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I'm writing Apartment!verse, when I should be starting my 50 states challenge fic. But Apartment!verse is so awesome! And Pennsylvania is harder to write about than I thought. I kind of want to do a historical AU, except that requires historic knowledge of Philly. You'd think I'd have that, considering I work about six blocks from Ben Franklin's printing press, and two blocks from the Liberty Bell, but whatever. You never pay attention to what's right in front of your face. History! It's a handy thing to know! Too bad all I remember from high school is creating Colonial Times Monopoly and the only thing I remember from college is that high school history was apparently wrong about absolutely everything. Somewhere in there was a report about Jordanian camel jockeys, too.

Gerard's marriage, true or false?

Pirate Booty has refused to go to the Fall Out Boy concert with me because it's on a Tuesday. PETE WHY MUST YOU TORTURE US OLD PEOPLE SO? I'd totally go anyway, but PB is all workday! and everything so whatever. I'm going to miss out again. Bleh.

I got nothing else.

say what?

Nov. 3rd, 2006 06:10 pm
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Pirate Booty works as a consultant in this strange, strange office. Also, we're both weird. Some things to brighten up your Friday, with it's sad, sorry lack of Stargate.

The Diversity Poster )

The Keeper of the Gems )

The Hot Co-worker )

The Office Tryst )

On Social Security; AKA, The Cardboard Box in Canada Plan )
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A success!!

We had so much fun, and there was only the small glitch of the reception hall people being complete asses, but PB's sister and I took care of everything without letting PB or her mom know anything was wrong. In the middle of getting ready, K and I just took off with a wave and sped down to the place to DECORATE because the folks there REFUSED TO DO IT! After telling PB they would!

But, the night turned out great anyway, and the ceremony was FREEZING outside, but at least it was sunny. I did a rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard Lights with a Scottish singer. And I hate that song.

PLUS! I got drunk and somebody asked me to do the Running Man, and I did it. Right on the nearly empty dance floor. I totally hope nobody got that on tape.

I did a seriously lame toast, and I didn't cry, but that's okay. It didn't suck. Oh, and another strike for the reception hall was that they refused to let ANYONE get drinks until after the toasts, when PB specifically told them that since they weren't having champagne, everyone had to be ENCOURAGED to get drinks when they were being seated. So, really, NOBODY did true toasts. I had this very cute lift-your-glasses ending to my toast that I couldn't do because we didn't even have water yet.

I'm hoping to be back on track with some of my writings now - though I got tips on my nails for this and it's very hard to type with them!!

And I was out of the house and staying with PB since friday, so my house is a mess, so cleaning up J's mess is priority right now :) Be back on later!!
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No, honestly. Completely. Maybe, um... if ya squint a bit.

Pirate Booty: In case anything ever happens and you and your family need to travel away from the busy areas, you’re more than welcome to come to the camper to hide out. That's my family's meeting spot in a disaster. And even Chris' house if we need more room or security. I'm inviting you ‘cause I love you and wouldn't want anything to happen to you

Skoosie: If I commit a crime can I come hide out? Like, if the coppers are after me? Hee. "Hide out" just seems funny.

PB: Well, you could hide out, but depending on the nature of the crime I might turn you in. Unless, well, you 'take care of' someone I dislike. Then we'll talk.

S: you know what a clone would be good for? A patsy. They can take the fall, while I live out the high life. )

Um. I'm not exactly sure. And I'm really, really sorry.
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My phone line is down at home. Hoping to get it fixed tomorrow, but 'til then I won't be commenting much. Am so so upset. And shaky with withdrawl symptoms. It's one thing to go away and not have access, but to wander around my apartment, staring forlornly at my computer? What the hell am I going to do? Clean? Start packing? Play with Happy? Er... well. Possibly I should.

Anywho, am not ignoring anyone. Just out of the loop for a little while, since I can only check this sporadically at work. I already missed so many posts last night! Woe is me *huggles flisters*

And this. This is what you get when I can't surf the web. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, CATS! THIS! )

I'm going mad. Mad I tell you.

VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: *ahem* Now that I've got your attention. Pirate Booty just sent this to me. An old old e-conversation that literally had me slumped over my desk in tears, holding my stomach. I think everyone thought I was sobbing. This is just too dang funny:

Pirate Booty: I'm going through like 1000 resumes that I searched for, no one is qualified, but myself of course.
Skoosie: Too bad you can't clone yourself.
PB: No, I'd annoy myself and we'd NEVER get anything done. Think about it, if you worked with yourself you'd be reading each others fanfic all day long.
S: HAHAHAHAHA but think about the production of the fanfics! I could produce twice as much!
PB: AND YOU WOULD HAVE YOUR OWN BETA READER!!!! AHAHAHaHAAHaHaHaHaHahA Of course I doubt she could catch any of your mistakes since they are the same mistakes she would have made.
S: Exactly, and we both suck at grammar. But we could bounce ideas off each other!
PB: But you would always like them. How about this, I trade my clone for yours and we can entertain each other all day! Of course I'd get lonely here if I sent you my clone and you were busy with her?!
S: Hmmm.... I see the problem. Maybe this clone business isn't such a good idea.
PB: Yeah, BUT if you had to go out with J and you wanted to just go to bed that would be good. Then again, if your clone is a floozy he's going to like your clone better. And I bet your clone WOULD be a floozy.
S: Look who's talking, miss I'm-a-scarlet-woman.
PB: At least my clone wouldn't drink from the toilet.
S: At least mine wouldn't eat kitty poo.
PB: She's not retarded, she just has an exotic diet. At least mine can dress herself and take showers on her own.
S: She's perfectly capable if she has her robot with her. At least mine doesn't wear her panties over her trousers and doesn't look like your mom.

Can't. Stop. Laughing. I'm so lame.


Oct. 24th, 2004 04:37 pm
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Don't Let's Start, Chapter three is finally posted on FA! Quick work for them, which is good, because I would have had to kick their arse *nods* Or, you know, pulled a hissy.

I'm tagging Stranded, because I'm extremely anal and don't trust the Word "save to html" feature since it inserts a lot of shit that messes docs up, and it takes a while to get it all clean. Then I'm going to read it over and make sure I don't have any blatant mistakes. So hopefully it'll be submitted to FA sometime tomorrow. Unless I get on a roll with it tonight.

I'm starting my rec fic list! Woohoo! It might take a while, since I have to remember and find all the ones I've loved, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Plus, it will have HP of all ships, as well as popslash, since I have recently uncovered my weakness for harmonizing pretty boys. Okay, I've always had a weakness for harmonizing pretty boys, just not in fanfiction form before.

I've had a horrible anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach all weekend. I'm not sure why. There's no reason why. Very weird.

Eagles are in OT and I'm waiting for J to go to dinner at my parents, so I'm going to do:

Things you never wanted to know about me, Part Two )
Share with me!
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Got into a massive giggle fit today at work with Pirate Booty. She calls me up and just starts giggling, like, right off the bat. And they aren't even real giggles, but those fake, I-did-something-naughty ones and then I start in and pretty soon they are real, and I'm practically dying, doubled up over my desk, and she's tearing up and people are starting to stare.

So. It pretty much made my day.
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Friday just isn't Friday without a bit of Random Confusion.

An e-conversation with Pirate Booty )

I don't know. Work has gnawed away my brain.
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...never make a pretty woman your wife. So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you ;)

PB is getting married! Her b-day and a surprise proposal. I'm so jealous. Well, not really, since I'm no where near ready for marriage. But still. Weddings are fun!

Congrats PB! Live long and prosper.


Aug. 24th, 2004 08:01 am
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Arrr, PB be another year older! Shiver me timbers!

Happy Birthday Pirate Booty!

On a completely different note, I'm archiving Long-hidden Skies on for some strange reason. I think I'm putting off trying to figure out how to end the Origin of Storms. I'm doing a bit of editing to it to justify it.

If he yips in my ear one more time, I'm going for his throat...


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