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[ profile] nunshavingfun on new Panic: It's like the Beatles turned gay and started thinking about unicorns.

I think that sums up very neatly both my love for her and for Panic, okay? Okay.

I have nothing else to say, as I am boring. Have some Gabe.

“The cobra has arrived,” Gabe shouts as he climbs out of the car, and a crowd of guys whoop back at him, and Ryan thinks, oh fuck, we’re at a jock party, and he thinks maybe they’re going to get killed.

He grips Spencer’s arm tight. “We’re going to get killed.”

VickyT smiles at them around a cigarette, but doesn’t say anything. It doesn’t really help Ryan relax.

Bill wraps an arm around Spencer’s shoulders, says, “Spencer, my boy, come, let me show you the wondrous joys of keg stands, the decadent ways of the beer bong, the burning caress of cheap vodka straight out of Chislett’s hip flask.”

“Um.” Spencer sends Ryan a shrug, then lets himself get pulled along.

Ryan stuffs his hands in his pockets and trails reluctantly behind them.

Three hours later, Spencer’s passed out in the back of the Le Baron. Ryan’s holding a plastic cup of watery beer, making small talk with Nick Wheeler – and why the hell Wheeler’s there, Ryan isn’t sure, since Wheeler’s a music geek and has his mom write notes to get him out of gym, which is more than Ryan’s ever done to avoid physical fitness - and he looks up at a yell, spotting Gabe standing on top of a stump in the middle of the clearing.

“You call this a fucking party?” Gabe shouts. He tosses what looks like his lacrosse jacket into the bonfire, holds his hands up and out and says, “The cobra demands more beer,” and then he sort of stumbles down and disappears into the horde of drunken teenagers.

Wheeler goes, “Huh,” and, “So your stepbrother’s a little—”

“I should go find him,” Ryan says, because he can still hear Gabe’s voice above everyone else’s, and he’s pretty sure he just said something along the lines of, “How much for the little girl?”
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“He’s your riding instructor,” Siska says, leaning back against the stall door.

“He’s an authority figure,” William agrees, and he’s not sure if that makes the situation better or not, but it certainly doesn’t dissuade him. “I’m legal, you know.”

“He’s Instructor Bob,” Siska stresses, and William pats his shoulder.

“Your circular arguments won’t sway me, dear Sisky.” Instructor Bob is sexy and gruff and interesting, and he doesn’t seem to mind that William is absolutely hopeless on a horse.

William likes horses and all - now; now that he’s had a chance to hang around the stables for going on six months – but horses apparently don’t like him very much. He rides Poncho, because he’s the only one that hasn’t tried to bite him. Although he suspects he’s thrown him more than a few times, but Instructor Bob just says he has horrendous balance. Like, awesomely terrible balance, and he always tells him that in a voice filled with awe and disbelief.

William’s girlfriend is a peach about it, too, although they aren’t technically dating anymore. Which is a plus, since otherwise she might not be a peach about the whole thing, and William honestly can’t help his infatuation. Instructor Bob has magnificent arms and thighs.

“Chris says I should just go for it,” William says, adjusting Poncho’s saddle.

Siska looks horrified for half a beat, and then his lips twitch up into a grin and he chuckles, shakes his head. “Please, dude, that’ll be hilarious, yeah.”

“Fuck you,” William says, but he’s pleasant about it. William tries his very best to always be pleasant, and people reward him by being pleasant in return. It’s the loveliest concept he’s ever come up with.

“Laps, girls,” Instructor Bob calls out as he walks down the corridor.

“Shit,” Siska hisses. “You’ve made us late, asshole.”

“Watch this.” William pokes his head out over the stall door. “Instructor Bob, Poncho’s upset. I’m soothing his savage nerves and letting him chew Siska’s pants.” Poncho has a denim fetish. It’s sort of cute, when he isn’t ruining William’s best jeans.

Bob says, “Five minutes, Beckett,” without turning around.

“He loves me,” William whispers to Siska.

Siska flips him the bird, but scurries off to finish up with his own mount, and they make it into the arena with half a minute to spare.

Also: I'm 22 pages into my Teen Witch AU, and it's AMAZING FUN. The All American Rejects feature prominantly for once, and Gerard is that drama woman, and Gabe is Ryan's stepbrother, and I've just finished writing the scene where Spencer blows Jon's face off with his mad drumming skillz - top that!
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So what does a ridiculously over the top 80s AU fic need? A ridiculously over the top soundtrack! Or, you know, just an extra long one with cool music. Pelle Carlberg is made of awesome. All Fired Up is totally the football game song. I'm imagining a super cool getting ready for the dance/Spencer getting kidnapped montage with Your Daddy Don't Know. Ryan going back to school as a boy is The Party Rages On all over. I Love You, You Imbecile is just. Pelle Carlberg is awesome, okay? Okay. Comment if you download. ENJOY! Let me know what you think :)

Just One Of The Girls |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

“I’m irresistible to women,” Brendon said. “It’s both a boon and a curse.”

“You’re full of shit,” Vicky said.

“It’s the god’s honest truth, Vicky. You should just admit your undying and tragic love for me already so the healing can begin and we can move on with our lives.” Brendon nodded, his hair tickling Ryan’s chin, and Ryan felt sort of too warm all over.

“Full. Of. Shit,” Vicky repeated, but she was laughing.

1. Suspicious Character (K.K.S. Remix) - The Blood Arm
2. Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls - Pelle Carlberg
3. San Dimas High School Football Rules - The Ataris
4. In Transit - Albert Hammond, Jr.
5. How We Know - The Thermals
6. All Fired Up - Tralala
7. L-L-Love - Astaire
8. Tongue Tied - The Hong Kong
9. Your Daddy Don't Know - The New Pornographers
10. Do You Believe Me? - The Juliana Theory
11. Prove Your Big Heart - Le Firm
12. Heartbroke - The Good Life
13. The Party Rages On - Zampano
14. All That We Needed - Plain White T's
15. When You Were A Millionaire - The Eames Era
16. I Love You, You Imbecile - Pelle Carlberg
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Title: Just One Of The Girls
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~21,000
Prompt: Just One Of The Guys
Summary: “Spence, I’m. Look, I’m going to prove this girl-thing to you, okay? I’m going to,” he held up his hands, “this is so brilliant, I’m going to become a girl.”
A/N: I’m prefacing this fic by saying it’s COMPLETELY IMPLAUSIBLE, okay? That was on purpose, because the movie is just plain ridiculous, and also kind of terrible. And this totally doesn't really follow the prompt other than that, but whatever.

download the soundtrack

I’m just. I’m not completely happy with this, but it’s as done as it’s going to get. Major, huge thanks go to the wonderful [ profile] joyfulseeker, who suffered through beta’ing two versions of this without punching me in the head, and to the lovely [ profile] castoffstarter for doing the final edit and inserting comments that not only cracked me up, but kind of got me to like this story again, at least a little bit. And I’m going to thank [ profile] natacup82 again for organizing [ profile] reel_band because she’s awesome. Without her, it is possible that I never would have put Ryan in a skirt. Oh, who am I kidding, Ryan in drag is just one baby-step away from canon, right?

Just One Of The Girls )
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My Ryan crossdressing AU is almost ready to post. I'm hoping to maybe post it later today/tonight, even though I just posted my other crazy fic, and I hate posting one fic right after the other. I want to get this thing off my desktop, though!

It's, like, 80 degrees outside today. It's October! I HATE this! I want a crisp fall! I want to trade out my summer clothes already! It's disgustingly drippy, too.

Also: STARGATE FRIDAY! Hi there, SGA, hiiiii *pets Rodney* I'm really sort of hating Sam right now, though. Seriously, the least they could have done was give us Daniel and Vala; can you imagine how much fun they'd be? Sam's just boring and intrusive.

As usual, I've got nothing else.
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It's that time folks! [ profile] reel_band participants should now be putting the finishing touches on their fics! I will be severely disappointed if people have FORGOTTEN! I, myself, have asked for an extension, seeing as how my Ryan crossdressing AU is still in the editing stage, and I can't see it being finished for the Oct. 1st deadline. Nata is cool! She won't slap you if you need some more time!

I'm 12,000 words into my Supersaturation sequel. EXCITING! I really kind of like it a lot, so I hope you all will too when it's done :)

Radek pushes his glasses up the slope of his nose. “Dr. Wentz has gone missing,” he says, and Rodney rolls his eyes.

“Yes, like that’s a new development. This should be an incentive.” Productivity always slowed with Wentz dancing around the lab, flashing his donkey smile and tight pants.

“Badminton finals start this afternoon,” Simpson says, frowning, and his entire department has lost their minds, seriously.

“Do I look like I care?” He might have, once, but then his team got pummeled by Teyla and Katie two rounds in and he’d realized badminton was stupid.

“Pete’s missing,” Salpeter says, “and Maja kissed Patrick.”

Rodney jerks his gaze to Ivarsson’s console, and she just gives him an elegant, unconcerned half-shrug.

“Patrick is sweet,” she says, her grin sharp, and Rodney thinks she probably instigated the whole mess on purpose, because Ivarsson lives to be a pain in Rodney’s ass. She’s like a tiny waspish insect, intent on him dying of anaphylactic shock.

He jabs a finger at her. “Keep your harpy ways under control, Ivarsson,” he says, but she just laughs.
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So apparently there will be no girls in my apartment building AU, unless they're, like, peripheral, because I can hardly juggle all the characters and storylines I already have. I'm usually pretty good with throwing new people into the mix, but I don't want this to get out of hand. I really want this to actually resolve at some point, and not just be two weeks in the life or whatever. I briefly toyed with the idea of merging this with my 50 states challenge prompt, and then I realized I'd have to map out Philly in my mind and change Spencer's job and possibly figure out what kind of apartment buildings are available near South St [because Gerard has a store in the bottom of the building, and it would be awesome if it was on South St y/y?] and that's really daunting. If anyone in Philly would like to help with that, let me know. Otherwise it's just going to be adrift in [insert fictional city here].

In other news, I was hoping to edit my Ryan crossdressing AU and send it back to [ profile] joyfulseeker for what would hopfully be the last perusal, except I have NO MOTIVATION. Why the hell is that? It's 57 pages long, people, and I. I'm not sure I even like it. What do you do with stuff like that? Do you edit and post it anyway? It could possibly be because I've been staring at it for months now, but I don't know. I think I used to like it? Maybe? What are all your opinions on this matter?
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It's labor day! Here, have a soundtrack. Commenting if you download would be nice :)

Special Delivery For Hoops McCann |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

“Hey,” Brendon says. “Hey, who wants to bury me in the sand?”

Pete points at him and says, “Oh, do not tempt me.”

“It’ll be totally cool,” Brendon insists.

“Brendon,” Ryan says without looking up from his book.

“What? No, seriously, cool.”

Ryan glances at him then, one brow arched.

“Do you guys have a shovel?” Pete asks.

“No,” Ryan says flatly.

“Fine,” Brendon huffs, flopping back on his towel. “You’re a ruiner, Ryan Ross. A ruiner of wholesome fun.”

1. Toasted Skin (Summer Song) - The Academy Is...
2. Alright - Supergrass
3. Walcott - Vampire Weekend
4. James - The Bangles
5. Radio - Hello Tokyo
6. He Could Be The One - Josie Cotton
7. Love Plus One - Haircut 100
8. Will You Stay Tonight - The Comsat Angels
9. Waiting For A Star To Fall - Boy Meets Girl
10. A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill - Jens Lekman
11. Under The Milky Way - The Church
12. We Sleep In The Ocean - The Cloud Room
13. Mr. Blue Sky - ELO
14. Saturday - Fall Out Boy

bonus: My Chemical Romance Saved My Life - Esiotrot
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Title: Special Delivery For Hoops McCann
Pairing: Spencer/Jon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 9,000+
Prompt: One Crazy Summer
Summary: The summer after high school graduation is traditionally a summer of celebration...
A/N: For [ profile] reel_band, created by the awesome [ profile] natacup82; you don’t really have to have seen One Crazy Summer to understand this, but I did manage to follow my prompt. Kind of :) Title comes from the Steely Dan song Glamour Profession, and Hoops McCann is, of course, John Cusack’s character in the movie. Huge, mammoth thanks to [ profile] darksylvia for beta’ing the crap out of this for me! This was mainly amazingly fun for me to write, so I hope you all enjoy.

download the soundtrack

Special Delivery For Hoops McCann )
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* My One Crazy Summer AU is DONE and being beta'd. HOW EXCITING! I just have to edit the crap out of it, and edit even more crap out of my Just One Of The Guys AU and I'll have finished all of my summer challenge fics! Also, I'll get to post my Winnie The Pooh AU soon!

* I'm writing Bob the janitor, yes I am. I'm not sure how many school!verse elements are going to get into it, but it's definitely going to be Bob/Ryan. Something new and fun!

This is how our Day After Tomorrow conversation went last night:

J: You know, if this ever happened, we wouldn't be able to keep all the dogs.

Me: ...

J: except Chew, because you wouldn't let her out of your arms.

Me: what about the cats and Happy?

J: we'd eat them.

Me: ...

J: actually, we'd have to eat the dogs, too. Are you willing to eat ChewChew? Can you do that? Wait, no, I'm not going to lie to you here, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's going to survive.

Me: ...

J: You have to be willing to eat the dogs, and you're not going to be, and then you're going to give up and I'm going to eat you.

Me: ...

J: Definitely. That's how it's going down.

Me: You'd eat me if I died?

J: I'd probably kill and eat you.

Me: Wait, you wouldn't even wait until I was dead?

J: You'd give up way before then. No sense waiting. You're almost dead at that point, anyway.

Me: *thinks* We have a wood burning stove in the basement. I think we can just barracade us and all the animals down there.

J: We could eat the fish.

Me: Sure.

J: There'd be no electricity and they'd die anyway.

Me: Okay.

J: And then we'd start in on the animals.

Me: You get that this movie happened within days, right? And then at the end everyone who'd stayed inside and warm were relatively okay? We won't have to eat any of the animals.

J: What'll we eat then? We'll need to eat.

Me: I think we can survive a few days without food. We can boil water from the fish tank on the wood burning stove. We'll be fine.

J: *thinks* Maybe.

J wants to kill and eat me in case of an emergency. That's love.
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* Do we have an actual number for Spencer's height? I need a close to exact height for him, like what you'd find on his drivers license. Also, he doesn't wear corrective lenses, right?

* Are there certain kinds of houses that are most prevelant on Nantucket?

* Does anyone remember the exact end of One Crazy Summer? Like, I know the yacht race, then they win because of the stolen engine, but does it end there? I should know this, but I haven't seen the movie for a while.

* Is "Sisky Business" a real nickname William has given Siska, or is this something fandom created with their awesome collective mind?

* Oh my god, I'm so cold. I need gloves for my hands. I can barely type! Ryan Ross, lend me your hobo gloves!!
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ETA of DOOM: Okay, wow, I've been having horrible luck with beta's recently - nobody's fault, just bad timing, it seems, what with the end of summer and the beginning of school for most. So. Anyone up for rigorously beta'ing my Ryan crossdressing AU? I'm pretty sure it's going to need a lot of attention, and it's about 55 pages long, so. Anyone? Pretty please? *desperate puppy-eyes* I know I had a couple volunteers for a quick beta job last time, but this one really needs some work, I'm being honest here. Sometimes I suck. found! thank you all!

* I'm on again, off again with my One Crazy Summer AU. I have this thing, when I take prompts, where I don't actually follow the prompt. I go off into crazy tangents and it ends up barely resembling the movie, but whatever. The movies I picked are pretty simple ones, so I don't think it'll matter. If I'd totally fucked up Red Dawn, on the other hand.

* Right now, I'm trying to write Jon and Spencer in the bathroom for my AU. I don't write porn, so I have no idea what I'm doing, but whatever. Jon can't resist Spencer. Instead of attempting to write dirty things, I'm posting nonsense. What shall I do to procrastinate? I'm sort of dicking around with the school!verse. It's not actually a fic or anything, but I came up with this in the comments:

Patrick is a concerned father! Pete thinks kids are AWESOME! They like DINOSOARS just like him!! )

So maybe at some point this'll become something that has an actual storyline, who knows. It's kind of ridiculous.


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