Nov. 7th, 2010

skoosiepants: (toilet monkey)
I'm back from St. Thomas! I'm all rummed out, I'm way tan, I have mysterious bug bites on my calves and feet, I'm exhausted. I also swam just about four feet over the biggest stingray I've ever seen - about ten feet long, four feet wide, just the creepy blinking eyes were enormous - and we swam with sea turtles, one came up for air inches from my face, it was so awesome. Sea turtles are the coolest. AND I got stung by something, possibly a sea urchin, even though all I did was lean up against a wooden ladder to a dock. I had to douse my arm in vinegar for a night, but it faded by the next day. Way less painful than a jellyfish sting, but still unpleasant. The iguanas there are like pigeons, I named the ones that hung around right outside our condo - Meegosh, Sanchez, Lolita, Manny and Junior.

I'm glad to be back, though, I missed my zoo. I have no energy to unpack. I hate traveling. I will probably be extremely unproductive this week, but it's not like I expected to get anything done anyway.

That's all I got. There's a cat settling down on my arms for a nice snuggle, so I gots to go take care of that.


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