Mar. 10th, 2010

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So Mr. B and Corey Haim died in the same week. PORTENTS OF DOOM.

Not to mention the Bob fiasco :(

I have major writer's block, but that seems to happen to me every couple of months, so I'm just gonna go with it. I DO have a fic that's done and at my beta's, though, so it won't be completely dry around here. Plus, I'm participating in [ profile] sodamnskippy's kink bingo or whatever it's called - we shall see if that snaps me out of this funk.

And because I kinda, sorta, maybe wrote sex for that fic I mentioned above, [ profile] starflowers said she would write sex, too, with the pairing of my choice, and OF COURSE I chose Bob/Bill - because who WOULDN'T? - and she wrote it and it is awesome, and so much better than my little hard R try (that I'm still unsure of leaving in, even though I guess I have to now, since she wrote this????)

You know what I need? MORE TEA.

March needs a swift kick in the ass.


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