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Stoichiometry | PG-13 | ~6,000
Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation, Allotropy, Adsorption, and Saponification.

“You are glorious,” Brendon tells Captain Hall, because Captain Hall is like a giant walking, talking teddy bear and he doesn’t let anyone be mean to Brendon. He even tells Pete not to be a creeper, which is awesome, because it’s not like Brendon minds all of Pete’s ass-slaps, but there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. That line has been firmly drawn by Captain Zack Hall, of the USMC.

A/N: Prior knowledge of this universe would be helpful, so you should read all the ones that came before this one. It's a fun, wacky, weird ride, I promise you. And I know I claimed this was the last fic in this series, but everything is just begging for an Earthside fic, y/y? Or a Zack's Team fic? There's just so much to play with! Anyway, special awesome thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the beta :) There are mini-clones and Zack Hall and Sterling Knight, who plays Chad Dylan Cooper on Sunny With a Chance (and he was also Zac Efron's son in 17 Again, he's awesome, and, no, I'm not actually a 13 year old girl)

Stoichiometry )
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Firstly, I've posted a new Christmas mix at [ profile] muse_to_match. 42 songs you probably aren't sick of yet. The mix from last year is also still up for your listening pleasure!

Secondly, I probably lied about the end of Supersaturation. I keep adding more characters, and they all want a chance to shine! Sterling Knight's with Zack and the Panic! boys in this one, and expect some Efron in the future, because I'm sick in the head.

Thirdly, I need to get my ass in gear and start my [ profile] sodamnskippy gift fic, for real.
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SO! Things! Brainstorming about my [ profile] sodamnskippy gift fic. Xmas shopping. Trying not to spend the entire holiday depressed. Looking forward to decorating this weekend. Also? Last installment of Supersaturation anyone? Expect it in the next week or so, I seem to be on a roll and it's shaping up to be pretty short anyway.

Ever since Little Brendon and Little Ryan moved in with him, Ryan’s been slightly more incoherent than usual. He’s always rambling about indigenous peoples and crap, so Brendon mostly tunes him out anyway, but lately even when Brendon pays attention he has no idea what Ryan’s talking about. Ryan also has deep purple bruises under his eyes, like Jon’s been beating him up.

Finally, Ryan says, “Your mom was a saint.”

“Amen,” Brendon says, nodding, even though he’s pretty sure it’s his mom’s side of the family that’s so weird. His dad’s parents never got dressed up for Presidents’ Day, as far as Brendon knows – those wigs are legendary in the younger Urie household, Brendon always got Rutherford B. Hayes and a fake beard – or had puppet shows with their feet or had a Rainbow Explosion on the first day of spring, where they all spelled out ROY G BIV with their clothes. Also, Kool-Aid makes an awesome hair dye.

But Brendon understands what Ryan’s trying to say, this time. Little Brendon has most likely built a fort in the bathroom with all of Ryan’s hangers.
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There may possibly, maybe be a final installment - that's right! final! THE END - of my Supersaturation series. Full circle back to our favorite little Panic! boys. I'm not promising this will be anytime soon, but I've started it and I've got a few ideas, and I think it'll mostly be ridiculous, but we shall see...

“You are glorious,” Brendon tells Captain Hall, because Captain Hall is like a giant, walking, talking teddy bear and he doesn’t let anyone be mean to Brendon. He even tells Pete not to be a creeper, which is awesome, because it’s not like Brendon minds all of Pete’s ass-slaps, but there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. And that line has been firmly drawn by Captain Zachary Hall, of the USMC.

Of course, what Brendon finds truly hilarious is that Captain Hall reserves his special you-pervert looks for Spencer.

Hall is new. Brendon would set him straight, except he’s usually too busy laughing.
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Saponification | PG-13 | multiple pairings | 19,000+
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation, Allotropy and Adsorption.

“I don’t usually follow gossip,” Brendon says, which is a blatant, bald lie, “but word is Crawford’s got an imaginary friend.”

A/N: For those of you who skipped Adsorption because of the JoBros, I strongly urge you to reconsider (Carden is awesome!) – I’m gonna say you probably need to have read ALL stories that have come before, and I’m gonna say that because I basically throw every character ever at you in this one. Except for, I’m sad to say, most of Panic. Fear not, they shall be the focus of the very next installment! Saying that, Saponification (title tongue-in-cheek) is about a slight mystery surrounding Joe, Gerard, Johnson and Ian. To make things slightly less confusing, have a Supersaturation Character Cheat Sheet! There are Nickelodeon and Disney people now! I blame Bonus.
Much awesome thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the kick-ass beta-job. I totally don’t have favorites, but this is for [ profile] druidspell (my best ‘verse supporter), [ profile] nunshavingfun (I fixed Joe for you!!!), and [ profile] starflowers (whose mere existence makes me smile).

Saponification )
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Help! In the next Supersaturtion 'verse, Wheeler and VickyT have this thing where they're always coming up with inventively crude insults for each other, only I can't come up with, like, any. Please, please, please give me all the stupid, ridiculous, horrible names you call people/can think of/would like to call people, but actually don't!!! Keep in mind that they don't hate each other, they just do this for fun.

Other than that, this installment is DONE. Well, other than editing, but it's almost there, hurrah!
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Adsorption | PG-13 | 5,000+
Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation and Allotropy.

“Skippy here’s a virgin,” Carden says, tugging Kevin down into the seat next to him. He’s been doing that all day, pushing him around, like he’s some sort of circus freak or trained dog or something.

A/N: So I did it! It’s the JoBros in space! But also Mike Carden! And Chuck and Chislett! While reading the many stories before this one isn’t strictly necessary, there are references to stuff in the other fics, and Carden himself was introduced briefly in Allotropy, so I’d advise reading them all before attempting this one. And, of course, the next major stop in this ‘verse will have more Carden, so this one will be helpful for that.
A couple things: Kevin is the oldest Jonas brother. Bonus Jonas is actually named Frankie, but calling him Bonus is way funnier. Selena Gomez does, indeed, have a large head. Purity rings will never not be funny to me, sorry.
Finally, thank you so much to [ profile] insunshine for the quick beta and for being generally kick-ass awesome.

* This was actually supposed to be what I had planned for V-Day, so consider it an early gift? I'm just really horrible at waiting to post once I've got a finished copy :) Enjoy!

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Jan. 30th, 2009 02:01 pm
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So, like, in my constant need to randomly add characters into the Supersaturation 'verse - I'm kind of looking for a way to add in the JoBros? But, um. How weird would that be, a bunch of brothers off in space together? Should I just pick one? Like stick Joe or Kevin on a team with Nate and Carden (oh my god, a JoBro and CARDEN that might just be magic right there) and, like, Faller or something? Hmmmmm.


The three boys are sitting all in a row on a cot in the infirmary. Little Ryan’s staring down at his lap, playing with the sleeves of his tiny uniform jacket. And then he cocks his head and grins up at them, sideways, and Brendon’s insides go all gooey.

“Well,” Ritter says, walking over with a datapad and a bewildered expression on his face. “They’re definitely you.”

“They’re us,” Ryan says flatly.

“Right down to the last strand of DNA.” Ritter pushes his hair back off his face. “Um. How did this happen again?”

Brendon very discreetly points a finger at Cash and widens his eyes.
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I am just about 4,000 words into great-great-grandson of Supersaturation - and anyone who wants to toss out some Chemistry terms for titles, I'm open to all sorts of suggestions! - and, because there was such a great demand for it, I've figured out how to add a little bit of Mikey. It's probably not exactly what you were looking for, but he's in there. A little. Right now I'm at the kind of place where one big thing is happening with Kennerty's team and Joe, and I'm simultaneously writing about Gerard having 'mysterious nightmares' and Brendon and Cash and Ryan accidentally cloning themselves - it's all random, I have to pull this together somehow but it'll probably be pages and pages from now. Anyway, something is getting done! Woo!

I've kind of lost track of everybody over the past week - if anything of import has happened or if you've written something awesome, please let me know/link me. My flist is, like, skip-bajillion or something from my illness, during which I didn't even touch my computer for days.

Also, throwing up so much has given me horrendous heartburn and I'm having trouble finishing my coffee. MY COFFEE. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD.
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My basement is finally DONE; I'm so excited. Now all J's lizards can move out of my dining room and spare bedroom! NO MORE GECKOS IN DINING ROOM! WOO! It's, like, take back the house day!

Wow, okay, this's been sitting unposted for a few hours - I decided, in all my basement-finishing excitement, to rearrange the living room. I pushed my piano around, it was fun. Today has been a day of moving furniture and stuff. I'll probably sleep well :)

AND. Um. That's kind of it.

Except for some MINOR progress on great-great(?) grandson of Supersaturation:

William does not like little Sergeant Novarro. In fact, he dislikes him greatly. “I dislike him greatly,” William tells Greta. He doesn’t like that Novarro has been sniffing around his favorite lady friend.

“He’s adorable,” Greta says. She shrugs. “And I think he’s sweet.”

William frowns and leans back in the commissary chair, folding his arms over his chest. “He’s trying to woo you.”

Greta winks at him. “I know.”

“He’s trying to woo you with erroneous information about the heavens. He knows that astronomy and astrophysics are different sciences, right?”

“I like stars.” Greta’s smile turns disgustingly dreamy.

William is horrified.

He’s saved from further poetic waxing – about stars, which you can’t even touch, not like the bright blue colony of crystals set in the most curiously porous rock William had given his very own Captain Gabe just days before – by little Brendon Urie.

He’s got his big eyes on, so William thinks either he’s done something that Smith is going to yell extensively at him about, or—actually, he can’t think of an or.

“Joe’s missing!” Brendon says.
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J is working overtime, which means I'm left to finish our basement by myself - in time for the new rug to be installed this friday. So far (just this past weekend) I've had to rip up the old rug, scrape the carpet pad off underneath where it was glued to the concrete in places, pry out the old disgusting carpet-covered baseboards, pry up the old carpet tacks, pry out the staples on the baseboard running up the stairs, hammer down all the staples that I couldn't pry up - essentially, I've realized that I'm old, and that my back hurts and my shoulders hurt and my hands can't properly open so much as a water bottle right now; I think the base of my thumb on my right hand is swollen. AND ON THE AGENDA TONIGHT: scrubbing the floor with bleach to get what padding I couldn't get up off the concrete and spackling and priming the walls. Ugh. Kill me.

Now, I'm currently contemplating who to focus my next Supersaturation 'verse fic on. I know I have to fix Joe and Bob, and I'm planning on giving some of the guys mini-clones (they're so cute!), but I need to have a newish character to focus on. I was thinking maybe Mike Kennerty? Or possibly Marshall. Is there anyone that I've touched on briefly that you guys want explored more?

ALSO: If I was, say, to write more of William's House of Orphans, what/who would you guys want written about?
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Allotropy | ~10,000 | PG-13 | Singer/Johnson
Spin-off Supersaturation 'verse fic | Cab babies in space
download the soundtrack

The problem, the biggest problem of being on an off-world team, is that Alex is still afraid of aliens. Aliens with their alien probes and freaky humanoid bodies. They aren’t fooling Alex. Alex totally has their number.

A/N: So here's the deal. You can maybe read this without reading all the prequels, but I'd advise against that, seeing as how it's THE ENTIRETY OF BANDOM IN SPACE and who doesn't love that? But it's a daunting ~63,000 words - Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, & Sublimation - and there's very little crossover characters. Frank's a xenobiologist. Wentz and Way are an unstoppable force of world saving awesome. Saying that, this is entirely from Singer's POV, and focuses on his friends and his 'gate team. For the uninformed: Ballato is Lyn-Z. Lewis is Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. Simmons is Mikeyway's lovely real life wife. Also, HUGE, mammoth thanks to [ profile] t_usual_suspect for the beta and for telling me that my characterization of the boys works, and thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the title :)

[a bandslash primer for SGA-ers | SGA for bandslashers | a Cab primer, since I haven't added them to mine yet ]

Allotropy )
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Sublimation | 18,400+ | PG-13 | Various multibandom pairings
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy & Entropy
download the soundtrack

William is not exactly sure what’s going on, but he’s feeling very fourteen. Very awkward with his limbs, very sore, and he does not like it.

A/N: SGA/Bandslash fusion. You’ll definitely need to have read all previous fics in this ‘verse before hand, even though this one is decidedly William-heavy. Monster thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the fabulous beta (and for making me grin like a freaking loon). Of note: since the beauty of SGA is that it does not take place in the future, I’ve made all the boys randomly older than their current selves. There is arguably no plot in this? Not one of any substance, anyway. Also, right now I love William the most in all the land *twirls*

[ETA: a bandslash primer for SGA-ers | SGA for bandslashers ]

Sublimation )
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Since a great deal of William’s unhappiness in life is because of a certain rat bastard Marine corporal, William assumes the whole mess is Lacey’s fault. This is only cemented by the fact that Asher – sexy Asher, with her shapely calves and breasts – answers Lacey’s door in his t-shirt and boxers.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Corporal Asher,” William says, because he is. That rat bastard Lacey is a sneaky son of a gun, undeserved of her attentions.

Asher arches an eyebrow. “Did you need something, Dr. Beckett?”

William is all set to spout a pithy remark when Lacey appears behind Asher’s shoulder, naked as a jay, and while on the surface Lacey is an attractive specimen, William must remember that underneath the skin Lacey’s some sort of crab demon, with extra legs and eye stems.

William says, “You’ll not tempt me with your devil ways,” and Asher tilts her head in question. Lacey just scratches his balls and grins really, really evilly. William swallows hard, because Lacey’s evil grin has none of the endearing qualities that Gabe’s has. “Have either of you seen Captain Gabe?” he asks.

“I imagine he’d be in his own quarters, Billy,” Lacey says, still unabashedly naked, and William has to admire his complete lack of a social conscious. Polite company dictates some sort of dressing, yet there Lacey is, in all his rat bastard glory. Lacey’s evil grin dips into an evil smirk, and he says, “You’re staring.”

William’s cheeks heat. “Of course I am,” he says, all false bravado, really, because William is staring, and Lacey will never let him live it down. This abstinence business is messing with William’s head, not to mention the fact that his body thinks he’s fourteen, and fourteen had been a perpetually horny year for William – horny, clumsy, and growing like one of those capsules that insta-expand into a dinosaur or a washcloth when soaked. Under normal circumstances, a bare-assed Lacey would make him want to vomit his last four meals.

Asher leans up against the doorjamb, cocking a distracting hip. “Is that all?”

There is really something fabulous about Asher’s legs. William’s no slouch in the limb department - and he’s a boy besides – but he’s just the slightest bit envious.

“I’ll just, uh, go find Gabe, then,” William says, and when the door slides closed, he applauds himself for keeping cool. He’d lost entirely too much money to the swear jar the day before.
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So [ profile] bexless asked for a Frank/Gerard quantum mirror drabble, and I wrote this. Um. I don't think this is exactly what you wanted, but I hope you like it anyway, hon!

Entropy | PG | Frank/Gerard, Dr. Lee | 1300+ words
His fingers itch, and the way they brush against the cool surface is a third reflex, a third accident, and a third pure perverse curiosity.

Please to be reading Supersaturation, Solvation and Enthalpy first. This sort of falls before Enthalpy, but I think it works better if you read that one first. Frank is in radically different moods, understandably. Also, before this popped into my head, I wrote this bit of background on Frank and Gerard and the SGC. You don't have to really read it to understand this, but it has some insight on their SGC beginnings that tie in with this.

Entropy )
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It's done! Oh my GOD, for all the freaking useless inaccuracy of this thing, I spent an awful lot of time perfecting the formatting and everything. I'm anal like that.

Introducing: a bandslash primer for SGA-ers. It's biased by my fan-goggles and occasionally half-assed, but it's got pretty pictures, so at least you can place names with faces! All links will open another window. All pics are hosted on my site, so hopefully my bandwidth won't disappear.

Also, it would be good to brush up on the idea of compartmentalization.

And here's a snippet of Grandson Of Supersaturation to get you PUMPED about bandom boys in Atlantis!!

“Are you kidding me?” Rodney stares Way and Wentz down, but Way just looks bewildered, and Rodney can’t even see Wentz’s eyes, hiding behind the truly hideous fall of his fringe.

Finally, Wentz says petulantly, “We didn’t even touch it,” and Rodney, for a brief, fleeting moment, considers retirement. Blissful, tropical retirement, far far away from Dr. Peter Wentz in all his distracting forms.

“Oh,” Ivarsson exclaims, hands clasped in front of her chest. “Oh, how precious.” Ivarsson, of course, is completely unhelpful, and Rodney has no idea why she’s even in the infirmary, and he certainly doesn’t want to know, even though he suspects it has something to do with the mini Major Toro that’d trudged in with Wentz, Way and Bryar.

Ivarsson hugs Way – and oh god, Way’s possibly even more big-eyed and helpless looking than usual; the labs are going to be anarchy.
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So I don't know how exactly I feel about the Tomrad thing, but I'm certainly not mad at Tom for breaking some fanfiction rule or something. You get into this fandom, this stuff might happen, because these are real people - although the characters in my fic are not, which is what always weirds me out about possibly meeting these people in person or going to concerts and stuff, because I have a very distinct separation from, say, the Brendon who's in my head, bouncing around with armfuls of puppies, and the Brendon who's actually a real boy, who I know nothing about.

So, whatever. I don't actually have a point, but I guess my biggest fear is that these people don't realize that. Like, I'm not actually acusing Brendon of being, whatever, in a committed sexual relationship with Spencer or being afraid of zombies masquerading as fangirls or being a Christmas elf in disguise (the fic that never was! SERIOUSLY!). And that's kind of stupid, because I'm hoping (HOPING) that these guys are smarter than that, but you never know. Ryro was pretty defensive about all the implied gay sex at one point, wasn't he?

WHATEVER. I'm not locking down my posts - hell, I hardly ever (if at all? can't remember) place a stupid disclaimer on my fics, so I'm just asking for something bad to happen - and my website is out there clearly marked with keywords and descriptions of exactly what is on the pages, and let's just hope I don't get, like, sued or something. Which would be so lame.

The small heart attack about that Certain Coasts post was totally justified - I mean, wouldn't you get all clammy and nauseous? Doesn't mean I can complain or bitch about it, though. That would also be lame.

Now I have to go off and figure out why the Ancients would have a tween-making machine on a off-world planet - any suggestions?


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