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Ah, 2009. The year of the Twitter, and of my blossoming love for Mike Carden and Kevin Jonas. Weird times, people. Weird times.

FIC OF 2009 )
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Stoichiometry | PG-13 | ~6,000
Brendon/Spencer, Ryan/Jon
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation, Allotropy, Adsorption, and Saponification.

“You are glorious,” Brendon tells Captain Hall, because Captain Hall is like a giant walking, talking teddy bear and he doesn’t let anyone be mean to Brendon. He even tells Pete not to be a creeper, which is awesome, because it’s not like Brendon minds all of Pete’s ass-slaps, but there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. That line has been firmly drawn by Captain Zack Hall, of the USMC.

A/N: Prior knowledge of this universe would be helpful, so you should read all the ones that came before this one. It's a fun, wacky, weird ride, I promise you. And I know I claimed this was the last fic in this series, but everything is just begging for an Earthside fic, y/y? Or a Zack's Team fic? There's just so much to play with! Anyway, special awesome thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the beta :) There are mini-clones and Zack Hall and Sterling Knight, who plays Chad Dylan Cooper on Sunny With a Chance (and he was also Zac Efron's son in 17 Again, he's awesome, and, no, I'm not actually a 13 year old girl)

Stoichiometry )
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Start Where You Begin | PG-13 | ~16,000
Rodney/John | AU kidfic

He was brilliant, as close to all-knowing as a human could possibly be, and he was slowly being whittled down to a drooling half-wit by a big-eyed, eerily silent three-year-old, the smallest baby known to mankind, and a black and white rabbit that ate absolutely everything that happened to be on floor level, including tape, electrical wiring, carpet fibers, wood molding, and socks.

Very Important A/N: I wrote the bulk of this fic THREE YEARS AGO, before Jeannie’s kid was ever named, which means that this story is both ridiculous and pointless, and since my writing style has evolved over the years, it’s probably a little disjointed as well. I just couldn’t leave it unfinished, though; I loved Daisy too much, and people seemed to really like the first 30 pages of this that I’d posted before. This is domestic fluff and schmoop, with a heavy dose of Rodney-ranting, and it’s mainly about being a dad. I’m leaning towards it being more of a character piece than even having a driving plot. So, WHATEVER, folks who are still interested in reading my SGA fic, enjoy—whatever this is.

Start Where You Begin )
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Saponification | PG-13 | multiple pairings | 19,000+
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation, Allotropy and Adsorption.

“I don’t usually follow gossip,” Brendon says, which is a blatant, bald lie, “but word is Crawford’s got an imaginary friend.”

A/N: For those of you who skipped Adsorption because of the JoBros, I strongly urge you to reconsider (Carden is awesome!) – I’m gonna say you probably need to have read ALL stories that have come before, and I’m gonna say that because I basically throw every character ever at you in this one. Except for, I’m sad to say, most of Panic. Fear not, they shall be the focus of the very next installment! Saying that, Saponification (title tongue-in-cheek) is about a slight mystery surrounding Joe, Gerard, Johnson and Ian. To make things slightly less confusing, have a Supersaturation Character Cheat Sheet! There are Nickelodeon and Disney people now! I blame Bonus.
Much awesome thanks to [ profile] insunshine for the kick-ass beta-job. I totally don’t have favorites, but this is for [ profile] druidspell (my best ‘verse supporter), [ profile] nunshavingfun (I fixed Joe for you!!!), and [ profile] starflowers (whose mere existence makes me smile).

Saponification )
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Adsorption | PG-13 | 5,000+
Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, Sublimation and Allotropy.

“Skippy here’s a virgin,” Carden says, tugging Kevin down into the seat next to him. He’s been doing that all day, pushing him around, like he’s some sort of circus freak or trained dog or something.

A/N: So I did it! It’s the JoBros in space! But also Mike Carden! And Chuck and Chislett! While reading the many stories before this one isn’t strictly necessary, there are references to stuff in the other fics, and Carden himself was introduced briefly in Allotropy, so I’d advise reading them all before attempting this one. And, of course, the next major stop in this ‘verse will have more Carden, so this one will be helpful for that.
A couple things: Kevin is the oldest Jonas brother. Bonus Jonas is actually named Frankie, but calling him Bonus is way funnier. Selena Gomez does, indeed, have a large head. Purity rings will never not be funny to me, sorry.
Finally, thank you so much to [ profile] insunshine for the quick beta and for being generally kick-ass awesome.

* This was actually supposed to be what I had planned for V-Day, so consider it an early gift? I'm just really horrible at waiting to post once I've got a finished copy :) Enjoy!

Adsorption )
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Happy New Year, folks! Hope you're having a nice holiday :) And now, from oldest to newest, stuff I’ve written this year in the magical world of bandom. It's a nice even 30 this year, wooo! )
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Allotropy | ~10,000 | PG-13 | Singer/Johnson
Spin-off Supersaturation 'verse fic | Cab babies in space
download the soundtrack

The problem, the biggest problem of being on an off-world team, is that Alex is still afraid of aliens. Aliens with their alien probes and freaky humanoid bodies. They aren’t fooling Alex. Alex totally has their number.

A/N: So here's the deal. You can maybe read this without reading all the prequels, but I'd advise against that, seeing as how it's THE ENTIRETY OF BANDOM IN SPACE and who doesn't love that? But it's a daunting ~63,000 words - Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy, Entropy, & Sublimation - and there's very little crossover characters. Frank's a xenobiologist. Wentz and Way are an unstoppable force of world saving awesome. Saying that, this is entirely from Singer's POV, and focuses on his friends and his 'gate team. For the uninformed: Ballato is Lyn-Z. Lewis is Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. Simmons is Mikeyway's lovely real life wife. Also, HUGE, mammoth thanks to [ profile] t_usual_suspect for the beta and for telling me that my characterization of the boys works, and thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the title :)

[a bandslash primer for SGA-ers | SGA for bandslashers | a Cab primer, since I haven't added them to mine yet ]

Allotropy )
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Sublimation | 18,400+ | PG-13 | Various multibandom pairings
Sequel to Supersaturation, Solvation, Enthalpy & Entropy
download the soundtrack

William is not exactly sure what’s going on, but he’s feeling very fourteen. Very awkward with his limbs, very sore, and he does not like it.

A/N: SGA/Bandslash fusion. You’ll definitely need to have read all previous fics in this ‘verse before hand, even though this one is decidedly William-heavy. Monster thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the fabulous beta (and for making me grin like a freaking loon). Of note: since the beauty of SGA is that it does not take place in the future, I’ve made all the boys randomly older than their current selves. There is arguably no plot in this? Not one of any substance, anyway. Also, right now I love William the most in all the land *twirls*

[ETA: a bandslash primer for SGA-ers | SGA for bandslashers ]

Sublimation )
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The Fiery Hound of Lo’r Mawra | PG-13 | ~14,000

“I have seen a harbinger. With its,” she curled her fingers up by her mouth, her sudden lack of serenity obviously stunting her descriptive skills, “sharp teeth and flaming hair and... floppy ears.”

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this a LONG time ago. Like, a year and a half ago, and it went into Stormy and Val's Surfacing zine. It was an awesome experience, and I'd recommend it for anyone, and they did a great job. I had a little issue with my "chapters" suddenly disappearing for print - I don't know what happened, but I think it made the transitions seem choppy. ANYWAY! Here it is online for everyone to enjoy. It's just silly fun.

The Fiery Hound of Lo’r Mawra )
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First of all, thanks so much for all the congrats on my MARRIAGE (omg!) - it'd take forever to go through them all and thank you all properly, but you are SO AWESOME and I love all my heartless robot friends and all my lurkers!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! It's a shiny new year! 2008! Should I do a fic wrap up? I have nothing else for you - I have to think up a new epic or something, to counteract the complete ridiculousness of my last two fics (whooooo!!)

Although I still have some SGA on this list, and one random AWESOME (I'm so modest) Harry Potter fic, 2007 was the year bandslash stole my heart, my brain, my soul. Oh, Brendon. What I wouldn't give for you to actually be a gay indiscriminate hugger who's afraid of teenage girls *le sigh*. These are listed from oldest to newest. Maybe you'll find one you missed!

the 2007 fics! )
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Solvation | 23,000+ | PG-13 | Sequel to Supersaturation
Brendon/Spencer, Patrick/Pete, Frank/Gerard, Bob/Joe, Jon/Ryan
Warnings: This is a little more serious than Supersaturation? Also, there's a long-ago character death.
download the Solvation soundtrack

It’s possible, maybe, that the whole thing is Brendon’s fault. “Okay,” Brendon says. “Okay, this could be my fault.”

It’s imperative that you read Supersaturation first. You might also want to check out my SGA for Bandslashers primer - the Wraith feature heavily in this. Many huge thanks to [ profile] castoffstarter for the awesome beta. Author notes are at the end, as well as a link to Enthalpy - Frank’s spin-off companion fic. Feedback would rock my world.

Solvation )
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Enthalpy | 4,500+ | PG-13 | Brief aside from Solvation
download the soundtrack

“Oh, and,” Other-Frank bobbed his head, “there’s two of me now.”

A/N: This is one of Frank’s jumps in the quantum mirror. Major thanks again to [ profile] castoffstarter for the beta.

Enthalpy )
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Title: Supersaturation
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13/light R
Word count: 15,000+
Summary: Brendon’s a little in love with Lieutenant Spencer Smith. And not, like, fifteen-year-old girl love, either, but the kind of love where his chest hurts and he wants to be around him constantly and he wants into his pants, and okay. It pretty much sounds like fifteen-year-old girl love, but it’s not, no matter what Ryan says.
A/N: This is a Bandslash/Stargate: Atlantis fusion fic, with emphasis on Panic!, but it’s basically just a bunch of band-persons in space. Team-fic, with all the SGA shenanigans that implies. Huge thanks to [ profile] castoffstarter for beta’ing this monster. Some bandslash primers are here.

download the soundtrack
bandslash for SGA-ers primer
SGA for bandslashers

Supersaturation )


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