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This has been a bummer of a week and I need a smile, and I think you all need smiles, too. Some of you might remember how this works when I did this, uh, last year? But! I'm gonna write up a list of things I love, and then you write up a list of things you love in my comments, and we all have this huge fest of love and happiness and it's awesome :)

I, SkoosiePants, LOVE... )

I'm outta time, but there! There, I’ve shared some, and now you should share some, because the purpose of the love list is to spread love, and doing this always makes me BEAM. Tell me what you love, do it, do it :)
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I posted some wedding pics in my scrapbook. Just a few that turned out all right. We don't have anything professional back yet.
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So! My brother is married. It is done.

My weekend, in brief:

Friday: arrived at hotel and left immediately for the bridal luncheon where there was lots of yummy food, got nails done, had rehersal dinner at Stone Mountain's marina. Got lost for an hour coming back, but J and I were asleep in the back seat so it didn't matter much to us. My Aunt K's parents left without her (they're 80 some years old) got lost, and didn't make it back to the hotel until ONE PM THE NEXT AFTERNOON. Yes, folks, they were lost from 10 at night to 1 the next day. It was a little nerve-wracking.

Saturday: had my make-up done, hair shelacked, put on my neck-plunging bridesmaid gown. Dudes, it was so low. I had to tape myself and I was worried I was going to pop out all night. I'll have pics in a few days maybe :) Had a very nice reception, then I went to sleep while J stayed up and got so drunk he threw up all night all over the hotel room. I was and am still very pissed. I had to stay up all night and clean up after him and make sure he didn't destroy the room. I left the maid a hefty tip anyway, but way to put a strain on my brother's wedding J! Thanks!

Sunday: woke up after about 3 hours sleep for the wedding brunch. J, still drunk, managed to behave himself and not throw up at the table. Packed up and headed for the airport, where about 15 other guests from Philly were also on the flight. Got home around 5, rounded up all the animals. The cats were angry, Moose wanted to go back to J's parents, Roxy just wanted ATTENTION she's such a brat, and Chewie wouldn't leave my lap. Happy didn't even notice we were gone, so long as her food arrived in time.

So, yeah, not the relaxing weekend I had been hoping for, but it's OVER thank god. Did I miss anything around here?
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* My One Crazy Summer AU is DONE and being beta'd. HOW EXCITING! I just have to edit the crap out of it, and edit even more crap out of my Just One Of The Guys AU and I'll have finished all of my summer challenge fics! Also, I'll get to post my Winnie The Pooh AU soon!

* I'm writing Bob the janitor, yes I am. I'm not sure how many school!verse elements are going to get into it, but it's definitely going to be Bob/Ryan. Something new and fun!

This is how our Day After Tomorrow conversation went last night:

J: You know, if this ever happened, we wouldn't be able to keep all the dogs.

Me: ...

J: except Chew, because you wouldn't let her out of your arms.

Me: what about the cats and Happy?

J: we'd eat them.

Me: ...

J: actually, we'd have to eat the dogs, too. Are you willing to eat ChewChew? Can you do that? Wait, no, I'm not going to lie to you here, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's going to survive.

Me: ...

J: You have to be willing to eat the dogs, and you're not going to be, and then you're going to give up and I'm going to eat you.

Me: ...

J: Definitely. That's how it's going down.

Me: You'd eat me if I died?

J: I'd probably kill and eat you.

Me: Wait, you wouldn't even wait until I was dead?

J: You'd give up way before then. No sense waiting. You're almost dead at that point, anyway.

Me: *thinks* We have a wood burning stove in the basement. I think we can just barracade us and all the animals down there.

J: We could eat the fish.

Me: Sure.

J: There'd be no electricity and they'd die anyway.

Me: Okay.

J: And then we'd start in on the animals.

Me: You get that this movie happened within days, right? And then at the end everyone who'd stayed inside and warm were relatively okay? We won't have to eat any of the animals.

J: What'll we eat then? We'll need to eat.

Me: I think we can survive a few days without food. We can boil water from the fish tank on the wood burning stove. We'll be fine.

J: *thinks* Maybe.

J wants to kill and eat me in case of an emergency. That's love.
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* J and I had our engagement photo shoot this afternoon at Valley Forge park. At least it wasn't too hot out.

* We also went and bought a king size bed. The dogs will not be enjoying it with us (except for when Chewie slips under the covers in the middle of the night! She's so adorable and wee!)

* Also, our living room is completely demolished. And we have to have it done by the 10th, when our floors are being refinished.

* Bden Coming Out Fic is kind of done? Needs some re-writing and tightening and stuff, but the bulk of it is finished.

* I uploaded Herman's Hermits for [ profile] ladybeth and thought I'd post it for everyone to enjoy. It's a yousendit link, so it'll run out in a week.

* We have a baby robin in our yard. Mostly, the dogs are afraid of it, but we're trying to make sure the momma can still come feed it while it's hopping around. It's so cute! I had to get gloves on and herd it into the side yard.

* We had Panera for lunch. Mmmmmm... Panera tuna salad sammy. Yum.

Hey lover

Jun. 14th, 2007 01:01 pm
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For some unknown reason, probably the crappy weather – 50s! In June! – I am in a dissatisfied funk. So I’ve decided to list some things that I love today, right this minute. Feel free to play along in the comments with stuff you love, too! We can squee about things together!

ETA: cut tag, 'cause I didn't realize how fucking long this list is!

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Wow, I feel so much better now. I’m GRINNING. Come share and grin with me!
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J and I have agreed on a reception hall entry song! HURRAH! It's so exciting. We've decided to do Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off! I figure it's perfect, because everyone would probably know the tune, and then I get to have GCH playing at the reception :)

Does anyone have a copy of the Theme from Flash Gordon? Come on, Queen sings it. Someone out there must have it! He'll save everyone of us!

Okay. Okay, so I know some of you are probably, like, Snow White AU? WTF? Dwarves? But okay, see, not dwarves, but seven boys who SLEEP PRACTICALLY ON TOP OF EACH OTHER IN A TINY CABIN. See? See how that goes? And one of them is PETE and it's. I'm hoping it's going to be magical. We shall see.
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I'm in the process of trying to get my brother hooked on My Chemical Romance, because I am convinved they are, like, the greatest rock group of all time. I may be biased, but whatever. Gerard Way can have my soul if he wants it. I'm pretty sure he'd just say "thanks, that's so nice, but you might want to keep it," because he looks like he's so incredibly sweet! He doesn't want to eat my soul! He wants me to love my soul exactly how it is! *hugs him*

I'm eating rasberry danish. Mmmmmm... rasberry danish. Coooooofffeeee *drools*

Tonight is our tasting at the reception hall. My parents, his parents and us. I hope it's not disastrous.
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* It took me FIVE HOURS yesterday to clean one room. One! But at least the master bedroom is shiny clean and smells so nice now. I have a lot of antique furniture with these tiny little wooden holes that take forever to polish.

* I was at a street fair today with Pirate Booty and my eyes hurt from the sun 'cause I wore my super cool 70s huge pink sunglasses that I don't think have UV protection. I wasn't expecting it to be so bright and hot today! I am also very, very burned. The sun always makes me tired, though, so I suspect I'll sleep like a baby tonight.

* Lasagna at my parents tonight for my pre b-day dinner. I think I'll get gifts, too! Yay! Not much, since they're paying for the whole wedding and some of my brother's, too, but gifts! Hopefully clothes, since I never buy anything for myself anymore.

* [ profile] castoffstarter now has the final draft of my Panic! in Atlantis fic. I think some parts are boring and need to be cut or reworked, but I'm going to wait for a second opinion :) And then maybe it'll get posted this week? Maybe?

* I have a business trip Tuesday to Wednesday this week. I am not looking forward to it. It seriously messes up my hermit vibe. But it's only overnight (on my birthday no less) and it's only in Washington, so we just have to take the train down. Nothing major.

* I am a sucky flister! I get pages behind you guys in like an hour, so if you think I missed something important, link me and I will be forever grateful.
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Rec me something gay. Rec me something juicy & lengthy & gay of the bandslash or SGA variety (no spoilers). Please?

Also -

Me: I'm going to marry Fall Out Boy
J: Do they know you already booked the hall?

Also, also -

J: You know what I want to be? I want to be--
Me: A magician?
*both of us die laughing*
J: No, no, I want to be--
Me: Seriously, you should be a magician.
*more dying by laughter*
J: No, I want to be, like, a criminal mastermind.
*silent pause*
Me: Can't you be both?

Now J leaves the room by pretending to throw down smoke and disappearing. We are so dumb. Seriouly, we could not stop laughing about the magician stuff, and it's really not all that funny. We totally deserve each other.
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J had his surgery today! His arm is in a cast and he is in lots of pain, but it's done. I had to work from home until I had to take him in, and my remote desktop is slow as fuck. I was going to stab my brain. I can't figure out if it's my home computer or my work computer or the network. I don't think it's supposed to be that slow, but I didn't have the time to work through it with our tech guys today. So yeah, working at home: convenient, but thank god I don't do it all the time. Plus, the dogs were all over me. Cats, too.

I wrote a litte tiny Panic! thing, but I'm going to expand on it so I don't want to post anything yet. Oh my god, they are so cute. *pets them*

Also, random: Patrick is so tiny! I would tower over him! I could put him in my pocket. These = good reasons for us to marry and live in an enchanted land.

Shut up.

oh my god

Jan. 24th, 2007 08:48 pm
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I have no idea. No, seriously. What day is it? Where am I? Who are you?

I think I might actually be broke.

Elliot has a urinary tract infection, and before we figured it out I thought she'd decided she was no longer house broken and wanted our lives to be equivalent to the deepest pit of hell. Because constantly cleaning urine off the rug makes me want to kill myself.

No, seriously, I'm doing the bills and coming up 30 bucks short. I have never been this broke before. I'm considering selling off Moose to a burlesque house.

I have been a crappy flister, and have complete writers block and I found myself having a deep and meaningful conversation with my head the other day about JD/Dr. Cox relationship fics, and how easy it is for them to completely suck. JD and Dr. Cox work because Dr. Cox calls JD girly names and JD dreams about Dr. Cox riding a pony or whatever. Also, having JD call Dr. Cox Perry is wrong wrong wrong no matter how much sex they're having. And again, I am overthinking scrubsfic.

Um. I think I'm done.

say what?

Nov. 3rd, 2006 06:10 pm
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Pirate Booty works as a consultant in this strange, strange office. Also, we're both weird. Some things to brighten up your Friday, with it's sad, sorry lack of Stargate.

The Diversity Poster )

The Keeper of the Gems )

The Hot Co-worker )

The Office Tryst )

On Social Security; AKA, The Cardboard Box in Canada Plan )
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As seen at [ profile] joyfulseeker:

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on my last post about Misbegotten are less than stellar today, it's because I LOST POWER ALMOST ALL DAY YESTERDAY AND WENT INSANE FROM LACK OF 'PUTER and completely lost my train of thought on everything. *weeps*

It was such a wasteful day. The power was out from 3pm to 1am, and every time we called PECO they had no idea where the outage even was, since only my block was out. Everyone across the street was taunting us with their lights and their tvs.

Anyway, I'm off to catch up on things... and since I was planning on updating HoP yesterday... that's probably pushed back 'til next weekend :( That thing takes hours to update.

oh my god

Jul. 16th, 2006 01:58 pm
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Our central air broke last night. Oh my god. Nearly 3500 dollars. Holy crap. I'm financing for six months without interest, but JESUS GOD. 3500 dollars. And ALL the animals are due for a vet visit. Looks like we're going to be living off peanut butter and bread for the next year.

Fucking hell.
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So, is everyone as unproductive as me? There seems to be a general lack of new stories up. Perhaps it's all the excitement for tomorrow night. SO EXCITED!

I had my girly doc appt today, so I was off from work and not much online. But! My blood pressure is down to 105/65. I'm amazed. I think it's the running every morning. It hasn't been below around 120/80 for over a year. Go me!

I tried to watch Catwoman this afternoon. I know. Why, right? Well, it was on HBO, and I thought 'eh, maybe it's not that bad,' and I made it through about 45 minutes of it just because I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My god. I mean, one of the many, many things wrong with it was... isn't catwoman supposed to be in gotham? I'm totally not up on my comic universe stuff, but I always thought she was part of the batman arc. Anyway. We turned it off when Judge Judy came on.

And: Maude gives cats a bad name. It's been established that she hardly ever cleans herself, and today? I was walking out onto the porch and didn't want her out there, so I shut the door behind me. Only normally she follows me right out as soon as she hears the door open, so she clonked right into the pane. I mean, it was hilarious, but poor Maude! She's one dumb little cat.
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* I am starting to panic about a deadline, because my writing feels off, and I can't think of an original idea to save my life. It's particularly hard for me, because I can't write porn, and I keep thinking everything I've written would be better with porn in it. Porn = Magic.

* Last night, J said to me: "You take two great things, Danny Glover and bacon, put 'em together, and you got a CLUB." Apparently, I'm the president of said bacon and Danny Glover club. And really, you wonder why I'm this weird?? Hell, that's normal talk from him.

* Sci-fi has become our default channel. Yesterday, we watch Blood Surf, about a man-eating saltwater croc and extreme surfers, and my god. It was possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. And yet, Sci-fi continues to own my heart.

* Who do you think would win in a fight, Teal'c or Ronon?

* Who else simply adores Jonas Quinn? I mean, he seriously kicks ass. He's like the smartest man ever but he's so... nonchalant about it. Like, eh, you could do this and this and it'll fix this and SAVE THE WORLD, don't you think? And he strolls around and has these little smiles like YAY, I did something good! and all he wants is a little pat on the head from Jack. I thought the season without Daniel would suck, but Quinn is just wonderful. Plus, he's Parker Lewis, and that show rocked.

* With these DVD fic commentaries going around, I thought fleetingly of asking if there's any interest with me, but then I realized that I have no idea how to go about it, since I'm not entirely sure where half the stuff I write actually comes from. My mind is a scary, scary place. I think this is partly J's fault. But still, feel free to ask for one if you want, and I'll see what I can do. Or not. Because, and I freely admit this, the idea is merely a product of my horrible writer's block-slash-deadline panic.

* Who do you think would win in a fight, Teal'c or Teyla?
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So we're leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be gone 'til Tuesday. I'm looking forward to relaxing on the beach, however I will miss my zoo! The dogs are going to J's brother's house, and Brownstone is coming over on Sunday and Monday to feed Maude, Happy, and Deuce, but I don't like leaving them alone! What will Maude do?? She's going go insane and break things. When she sees bugs she cries like she's dying. It's very amusing. And she greets me like a dog whenever I come home, and likes her back scritched and loves being carried around and she'll be so lonely!

God, and whenever I'm off the 'puter for a few days, my flist explodes, so... I will miss you all! And your fabulous ninja writing skillz.

I'm not promising any writing while I'm gone, but I'll try. I'll probably just read, though, and I want to print out some long John/Rodney stories, but I've got to find some juicy ones that I haven't read yet. Any recs? Nothing sad. Angsty is fine, so long as it ends up happy.


May. 24th, 2006 01:23 pm
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So, of course, since I always update [ profile] house_of_pants with huge amounts of fics, I also always miss some that I have bookmarked away somewhere. Half the time I keep them on my work comp, then update at home, or memoried them somewhere and forget how I catagorized them. Ah well. So the next SGA update will most likely have a few odds and ends attached.

If you hadn't already guessed, I'm having trouble with my muse again. She wants to flirt with all the pretty boys and twirl her skirts, and refuses to pay attention to the important stuff, damn it!

Must remember to look up when that movie-challenge fic is due.

Also, have a vague bunny about Lorne and monkeys, Rodney and Ronon and someone (not John) being jealous. Maybe.

Does anyone else think of Rodney and Ronon as some sort of comedic duo? I can't quite catagorize them, though, since they're hardly Laurel and Hardy or, you know, the Smothers Brothers - Dudes, me and Pirate Booty used to be all over the Smothers Brothers. We were the biggest geeks EVER. Those two still can make me laugh. *sigh* Plus, I'm pretty sure I still know all the words to "Crabs walk sideways" and "I fell into a vat of Chocolate."

Wow. Off topic like nobody's business! What the hell was I talking about?

Oh, right. Rodney and Ronon. My favorite non-romantic pair. They crack me up. Um. Or maybe I just write them that way.

AND! I will give someone a shiny new nickel - SHINY! NEW! NICKEL! - if they write me a Scrubs on Atlantis fic. I mean. It's perfect! The Janitor! Dr. Cox and Rodney! JD and his daydreams about Lt. Col. Sheppard and his hair! Seriously, I think this has to be written, and since I have absolutely no idea how to go about writing Scrubs characters, you all have to figure it out for me. Please? *puppy eyes*


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