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There should be more figure skating RPS. Just saying.

Also, I would like something long and satisfying that is in a random fandom that I don't normally read. Which is tough, since I read in just about everything. I've read Deadliest Catch RPS, folks, I mean it, I will read ANYTHING. So long as it's well written, at least.

I am writing Gabe as a demon. There are demons and angels and I make up a lot of shit. I don't know, it's kind of not like stuff I usually write. Should be done soon, probably around 13 or 14 thousand words.

Annnnnnnd I just spent twenty minutes trying to come up with a teaser for you that won't give too much away. Nothing doin. Ah, well.

Oooo, men's figure skating!

ETA: Since y'all are giving me awesome random fic, here is some awesome random fic that I have enjoyed in the recent past!

la gare du nord - Josh Harris/Jake Anderson, Deadliest Catch, NC-17, ~40,000 words of unexpected fun.

there's space in the spotlight for everyone - Johnny Weir/St├ęphane Lambiel, figure skating AU, NC-17, 36,000+ words of pure delight.

Geniuses 'verse - Jason/Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes/Foxtrot crossover, which everyone has probably read already.
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The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion by Mirabella. NC-17. Harry/Draco/Ron. Harry's either drunk and horny or drunk and cuddly, depending on your point of view. Ron's straight but no one holds it against him. Draco could hand out detentions, but he has a better idea.

Hilarious and hot, my favorite combination.
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Blink if You Can Hear Me by V.

Seriously, though. I can't write kissing. V can write kissing. Wow.
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and my dialup is too slow to update my website, so... another rec.

short-shorts by WQ:

JC is a Teenie
JC wishes people would stop thinking he was high. Well, okay, occasionally he did use marijuana. But he never smoked it. (Well, except for a couple of times he did, when he didn't have anything to cook it into. But usually he added it to baked goods.) But he never gets high before a performance, because he wants to be up for a performance, and weed makes him relaxed. And he's already relaxed all the time, because he won't let things bother him. (Except for the part where it's really annoying that people who know him think he's high!)

Chris is Worried about Future Competition
Chris walked behind JC's chair and started pulling on JC's hair. "Maybe he'll start a duet sort of thing with Jamie Lynn. They'll be a Captain and Tenille for the 21st Century." He tugged on JC's ears. "Does the world really need a new Captain and Tenille? Especially if they're, like, five."

*snickers* Teh funny.
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Fall On Your Knees by Ivy Blossom. Even people like Millicent have stories to tell. Sometimes, they're not very pretty stories.

She was five the first time a stranger looked at her and called her fat to her face. She was mortified. In her head, she was a strong girl, she was equal to the boys, she was fast and powerful and important. Fat. It just took all of her, the space she occupied, her height, the width of her stocky torso, her strong shoulders, the muscle in her tanned arms, and turned her into something useless, like a jellyfish on the beach.

Just. Gah.
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I'm rec'ing this because of...


Ghetto!Justin, yo.


The invisibility cloak scene.

This line: Dope! [does pop & lock robot-moves to celebrate]

harry potter and the prisoner of luuuurve by stubbleglitter.

I apologize for any twitching that may occur after reading this, but I had to rec it. It was my civic duty to nsync/hp crossover-crack everywhere. Sorry.
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[ profile] jennymalfoy made me a loverly icon for my birthday. *luffs it*

I'm quite happy with today's [ profile] dirtytrousers update.

I have to paint tonight. Expect me in a bad mood online after ten sometime. *hates painting*

Can anyone take my main [ profile] dirtytrousers icon and put "Dirty Trousers" on it somewhere? I have no talent for icon making besides cropping pictures. I'm pretty good at that *grins*

Remember to think of Seamus recs! I had a late start, so we really need to get crackin' :)

I read a deliciously cute D/R last night: The Corresponding Emotion by Calliope14. Chaptered, but not too long, based on the movie French Kiss.


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