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We Would Bring It On And On | @27,000 | PG-13
Spencer/Brendon (minor Spencer/Jon, Spencer/OFC, Colligan/OFC, Pete/Ashlee, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Jamia, Mikey/Alicia, Ryan/Greta, Bill/Greta, Gabe/VickyT, Gabe/Bill)
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Every day he texts Frank that he’s dying a slow, painful death, and Frank always ignores him and sends him pics of Gerard’s nostrils or dog shit or something. Frank’s an asshole. He has no idea why they’re friends, and Spencer misses him so much sometimes he feels like punching something that’ll punch back.

WARNING FOR: gratuitous cursing, POINTLESS RAMBLING, Original Female Character of Doom, Gabe Saporta, and everyone is practically the same age here, okay, because I like it that way. The high school is made up and this is completely unrealistic!

VERY IMPORTANT A/N: This is my attempt at taking a badfic premise – Spencer moves away! Spencer comes back with a Jersey EDGE (kind of) - and trying to make it as entertaining as possible. Many, many thanks to [ profile] t_usual_suspect for the awesome beta, for the encouragement and for thinking this is actually funny! Title comes from the Mates of State song Goods.

When it lasted all day, we would blast it all day
We would bring it on and on

It's all in your head

We Would Bring It On And On )
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I've got a flash animation class tomorrow and Tuesday and won't be at work or have internet all day. I's affeared! The class should be fun, though.

MCR!Spencer is at 23k and is just a rambling mess of high school AU shenanigans. I think I finally decided on a Spencer pairing, though. And I've decided that Spencer's female OC friend (every badfic premise needs one!) is an amalgam of every bandom girl ever plus my Ginny from Otherwise (which is actually a characterization inspired by my pet house rabbit, Happy, because I'm weird like that.) Also, Patrick has sort of developed a heterosexual mancrush on Mike Carden. *hands*

Mike gives them a funny look, and Spencer realizes they’re all kind of staring at him, and Patrick lets out a pained groan.

“Oh my fucking god, seriously,” Patrick says, tugging his hat down low on his forehead.

Johnson pats his shoulder. “Dude, it’s fine. He already thinks we’re all insane thanks to Butcher.”

The drum section has a reputation, Spencer’s found out. This is mainly because the Butcher enjoys sporting skimpy short-shorts whenever possible, and Spencer has no idea how he manages to pull that look off and not get the shit beaten out of him.

Butcher gives them a slow smile and says, “I’m awesome. You’d be lost without me.”

“You sunbathed on my front lawn all weekend,” Johnson says, kicking his bag under his chair and sitting down next to Patrick. “My parents think we’re dating. I’m not even gay.”

“You’re just confused.” Butcher reaches across Patrick and pats Johnson’s knee. “Soon, Johnson. Soon, you’ll succumb to my naked wiles.”

Johnson shoves at his hand, says, “Fuck off,” but he’s grinning.

So. That's all I got. Nothing else exciting is going on at the mo.
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Seriously, my mcr!Spencer AU is driving me crazy. It's nearly 17000 words and I still have to write in Frank's Epic Trip To See Spencer. I'll post another snippet, but I have the worst feeling like this is going to end up like one of those movies, you know the ones, where the only mildly amusing stuff that goes on is in the trailers, and then you see the whole flick and you're like what the fuck? Yeah, so, whatever, you knew this was a badfic premise going in :)

“Seriously, there better be some fucking awesome Vegas Halloween shenanigans going on,” Frank says.

“Seeing me isn’t enough of a birthday present?”

“No way, man. I’m totally getting a giant Elvis head on my arm or, like, Wayne Newton, lord of the snow monkeys.”

Spencer is sixty-seven percent sure Frank is joking. “Right.”

“I’ll talk your baby boyfriend into coming with, dude, pop his tattoo cherry, it’ll be awesome.” Frank is such an asshole. Spencer can’t wait to see him.


“Your posse, motherfucker, your Vegas crew. I’m finally gonna meet Hot-Ass Jon and Creepy Ryan, dude, dude, tell me you weren’t lying about the scarves, right, because that shit is fucking hilarious.”

Spencer gets the slightest and strangest protective urge towards Ryan at Frank’s words, but he doesn’t say anything about it. He laughs instead, says, “I’m hanging up, you shit. Tell Mikes to lay off the Paint Shop Pro,” because there are only so many pony pics Spencer needs with Gerard’s head pasted onto them.

“You tell him,” Frank says. “That mounted mare one is going up on my wall, dude, fucking framed.”

Spencer shakes his head and says, “Asswipe, seriously,” and Frank says, “You love me,” and makes some kissy noises before hanging up.
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ha, ha, so you guys gave me a crazy amount to work with in the movie scene meme, and I got about a third of them done? maybe? so I'm still working my way through them!

I am rocking the girl!OC in MCR!Spencer; this is so much fun! I still have absolutely no idea where this story is going, I hope nobody minds.

“You should grow a beard.”

Spencer jerks a little, then turns to see that comic book store chick standing next to him, staring. “What?”

“That bitchy glare you’ve got going on. It’s pretty impressive, but I think you’d look less like a pre-menstrual girl if you grew a beard.” She punches his shoulder. “Buck up there, camper.”


She grins at him, and it’s a little scary. She’s got so much black around her eyes that there’s a distinct possibility that she’s of the undead, which is kind of amazing. She says, “You know what’d be cool? If you’d introduce me to that guy you were hanging with who keeps calling Walker Stiles. That’s prime crazy right there,” and Spencer would absolutely fucking love to introduce her to Gabe, except he really has no idea who she is. Besides totally fucking awesome.
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* I am so freaking hungry, oh my god. I feel like eating my hand.

* I'm a waste of space today. Complete fucking waste of space, I'm just sort of staring off into the middle distance and sitting on my ass.

I just sat here for ten minutes trying to come up with something clever and worthwhile for you, and I got nada. This isn't even worth a post, but I wanted to use my sex girl patrol icon.

And oh man, oh dudes, this MCR!Spencer fic is SO BAD, it's awesome. I've even created a girl OC, oh my god, writing this is the highlight of my month, seriously, I'm all over the place with it and there shall be shenanigans and misunderstandings and beards and Teen Wolf references that will go over everyone's head!!!!

“Gee says he’s hot. In an objective, non-gay way.”

“Stop saying that, asshole,” Spencer hears Gerard yell in the background. “You don’t have to tack on a fucking disclaimer. I’m totally within my rights to find any human being attractive, even if I don’t want to make out with them!”

“Gee says he wants to make out with him,” Frank says, giggling.

“Awesome,” Spencer says blandly, and Frank says, “Oh fuck, you want to make out with him. How fucking precious is that? Gee, Gee—”

“I don’t—Frank, shut the fuck up.” Spencer scowls, keeps on scowling even as Brendon sends him a questioning look.

“It’s cute, man, is he wearing fucking capris?”

“I’m not even going to ask how you know what they’re called. And no.” He’s pretty sure Brendon just has his jeans rolled up. Which isn’t much better, but whatever. Frank can go fuck himself.

“Alicia, dude, she’s corrupting us, you’re missing out. Look, look, I’m emailing you details about tomorrow night. It’ll be the perfect first date for you two.”

“Seriously, Iero, I’ll get Bob to kill you.”

“Bob loves me too much,” Frank says, like he’s trying not to laugh, but not trying very hard. “Bob composes sonnets to my eyebrows. Bob wishes on stars every night for my eternal—”

“Bob’s gonna break both your legs,” Bob says, really, really close to phone, and then there’s a click and dead air.

epic sad

May. 9th, 2008 10:12 pm
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I is missing Panic tonight because I'm poor and a loser. J offered to drive me down so we could listen in the parking lot, however it's monsooning out or something and really, really cold, so I thought better of it. FAIL.

My doctor has not returned my calls about my test results. We really liked him in person, but this is a little assholery. It's been TWO WEEKS since I had my blood drawn. It's upsetting and ridiculous.

I'm about 4000 words into my MCR!Spencer fic - ha! you thought I wasn't actually going to go through with it, didn't you? I'm sort of in love with this Spencer *draws sparkly hearts around him*

“Dude, this is Ryan. He pretty much thinks you invented ponies, god, he hasn’t smiled this much since Jon Walker was born.”

That absolutely made no sense. Not one single part of that made any sense at all. Spencer shakes his head and says, “Whatever,” then reaches for his cell on the bedside table. He’s got one voicemail and six texts; four from Brendon – in escalating excitement; the last one is basically just a bunch of exclamation points – and two from Frank, calling him an asshole.

“Is there a reason you’re in my closet?” Spencer asks Brendon, tossing his phone aside after texting Frank: mikey fucking way

“Not a very good one.”

Spencer nods. “Okay.”
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Hi there! I seem to have acquired quite a number of new friends, some who've introduced themselves and some who have not - which is fine! Lurking is totally legit, feel free to judge me from afar, and I'm not even being sarcastic :) But also! You can totally say hi; I normally don't bite. Main thing you need to know to hang out with me: Bob can totally fix unicorns and shit. Joe knows.

Okay, so, formal stuff out of the way - oh geez. Geez, guys, I'm totally sitting down and writing what could be EPIC BADFIC! It's going to be awesome, okay, because Spencer? Yeah, this is a high school AU where Spencer moved away to New Jersey when he was ten and is now buddies with MCR, right, only he moves back to Vegas his junior year and he has to deal with Brendon adopting him and Ryan who used to be his best friend, but now they're just awkward with each other, but seriously, seriously, no wait: MCR SPENCER! He's, like, different but the same! You see how this could be total badfic in uncareful hands right? I'm going to tread so so lightly with this one. Oh my god, though, Spencer's best friend is FRANK, god. I don't even know where this is going, genfic, pairing, whatever. I'm TINGLING FROM THE EXCITMENT!

Every day he texts Frank that he’s dying a slow painful death, and Frank always ignores him and sends him pics of Gerard’s nostrils or dog shit or something. Frank’s an asshole. He has no idea why they’re friends, and Spencer misses him so much sometimes he feels like punching something that’ll punch back.

This could be a total flop, I'm serious, but I really hope I can work through the kinks. It's not a what-if or anything, though, because Chicago kids and many others will be in Vegas with him - only MCR are the east coasters, with cell phone cameos! THIS COULD FAIL SPECTACULARLY! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


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