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I posted some wedding pics in my scrapbook. Just a few that turned out all right. We don't have anything professional back yet.
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ETA: Does anyone think that Clothes Off! would be an inappropriate wedding reception entrance song? She hasn't listened to it yet, but my mom is worried that it'll offend people, and it's the first thing we've clashed on, but since my parents are, you know, paying and it's generally just a huge party for their friends... I don't know. I think the song's cute and catchy, but we'll have a hall half-full of 50 yrs and older people. What do you guys think?


J has this thing. This thing where he makes me do a Jack Nicholson impression and, see, I don't actually have a Jack Nicholson impression, so it's really, really stupid. And he'll do it EVERYWHERE. He'll be, like, hey, do that thing you do, and then he'll stare me down until I do the stupid "are we clear?" dialog from A Few Good Men, with him as Tom Cruise. In my regular voice. And then he'll bring it up in front of his friends, like, "do your Jack Nicholson impression!" and then I have to explain that, no, I don't actually have an impression, J is just insane. Whatever, he made me do the "You can't handle the truth" part in a chinese restaurant last night. I love him so.

Also, it looks like I'm writing another SGA/Bandslash fic. So I have the original, the sequel, the Frank spinoff, and now I'm writing William and his newly formed team.

The Butcher is one of William’s very favorite people, despite his penchant for short shorts and calisthenics. Or maybe because of that. There’s nothing quite so exhilarating as Lieutenant Mrotek’s morning jogs through the Atlantis hallways – watching them, at least.

William isn’t so sure it was a good idea to form an interplanetary team with him, though.

They’d set Greta on him. Sweet-mouthed Greta with curves that make his fingers itch, and Sisky’d low-balled him with his mischievous up-to-no-good grin that he knew William had no chance of resisting – nor did he normally want to - and now he’s a permanent member of SGA-15 and well on his way to getting eaten by the large, gorilla-like beasties on P54.

Hurray for off-world shenanigans! I haven't settled on a central plot yet, so I don't know who else will be involved, but hopefully more Team JWalk and Team Toro.
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So! My brother is married. It is done.

My weekend, in brief:

Friday: arrived at hotel and left immediately for the bridal luncheon where there was lots of yummy food, got nails done, had rehersal dinner at Stone Mountain's marina. Got lost for an hour coming back, but J and I were asleep in the back seat so it didn't matter much to us. My Aunt K's parents left without her (they're 80 some years old) got lost, and didn't make it back to the hotel until ONE PM THE NEXT AFTERNOON. Yes, folks, they were lost from 10 at night to 1 the next day. It was a little nerve-wracking.

Saturday: had my make-up done, hair shelacked, put on my neck-plunging bridesmaid gown. Dudes, it was so low. I had to tape myself and I was worried I was going to pop out all night. I'll have pics in a few days maybe :) Had a very nice reception, then I went to sleep while J stayed up and got so drunk he threw up all night all over the hotel room. I was and am still very pissed. I had to stay up all night and clean up after him and make sure he didn't destroy the room. I left the maid a hefty tip anyway, but way to put a strain on my brother's wedding J! Thanks!

Sunday: woke up after about 3 hours sleep for the wedding brunch. J, still drunk, managed to behave himself and not throw up at the table. Packed up and headed for the airport, where about 15 other guests from Philly were also on the flight. Got home around 5, rounded up all the animals. The cats were angry, Moose wanted to go back to J's parents, Roxy just wanted ATTENTION she's such a brat, and Chewie wouldn't leave my lap. Happy didn't even notice we were gone, so long as her food arrived in time.

So, yeah, not the relaxing weekend I had been hoping for, but it's OVER thank god. Did I miss anything around here?
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* My One Crazy Summer AU is DONE and being beta'd. HOW EXCITING! I just have to edit the crap out of it, and edit even more crap out of my Just One Of The Guys AU and I'll have finished all of my summer challenge fics! Also, I'll get to post my Winnie The Pooh AU soon!

* I'm writing Bob the janitor, yes I am. I'm not sure how many school!verse elements are going to get into it, but it's definitely going to be Bob/Ryan. Something new and fun!

This is how our Day After Tomorrow conversation went last night:

J: You know, if this ever happened, we wouldn't be able to keep all the dogs.

Me: ...

J: except Chew, because you wouldn't let her out of your arms.

Me: what about the cats and Happy?

J: we'd eat them.

Me: ...

J: actually, we'd have to eat the dogs, too. Are you willing to eat ChewChew? Can you do that? Wait, no, I'm not going to lie to you here, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's going to survive.

Me: ...

J: You have to be willing to eat the dogs, and you're not going to be, and then you're going to give up and I'm going to eat you.

Me: ...

J: Definitely. That's how it's going down.

Me: You'd eat me if I died?

J: I'd probably kill and eat you.

Me: Wait, you wouldn't even wait until I was dead?

J: You'd give up way before then. No sense waiting. You're almost dead at that point, anyway.

Me: *thinks* We have a wood burning stove in the basement. I think we can just barracade us and all the animals down there.

J: We could eat the fish.

Me: Sure.

J: There'd be no electricity and they'd die anyway.

Me: Okay.

J: And then we'd start in on the animals.

Me: You get that this movie happened within days, right? And then at the end everyone who'd stayed inside and warm were relatively okay? We won't have to eat any of the animals.

J: What'll we eat then? We'll need to eat.

Me: I think we can survive a few days without food. We can boil water from the fish tank on the wood burning stove. We'll be fine.

J: *thinks* Maybe.

J wants to kill and eat me in case of an emergency. That's love.
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* J and I had our engagement photo shoot this afternoon at Valley Forge park. At least it wasn't too hot out.

* We also went and bought a king size bed. The dogs will not be enjoying it with us (except for when Chewie slips under the covers in the middle of the night! She's so adorable and wee!)

* Also, our living room is completely demolished. And we have to have it done by the 10th, when our floors are being refinished.

* Bden Coming Out Fic is kind of done? Needs some re-writing and tightening and stuff, but the bulk of it is finished.

* I uploaded Herman's Hermits for [ profile] ladybeth and thought I'd post it for everyone to enjoy. It's a yousendit link, so it'll run out in a week.

* We have a baby robin in our yard. Mostly, the dogs are afraid of it, but we're trying to make sure the momma can still come feed it while it's hopping around. It's so cute! I had to get gloves on and herd it into the side yard.

* We had Panera for lunch. Mmmmmm... Panera tuna salad sammy. Yum.
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Rec me something gay. Rec me something juicy & lengthy & gay of the bandslash or SGA variety (no spoilers). Please?

Also -

Me: I'm going to marry Fall Out Boy
J: Do they know you already booked the hall?

Also, also -

J: You know what I want to be? I want to be--
Me: A magician?
*both of us die laughing*
J: No, no, I want to be--
Me: Seriously, you should be a magician.
*more dying by laughter*
J: No, I want to be, like, a criminal mastermind.
*silent pause*
Me: Can't you be both?

Now J leaves the room by pretending to throw down smoke and disappearing. We are so dumb. Seriouly, we could not stop laughing about the magician stuff, and it's really not all that funny. We totally deserve each other.
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J is trying to convince me to write this story:

Ghost Zeppelin
Lance Bass is a ex-ace German pilot in Nazi Germany who was forced out of service after he lost part of his left leg, Chuck Norris is a drunken Welsh gambler, Lily Tomlin is an anonymous passenger, and they've all found themselves aboard a Zeppelin haunted by the ghost of Don Knotts.

Or this story:

Ghost Train
A much simpler story about two strangers on a train haunted by the ghost of Don Knotts. Lance Bass and Chuck Norris must work together to stop the.... GHOST TRAIN!

I think it says something that I was hysterically laughing when he came up with these stupid things. Though mostly it's cause he just shouted out random names paired with Lance Bass, his favortest cosmonaut. And also. I can't believe he knows who Lily Tomlin is, but has no clue who Julie Andrews is. *shakes head*


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