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Anyone got a copy of Cool C's Glamorous Life they could upload for me? Pretty please?
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I don't, and have never, understood fandom wankiness. I'm always late to the wank party because I don't pay attention, I never participate in anon memes, and I just don't get it. I'm assuming that if people don't like what and how I write, they'll just stay away? Right? *shrugs*

SO! In honor of my utter cluelessness on all things popular and unpopular, let's do a meme that I'm sure started somewhere far, far away (or close, because I'm seriously oblivious) but saw on the lovely
[ profile] chopsticknoodle's journal:

pick a song, from 1 to 6659 and I'll upload it for you. If you pick a number with an Xmas song attached to it, I'll give you the option to pick another number, or you can just take the Xmas song if you want, kay? now with no risk of Xmas music! Wow, I had about 250 Xmas songs on that list.

actually, I think I saw this meme somewhere with a drabble/fic request extension on it, but me and request drabbles don't like each other, so we'll just stick with the music :)
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As promised, I've posted a new soundtrack up at [ profile] muse_to_match - enjoy!
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Soundtrack Saturday! Okay, so much like the apartment AU, Sublimation is all over the place, theme wise. So here are some teamie songs! And some love songs! They're all groovy, dudes - common thread. A few notes: Memphis singer? Yes, that's totally the guy from Stars. Also, check out the Hitten video, because those Swedish gals are a-dorable, oh man. And see, see, you always wanted a song about an orgy, right? Right. Enjoy this mishmash. Please comment if you download, let me know what you think :)

Sublimation |
right-click save-as: Soundtrack

William is not exactly sure what’s going on, but he’s feeling very fourteen. Very awkward with his limbs, very sore, and he does not like it.

“I do not like this, Sisky,” he says, and Siska’s practically an amoeba, he’s so baby-faced, and if William’s bones didn’t actually hurt – he’d almost entirely forgotten that tremendous growth spurt he’d suffered through during the summer of 1995 – he’d probably appreciate that more. “Also,” William goes on, “your hair is frightening.”

1. Grip Like A Vice - The Go! Team
2. Semi-Precious Weapons - Semi-Precious Weapons
3. Bright Lights - Pete And The Pirates
4. Hey Now Now - The Cloud Room
5. Weekend Warriors - A Change Of Pace
6. Warm Me Up - The Audition
7. Orgy - Hammer No More The Fingers
8. We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives - Los Campesinos!
9. Smother + Evil = Hurt - The Kissaway Trail
10. I'll Do Whatever You Want - Memphis
11. Not Another Love Song - The Jack Stafford Foundation
12. Cradle - The Joy Formidable
13. 6000 Shipwrecks - Kite Flying Society
14. Hitten - Those Dancing Days

bonus: Here, There And Everywhere - The Beatles
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AKA: The Beatles Music Post of Doom, for no other reason than the fact that Panic amuses me, and I usually listen to The Beatles on Sundays, because it’s an old, inexplicable habit of mine.

This is how much of a huge dork I am )
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I was going to wait to post this, but whatever. The weekends are for new music!

So, here we've got Tullycraft - awesome. The Ark, my new favorite band (glam rock, people; from Sweden.) Punchy, twinkly songs in the middle, then we take it down a notch with Beat Radio and the absolutely gorgeous Get It Right and Already Been Here. And then we head on out with a song that reminds me of zombies. Whatever, it’s catchy. Also: Gerard. Comment if you download, and let me know what you think! Remember, you can still download Journey hits here and songs off the actual Teen Witch soundtrack here. It's a music extravaganza! Enjoy :)

Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night
right-click save-as: Soundtrack.

“How am I supposed to know who likes me for me?” Ryan asks, and Pete’s brows shoot up.

“Well. Normally, people who like other people will engage in what I like to call friendly conversation. There may be smiling involved, or, like, shoulder pats—”

“Pete. Pete, I’m.” Ryan shakes his head. “The spell, Pete, okay?”

1. The Punks Are Writing Love Songs – Tullycraft
2. Absolutely No Decorum – The Ark
3. Hold It In – Jukebox the Ghost
4. This Heart Is A Stone – Acid House Kings
5. Too Much Space To Walk Away - Avocadoclub
6. Fearful – Beat Radio
7. Get It Right – Jets Overhead
8. Already Been Here – Cinnober
9. Forget Romance, Let’s Dance – We Should Be Dead
10. Come Back To Life – Fire Flies
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Read the fic: Whether It’s Wednesday Or A Saturday Night

Download songs from the movie, watch youtube videos (WARNING: bandom cast spoilers): Teen Witch: The Movie Discussion

Download essential Journey songs: right-click save-as a selection from Journey’s Greatest Hits

Lamest manip ever that makes me giggle my ass off:

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right-click save-as: nine in the afternoon.

It's all been said, but I'm digging this version much more than the live one.

PS: hype machine was down for a while this morning and I thought I was going to go crazy with thoughts of it being, like, gone forever, and that's when I knew I was addicted.
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It's no secret that I love happy music. If it makes me feel good, feel like jumping around, singing, whatever, then I love it. I am so easy to please. Here are three bands you should just go out and buy, okay? Two I've featured before, one I'll probably feature in the future, and all of them are awesome.

Vampire Weekend
Songs about New England and college; who gives a fuck about an oxford comma? - Walcott will be my forever favorite, but I've downloaded pretty much the entire album.
buy it

Jukebox the Ghost
Hold It In, kids. Hold It In. (this will no doubt make it into a soundtrack of mine at some point - clapping; you know I can't resist that)
You can get the EP off their site, and TODAY is the release of their CD, so you should be able to buy that soon :)

The Go! Team
If I could, I'd put a track of theirs on every mix I make. They're like the soundtrack of the world. J's favorite is The Wrath of Marcie. I'm partial to all of them, but especially Huddle Information.
buy lots of them

Okay, so that's it.

Although how funny is it that I went looking for Panic ringtones, and they have Panic! At the Disco, and Panic at the Disco listed as two separate bands? Also, Ryan's talking ringtones just underline the fact that he's a freaking robot.
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So, okay, this was like a stroll through my college years! Let me tell you about this mix! Volcano is first, because I picture this as, like, the credits roll on this fic okay? And it's stop action Brendon! He's jumping in the air! And then stop action William, he's totally mid-wink, right, but he comes off as DRUNK! And then stop action Gabe, he's giving you a smarmy thumbs up! And then stop action Joe! He's doing finger guns!!! Stop on Adam Brody looking freaked out!! All the while it's like rainbows EVERYWHERE!

Van Halen is kind of Brendon's I'm pouting at everyone song, and then comes the Regurgitator song, which is Brendon hopping from TAI's bus to his bus to GABE'S DISCO BUS. Blah blah blah KATE EQUALS SPENCER Y/Y?! AND THEN MORE SONGS OF BRENDON'S HUGE GAY CRUSH. We wrap up with classic Cake as the ending credits come up - they're rolling down the highway! Brendon is totally in Spencer's lap AT ALL TIMES. So, yeah, whatever. Comment if you download! Enjoy!

The World May Never Know |
right-click save-as: soundtrack

“Smith has issued a challenge,” Gabe says finally, and Brendon scrunches his face up, because he’d kind of been expecting something like, “I’m now going to drug you and make you perform an interpretive dance with the Butcher,” which has, sadly, happened once or twice or five times. It’s not like Brendon’s keeping track.

1. Volcano - The Presidents Of The United States Of America
2. Van Halen - Nerf Herder
3. ! (The Song Formerly Known As) - Regurgitator
4. The Good Life - Weezer
5. Kate - Ben Folds Five
6. One Of My Lies - Green Day
7. Don't Stay Home - 311
8. Hey Dude - Kula Shaker
9. Song For You - Fuel
10. Sweet Sweet - Smashing Pumpkins
11. J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) - Green Day
12. Kitty - The Presidents Of The United States Of America
13. Stickshifts And Safetybelts - Cake
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Jury duty has killed my brain, so I'm going to be a little slow in responses to my latest fic. I've drowned my sorrows in music! This soundtrack is actually the second incarnation. I had this finished along with Solvation, and it was awesome and mellow and sad and then I realized that Frank was really frustrated in Enthalpy, and I wanted to try to express that. So I scrapped the entire first soundtrack and started over. Please comment if you download, let me know what you think. Enjoy :)

Enthalpy |
right-click save-as: soundtrack

Burying his head in his hands, he curled his fingers into his scalp, nails biting. There was a loud crash upstairs, and Pete yelled, “Jesus Christ, ow,” and Frank was ninety-five percent sure he was going to die there. Sure he would fade away like he never existed, and the thought of leaving Gerard like that, of just fucking disappearing, made his lungs burn, his chest tight.

1. At The Moon - Action Reaction
2. Ghost By Your Side - Lovedrug
3. My Way Home Is Through You - My Chemical Romance
4. Breathing Deep - 504 Plan
5. This Celluloid Dream - A.F.I.
6. I Don't Know - Lostprophets
7. Different - New London Fire
8. This Is Just The Beginning - The Reason
9. It's a Shame - Liam and Me
10. Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups

The Man Trying To Outfox Us All - We All Have Hooks For Hands
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Soundtrack to Enthalpy will be up in a day or so; I'm wibbling on a song inclusion. In the meantime, enjoy this one! My favorite song on this mix is the Bodies of Water one, and it's so weird it deserves a few listens, because it just gets more and more awesome. Please comment if you download! Enjoy; let me know what you think :)

Solvation |
right-click save-as: soundtrack

“I wish I could remember you, before,” Brendon goes on, and Spencer automatically tightens his hold, drags Brendon even closer, his legs falling open on either side of Spencer’s hips.

Spencer wishes that, yeah, but he’s not going to let that change the here and now. “You were and are the most annoying guy alive,” Spencer says. He feels Brendon smile against his skin.



1. The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead - Final Fantasy
2. First Against the Wall - Wendy
3. Painted By Numbers - The Sound
4. Fireworks - Knoxville
5. Escape - Brazil
6. Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs
7. Sweep The Leg - No More Kings
8. Whole New World - Midtown
9. You're Not Alone - The Enemy
10. Forget-Me-Nots - Fear of Flying
11. Pride - Syntax
12. Blanket - Diego Sandrin
13. I Guess We'll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess - Bodies of Water
14. Heartbeats - Scala & Kolacny Brothers
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This is totally self-indulgent, but whatever. And I've been working on this one for a while, 'cause it's surprisingly hard to find snuggly songs that fit the mood of this piece - so instead I give you songs that reminded me of this Brendon. Some cute, silly, sweet songs. It's short, especially since Tinfoil Tiara is, like, 50 seconds long. Comment if you download - let me know what you think :) Enjoy.

There Should Be A Name For Something Like This |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

He said, "I'm going to cuddle with you now," in a low hush before slipping under the covers, fair warning, and Spencer rolled over onto his back and murmured, "Bren?"

"Shhhh," Brendon said. "Sleepy time." He spread a hand on Spencer's stomach and closed his eyes against Spencer's cheek, forehead touching his temple.

1. Tinfoil Tiara - Laura Sings L*ver
2. Highschool Stalker - Hello Saferide
3. Oregon Girl - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
4. Peppermint - Plastic Operator
5. The Kids Don't Stand a Chance - Vampire Weekend
6. Love Song - Seymore Saves The World
7. Various Kitchen Utensils - Skybox
8. Quit Your Life - MXPX
9. Don't Make Me Wait - Locksley
10. Hollow-Bodied Evening - The Consultants
11. I Want You - The Arrogants
12. You Will Be Loved - Future Clouds & Radar
13. Umbrella - Scott Simons
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So what does a ridiculously over the top 80s AU fic need? A ridiculously over the top soundtrack! Or, you know, just an extra long one with cool music. Pelle Carlberg is made of awesome. All Fired Up is totally the football game song. I'm imagining a super cool getting ready for the dance/Spencer getting kidnapped montage with Your Daddy Don't Know. Ryan going back to school as a boy is The Party Rages On all over. I Love You, You Imbecile is just. Pelle Carlberg is awesome, okay? Okay. Comment if you download. ENJOY! Let me know what you think :)

Just One Of The Girls |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

“I’m irresistible to women,” Brendon said. “It’s both a boon and a curse.”

“You’re full of shit,” Vicky said.

“It’s the god’s honest truth, Vicky. You should just admit your undying and tragic love for me already so the healing can begin and we can move on with our lives.” Brendon nodded, his hair tickling Ryan’s chin, and Ryan felt sort of too warm all over.

“Full. Of. Shit,” Vicky repeated, but she was laughing.

1. Suspicious Character (K.K.S. Remix) - The Blood Arm
2. Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls - Pelle Carlberg
3. San Dimas High School Football Rules - The Ataris
4. In Transit - Albert Hammond, Jr.
5. How We Know - The Thermals
6. All Fired Up - Tralala
7. L-L-Love - Astaire
8. Tongue Tied - The Hong Kong
9. Your Daddy Don't Know - The New Pornographers
10. Do You Believe Me? - The Juliana Theory
11. Prove Your Big Heart - Le Firm
12. Heartbroke - The Good Life
13. The Party Rages On - Zampano
14. All That We Needed - Plain White T's
15. When You Were A Millionaire - The Eames Era
16. I Love You, You Imbecile - Pelle Carlberg
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So I sat down a week or so ago and started playing around with a possible soundtrack to The Thoughts Of Youth, and it ended up being entirely about Pete, about the story I didn't write. I think it's kind of fitting, but that makes this not quite a proper soundtrack. Please comment if you download, let me know what you think.

The Thoughts Of Youth Are Long, Long Thoughts |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

"You think so hard you'll sprain something," Patrick says from beside him, and Pete says, "Do you. Do you see that?" Down by the edge, shifting shadows, faces, a wave.

"See what?" Patrick asks, leaning forward, hands resting on the sill.

Pete narrows his eyes 'til the figures dissolve into trees, slim maples.

1. Nattöppet - Detektivbyrån
2. Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind - Alaska in Winter ft. Beirut
3. In My Head - The Ballet
4. Water's Edge - 1997
5. Blueprint for Departure - Bedroom Eyes
6. Summer's Ending - Steve Goldberg And The Arch Enemies
7. Throw Yourself Upon the Wind - GARDEN
8. My Favourite Book - Stars
9. The Plot - White Rabbits
10. Ruby - Utah Carol
11. Sewn - The Feeling
12. Lines To Follow - J. Forte
13. Civil Twilight - The Weakerthans
14. Gravity - Embrace

bonus Spencer and Brendon track:
When You're Next To Me - Mitch & Mickey (Eugene Levy & Catherine O'Hara)
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So this soundtrack was a little tough to put together, since the fic is so scattered. Here are some low-key, catchy tracks that just sort of reminded me of everybody. Also, I'm currently having a mad, crazy, sexy love affair with Beirut. Please comment if you download! Enjoy, and let me know what you think :)

the first rule of broom-wielding |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

“Oh my god, Jon,” Brendon said, bouncing into the apartment and dropping Sass onto the couch next to Dylan. Sassy was not impressed. She bared her teeth at the cat with a little growl and then scrambled down to hide under the coffee table. “Jon, Jon, Jon.”

“What?” Jon poked his head out of the bathroom, dress pants unbuckled and chest bare, a towel draped around his neck.

Brendon grinned. “I met a boy.”

1. All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey - The Dandy Warhols
2. Fashionable Living Room - Houseguest
3. Honey Come Home - Murder Mystery
4. Joker And Clown - Grand National
5. Recently - Polaris
6. Keep Your Love - Loveninjas
7. The Rent is Due - You, Me and Everyone We Know
8. No Place to Hide - The Ruling Party
9. The Underdog - Spoon
10. Inches And Failing - The Format
11. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Feist
12. Bedroom Eyes - Jared Scharff and the Royals
13. Friday - Goldspot
14. Scenic World - Beirut

Frank tugged off his mittens – mittens! – and grinned and, “Oh my god, they’re so cute,” Brendon breathed.

Mikey didn’t say anything, but when Brendon glanced over at him he was grinning, too.
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Hi. I like everybody who is not a douchebag. I like boys. I like my heartless robot flist, but if you're sick of bandom talk, feel free to de-friend me or filter me or something, no hard feelings, okay? Okay! That said, here's some more awesome music. (I also like awesome music!) Comment if you're downloading this, please! *spreads love*

The Way It Is Now |
right-click and save-as: soundtrack

gay does not equal scared of girls, Brendon texts to Haley, making sure to use extra force with the little keys. i’m totally not scared of you.

There’s no actual response, but he can hear Spencer laughing in the back lounge.

1. Hold Yr Terror Close - The Go! Team
2. Monsters Under The Bed - Eugene McGuinness
3. Here Comes a Special Boy - Freezepop
4. I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For A Boy - The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
5. The Start Of Something - Voxtrot
6. I Love You 'Cause I Have To - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
7. Ooh - Scissor Sisters
8. Crazy Over You - BlindSwitch
9. Be Gentle With Me - The Boy Least Likely To
10. You and Me and the Moon - The Magnetic Fields
11. Crawling Towards The Sun - The Hush Sound
12. You're With Me - Marit Bergman


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