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First of all, thanks so much for all the congrats on my MARRIAGE (omg!) - it'd take forever to go through them all and thank you all properly, but you are SO AWESOME and I love all my heartless robot friends and all my lurkers!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! It's a shiny new year! 2008! Should I do a fic wrap up? I have nothing else for you - I have to think up a new epic or something, to counteract the complete ridiculousness of my last two fics (whooooo!!)

Although I still have some SGA on this list, and one random AWESOME (I'm so modest) Harry Potter fic, 2007 was the year bandslash stole my heart, my brain, my soul. Oh, Brendon. What I wouldn't give for you to actually be a gay indiscriminate hugger who's afraid of teenage girls *le sigh*. These are listed from oldest to newest. Maybe you'll find one you missed!

the 2007 fics! )
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Title: Never Was A Badger So
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG
Word count: 2000+
Summary: “Apparently,” he said as they made their way out of the store, “I have a soft spot for spazzy Hufflepuffs.”
A/N: Panic! at the Disco goes to Hogwarts featuring a couple random band-persons, with no thought to age, because seriously. They aren't British, it doesn't make sense, and yet Jon Walker is awesome and Brendon makes the best Hufflepuff of all time. So there. Also, I had [ profile] eckerlilas check this again, because she is super cool and also because I'm still worried about getting the boys right - so yay for Shonna!

Never Was A Badger So )
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Title: Turn Sharp
Pairings: Hermione/Blaise-ish, Draco/Ron-ish
Word count: 5300+
Rating: PG
Summary: Malfoy’s jaw tensed, muscles jumping, and he bit out, “This isn’t about trust, Granger. This is about you currently being the only fourth we could agree on.”
A/N: This is another HP/SGA fusion fic! This is # 3 in my Directional Series, following Stay Left. Reading both Go Far and Stay Left before this one is strongly encouraged. Huge thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the excellent beta :) As it stands now, there will be one more DS story, from Malfoy's pov.

Turn Sharp )
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Title: Otherwise
Pairings: Ginny/JFF, Ginny/rage blackouts, Ron/Draco
Rating: PG-13/R for language?
Word count: 4000+
Summary: “I am getting completely shit-faced and then I’m going to kill Finch-Fletchly and then at some point I hope to get my job back.”
A/N: This is an effort to cheer myself up. God, I think I had bits of this fic on my computer squirreled away for over a year, and I found it today and realized the reason I couldn't finish any of it was because I was pushing a pairing I didn't believe in anymore. This is good old crack! This is Ginny being ANGRY BEYOND ALL REASON! Enjoy.

“You are mentally imbalanced,” he said slowly. )
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A/N: Three ficlets set mere weeks after Bagglevarger's Theory of Inversive Magic, so you kinda have to've read that first. These are not quite raw, but completely unbeta'd, short, fluffy, pointless, and I hope to do some future fic in this universe at some point, but for right now you get Rodney, and his embarrassing weakness for John and Hufflepuffs. For [ profile] chopchica.

Title: Hufflepuffs Are Not Puppies, Feel Free To Kick
Summary: Seriously. Hufflepuffs
Word count: 941

Hufflepuffs Are Not Puppies, Feel Free To Kick )

Title: The More You Get, The More You Have
Summary: Rodney was sort of miserable all by himself.
Word count: 654

The More You Get, The More You Have )

Title: If A Job's Worth Doing, It's Worth Paying Someone Else To Do It
Summary: So essentially he needed to apologize to John.
Word count: 1185

If A Job's Worth Doing, It's Worth Paying Someone Else To Do It )
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I am suffering from the dreaded writers-block - still. It's horrible and I feel like a useless blob. So. Of course I took the time to totally edit and PDF and bookmark Dirty Trousers.

Downloadable Dirty Trousers with bookmarks to each installment is now available here [723KB] - please RIGHT-CLICK AND SAVE-AS so you don't shut down my website.

And while I'm here, anybody have any SGA ideas they wanna pawn off on me? I'm open to anything that isn't porn, because we've already established that I can't write porn. I need inspiration!!! I'm desperate!
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I'm pretty sure this year has been my most prolific in terms of writing. John and Rodney are just so inspiring :) Let's take a look back, shall we? *wavy dream-sequence lines*

teh 2006 fics )

That's it! I didn't count Start Where You Begin, because it's not even remotely finished, but wow. What is that, 24 fics? Awesome.
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Title: Stay Left
Pairings: Seamus/Finch-Fletchly friendship, Ron/Malfoy-ish, implied Sheppard/McKay, Seamus/Neville pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,800+
Summary: His mum had called him gifted growing up, but his da always claimed he was a neurotic optimist with a dangerously large brain and a mild case of Tourette’s
Warning: Non Magic HP/SGA fusion fic.
A/N: This follows the HP/SGA fusion fic Go Far, and some things might not make sense without reading that first. However, this is from Seamus' POV and Go Far is from Ron's, and Ron has an entirely different take on Pegasus. I'm tentatively calling this the Directional Series, since I've got an adventure in mind for Hermione next. Massive thanks to [ profile] druidspell for the awesome beta!

Stay Left )
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Title: Go Far
Pairing: Ron/Malfoy-ish, implied Sheppard/McKay
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,300+
Summary: The Pegasus Galaxy wanted Ron dead.
Warning: As should be obvious above, this is a HP/SGA fusion fic. Non-magic.
A/N: Self-indulgent stuff and nonsense. If you’re unfamiliar with my HP stuff, I tend to go my own way with the characters. If you’re familiar with my HP stuff, I haven’t written Ron and Draco in a long time, so bear with my less than stellar Brit cadence. Massive thanks go to [ profile] druidspell for the beta, helpful comments & suggestions, and all around encouragement.

Ron regretted his decision to hopscotch into the Pegasus Galaxy about once every two weeks or so. )
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Title: Bagglevarger’s Theory of Inversive Magic
Pairing: John/Rodney (kinda pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 18,500+
Warning: SGA/HP crossover, bastardized future fic. The year is 2011, but the guys are all kids, so. Make of that what you will.
Summary: After the first day, McKay had sniffed imperiously, chin tipped up, and told him that he wasn’t a complete idiot, and his shame would only be marginal if they were seen together outside of class. Instead of telling him to fuck off, John had grinned sardonically and drawled a mocking, “Thanks,” and McKay took that as the olive branch it wasn’t and bullied his way into John’s daily life.
A/N: I probably shouldn't have written this. I probably shouldn't have invested so much freakin' time in this sort of crack, but oh well. This is for [ profile] civilbloodshed, who asked for a SGA/HP crossover drabble and gave me the excuse to go completely insane (50 pages. geez). Huge thanks go to [ profile] druidspell for beta'ing this monster :)
And Seriously? I think I've watched Ghostbusters waaaay too many times. Ten points for whoever picks out the badly mangled quote.
Finally: I took liberty with just about everything from the Harry Potter and Stargate universes. Consequently, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
And here's a small guide to Harry Potter minor characters in case you need it.
**Awesome banner by the wonderful [ profile] sandrainthesun!**

Bagglevarger’s Theory of Inversive Magic )
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Thought I'd announce this for the interested, since I've had an email about it already. My first ever HP fanfic, The Origin of Storms, was taken offline this past weekend. I wasn't satisfied with it as a whole, and I think it reflected badly on my current style. I liked parts of it, but as a cohesive story I openly admit it sucked. So anyway, it's still being archived on one out-of-the-way site, so if you feel a burning need (god why?) to read it, let me know and I'll give you the link.

Also, heads up on the removal of Twilight. This story is not archived anywhere but FA, so once it's gone, it'll be... gone (truly, it's a good thing). And A Fairly Decent Hex will also go the way of badfics, since it ties into Origin.

As it stands, all else will be left, even though I have no immediate plans on finishing Nighthawk or Long-hidden Skies.

This decision was not made because of any bad reviews/comments/feedback, because for some reason people tended to like these stories. I just have lost any affection I once held for them, and even looking at the names kinda makes me cringe. So. That's it.

AND OH MY GOD I'M STARTING TO PANIC - feb 1st is rapidly approaching and I still haven't decided on the perfect way to restart Dirty Trousers... GAH!
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Title: The Entirely Wrong Way (1/2)
Rating: PG-13 (I seriously thought it would be more, but alas, no go)
Pairings/characters: Hermione/Blaise, Draco/Ron, a few spatterings of others. Various persons pop up here and there.
Summary: The Honorable Hermione Granger always seemed to get into the most horrendous scrapes. A Pirate!AU with Captain Draco Malfoy at the helm of The Tidy Squall, and Mr. Blaise Zabini at his side.
The Long List of Important Story Notes and Warnings!!!!
I hate research. You're lucky I even bothered with a few details in this *grins winningly*
~ "Old coat" is an old sailor, not a misspelling of "old coot" - just to clarify.
~ The Abacos Islands are a string of largely uninhabited islands in the Carribean, however I doubt they were called Abacos when this story takes place - I'm not even going to bother to pin down a date, but 16 or 17 hundreds thereabout - but I don't care. I'm calling them Abacos. Blue Cay is completely fictional.
~ Good King Wenceslas was written far after this adventure as well, but I liked the idea of Hermione's father singing that particular ditty, so I left it in.
~ The ages of everyone are mixed up for the purpose of some accuracy to the time period. And I use the phrase "some accuracy" quite loosely. Draco and Blaise are early 30's, Hermione, Hannah and Ron are barely 17 or so, and everyone else it doesn't much matter. You can just imagine for them.
~ I purposely abuse the word "aye" because I love it so. Also, I take full advantage of the "Pirates" poke from PotC - which I shan't explain but you'll be able to pick up on it, I'm sure.
~ Some of you may hate me for my characterization of Harry in this. I apologize in advance.

Lastly!! This turned out incredibly fluffy, everyone is OOC, my language is much more verbose - I think it's my inner romance novelist coming out - because, oh yes. This has Harlequin stamped all over it. I wrote this entirely for my own amusement. Hopefully some of you will enjoy it as well.
And it's open-ended, nothing quite completely wrapped up, because I might possibly write in this world again :)

The Entirely Wrong Way: Part One )
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I was in a pensive mood.

Quick ficlet about a losing war. Ron's team is trapped, their options limited, their loyalty to the secrets of the Order firm. A bit open-ended and raw. Minor off-screen character death warning, tho it's one of my favorites so I had a hard time doing it.

This isn't all that good, but I'm fond of some of my descriptors *nods*

There were shifting shadows, moving black hulks flickering in and out of the semi-bare branches, wand-tips flaring with brief confidence, harsh barks of laughter spiraling up towards the second story like smoke. )
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Title: Imitating Life
Pairing: Hermione/fanon!Blaise
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Hermione is tortured with 80s movie references, Seamus and Lavender argue over James Spader, and no one remembers the end of One Crazy Summer. Non-magic AU.
A/N: I am completely insane. This proves it. The style, the rapid back and forth, is a product of reading too many Sports Night fanfics. I apologize for the utter unredeemability of this piece. Seriously. Also, it really helps to know your 80s references in reading this.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just evolved from Sixteen Candles to Pretty in Pink.” )
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Title: This Is Not A Story About Lavender
Rating: Really, I think it's only PG
Summary: AU, non-magic. Ernie doesn't realize he's lost everything until Lavender startles her way back into his life, and ends up giving him more than he ever wanted. This is not HET. This is SLASH.

Author Notes and Important Preambles: So I sat down with the intention of writing a Harlequin-esqe Harry Potter AU. Cheesy romance at it's best. I looked on the Harlequin site for inspiration, but none of the amazingly bad summaries jumped out at me... I couldn't picture anyone in those roles. So I thought to myself: Dude, you can totally come up with a cheesy romance plot on your own! I immediately thought: Psychic!Lav! It totally works. And she goes home to... farmboy!Ernie! So we've got the future (Lav) and the past (Ernie) and then I thought... we need someone to shake things up. And thus a new pairing was born.

This ended up being mostly about Ernie, though. I think it's still waaaaay cheesy, and a little angsty, and a little fluffy. And I also think this might as well be original since it's long-gone beyond AU and into the land of "you made Seamus a dog?" Dudes. I totally did.

Extra notes: Working title. Unbeta'd. The pace and transitions are reminiscent of The Commune Love Story. Technically the first draft, so let me know if you see any glaring holes. Also, the ending is lame. You already know I suck at endings though *nods*

This Is Not A Story About Lavender )
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This is for [ profile] littleleggylulu. She requested Draco/Ron to cheer her up, and while I'm normally horrible at writing on demand, as it were - since my muse is a tricky, hateful bitch - I got inspired.

Title: Forfeit
Pairing: Draco/Ron
Rating: Um. I think it just warrants an R.
Summary: Draco is completely straight. Honestly. (PWP)
Author notes: My goal for this short piece was to fit as many clichés in as I could. This is purposefully cheesy, since I'm incapable of writing straight pr0n (and by "straight" I mean non-comedic). This is un-beta'd, baked fresh.

Forfeit )
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*gasp* *shock* I've actually written something other than DT and DF! I am amazed at myself, but this Draco/Ron hit me last night. It's shortish, and I think it's trying too hard for something it doesn't actually acheive, but I've already told you folks that I suck at angst, so. Be forewarned.

Still, I'll do it up official like.

Title: Aftermath
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Ron can taste Dark Magic, and Malfoy's mouth is clean. Reconstruction in west London.
Author notes: Yeah. Tries too hard, but I love the feel of it. The flow is similar to my Commune Love Story. This is unbeta'd and really raw. I may rework it later on. And the ending is abrupt, I know. Sorry.

Aftermath )
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NEW CRACKFIC! *dances* *does The Robot*

Title: A Family Affair
Rating: PG-13 crack
Summary: Seamus crashes a family reunion. Comedy ensues. Featuring paranoid!Harry, stalking!Seamus, accidentprone!Neville, drunk!Dean, pieloving!Ron and, oh yes, my favorite sparkly boys. HP/NSYNC, cats!
Notes/warnings/disclaimer: Crack, pure and true and stupid, and oh it made me laugh so hard while writing it, as usual *grins* This is SLASH! There are no redeeming qualities to this! And I've taken an enormous amount of creative license with everything from Irish geneology to Butterbeer. Also, the real people featured in this? Don't know 'em, and I'm pretty sure this isn't true. There is also an excessive use of the word "dude." I found it funny.

Special thanks go to my flisters, especially my crack-dealer, [ profile] sanityinstrife, and [ profile] stereotype_vamp, for commiserating with me about Justin and sheep, and [ profile] lady_draherm, whom I recently corrupted in the ways of popslash, but damned if she doesn't look happier that way.

A Family Affair )


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