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Ahoy, there! Wow, this feels weird. Um, okay, it actually hasn't been all that long, I guess, but it seems like it's been really long. Anyway, I've finished my novel thing, thank fucking fuck. Man, that took forever, right? It's about 56 thousand words, and I've been mainlining the Lemonheads - god, the Lemonheads, shut up, they're kind of fantastic, okay? - because my main character has a thing about Evan Dando, and I can't think of a title for the life of me. It's, like, freaking impossible to name. My working title is "Whatever" so that is no help at all, and [ profile] starflowers has told me adamantly that I cannot actually name it "Whatever." Darn it. She's also trying to convince me to try and get it legitimately published - which will be so so hard - even though my main character swears like a sailor and is generally an asshole. A lovable asshole, but there it is.


There are things finally afoot again over at [ profile] sodamnskippy. I will hopefully be participating in our Christmas gift exchange, we shall see. Also, we're in the Urban Dictionary (under "Skippy"), which I think is hilarious.

I have not seen Inception, however I can't stop reading the Arthur/Eames fic. It's all extremely amazing. I never thought I had a well-dressed man fetish before, but I just want to read pages and pages about Arthur's suits, is that weird?

I'm also reading Kakashi/Iruka Naruto fic. That--I have no idea how I got so very into that, since I have no sense of the canon whatsoever. I was just innocently trolling delicious for werewolf fic one day and came across a fun Naruto fandom one, and then I got sucked into a whirling vortex of ninjas, idek.

In three days I will be leaving for St. Thomas until the 5th. I'm very excited to get away from here and my zoo, even though they will all be missed horribly. I will be living it up under the sun, snorkeling, reading fanfic on my kindle, being pestered into hikes and fishing trips with J, it's gonna be awesome.

ANYWHO: I'm not actually here, this is all an illusion *wavy hands* (feel free to let me know what you've been up to anyway).


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