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This is seriously the most melodramatic thing I have ever written in my entire life, and I am VERY ATTACHED TO IT. Does this even really resemble AoGG anymore? Again, I'm skipping many years and mixing everything up, but, hey, if you like LOVE and TEARS and Ryan being honestly so adorable I could squish him, you might not hate me for ALMOST BREAKING RYAN'S EMO HEART! Previous parts are here, here, here, here, and here (and they're also linked internally). Thank you all for coming along with me on this... whatever the hell this is :) Enjoy!

Gerard moves out to Frank’s. )
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So I lied. The last section got wildly long, so there will be one more part after this one. Again, I am all over the place and I don't care. Previous parts are here, here, here and here (and they're also linked internally). Enjoy!

Ryan is homesick like crazy the first few months at college. )
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So way back in May I promised Ryan-writing-his-masterpiece for [ profile] clumsygyrl and I've finally gotten around to finishing it. Also! Check out the SUPER COOL icon she made for me! Ryan is a wee little orphan boy!

Now, on to the story, which is actually way out of order, if you're checking it against the book, and also wildly off-plot, and also I'm aware I'm skipping a couple years in here, too, and sending them right off to college, but whatever. It's Ryan of Green Gables! Previous parts are here, here, and here. Enjoy!

Gerard brings home little notebooks for Ryan whenever he can. )
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This bit is for [ profile] callsigns, and yes. Yes, Mikey totally drinks cordial and smokes pipes.

Previous parts here and here. I'm not sticking to any true chronological order. Stayed tuned next for some of Ryan-writing-his-masterpiece for [ profile] clumsygyrl :)

Spencer can’t stop hiccupping, and it’s making him laugh, and Ryan is just incredibly red-faced and hot and he thinks this might have been a bad idea. )


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