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whether or not to covert up my rodney/John fic, and once again perusing old forgotten bits of files... I don't even remember where this was going, but I applaud my use of "wee":

WEE! )
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I've been sitting on this for over a year, people. And, though I seriously hate to admit it, I have no idea what these characters' voices are anymore. Nighthawk, folks, is pretty close to dead. It's giving a loud, wailing death rattle-cry. It's been shot in the gut and is slowing being poisoned. I tried. I honestly didn't want to give up, but my head is completely filled with AUs. I think it's a product of my lurching out of the fandom. It's a sad fact that I no longer read much HP fic, and what I do read is mostly genfic, short character pieces or AUs. And I haven't written anything canon of any substance since... um... Does EHWK count?

So... these are those five sad pages I wrote right after posting chapter nine. Pages I can't get past. I'm so pathetic.

Don't hurt me.

what's left of Nighthawk... )

Sorry. *hangs head*
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Hmmmm... Scooby Do anyone? Not sure how I feel about this part, the darker backdrop was giving me trouble with their voices, and I still don't think it's spot on, but eh *shrugs* It's crack. I also know fuck-all about architecture, but I like giving Harry descriptive hobbies, don't I?

Oh, and happy birthday [ profile] littleleggylulu!! *dances* *does The Robot* *flips disco switch* *summons sparkly boys*

And on one more note: Dudes, Robert Pattinson is a fox *licks* but he's totally a crack muppet. Oh, [ profile] nunshavingfun, I shall be forever grateful to you for that! Best. Description. Evah!

Diagon City: Prologue

Diagon City: Part One )
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Overwhelmingly, you all seemed to want me to throw everything into the bucket o' crack, so here's the shortish prologue.

It's set in the future of the actual bulk of the fic. Meaning, subsequent chapters/installments will be placed one year before this.

And oh my god it's cheesy. Gracious me, cheese is so very fun to write! Lame names and all... just wait 'til you see what I've got cooked up for Hermione and Harry's alter egos :)

Think Comic superhero meets Mystery Men meets... crack. Which is why it's sorta an AU and sorta a fusion.

Diagon City: Prologue )
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[Poll #613129]
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I never get tired of it.

But seriously. The stupid lame-ass Christmas Shoes or whatever it's called song makes me want to off myself. I hate it. Who the hell buys shoes for their dying mum? It makes no sense!



On the other hand. The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Big song is hilarious.

ETA: The Entirely Wrong Way is now up on AT! *dances* *does The Robot*

I'm trying to piece together another holiday D/G. We'll see how it goes:
fucking hell, it's Christmas )
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Wow, I'm in the middle of writing my pirate!fic and Blaise isn't being cooperative, so I've been going through some files for inspiration.

Sorry for the spammage tonight... just felt like posting lots *grins winningly*
And I'd edit the Ghost Zeppelin entry, but I felt like that sorta needed to stand on it's own.

So, anywho, I need to set up a dead story page, I think. Here are a few ideas that unforunately puttered out...

A twitchy bloke with fine brown hair and pale eyes shook Nev awake, but the night was still dark and heavy when he crawled out of the tent and blinked up at the man who’d been guarding Seamus so closely. )

At some point, Hermione died. )

When their eyes catch over the frozen foods, Draco’s heart stutters in his chest and he struggles to keep the shock off his face. )

I just took a shower (yay!) and got inspired to write a Hannah!scene in the pirate fic. Good little Hannah, always so helpful :)
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Sorry folks! I'm hard at work writing my PIRATE!fic, and the urge to split it up into parts is strong. I know if I tried that, though, I may end up not finishing it... so a long one-shot it will be, me hearties.

Which means I'll be a bit quiet for a few days. Hopefully, though, it shall all be worth it in the end. My normal Blaise/Hermione, Draco/Ron... with a bit of a surprise for Hannah, plus a few others, I think, if I drag it out long enough :)

Avast ye!

“Do you think you’re charming?” she spat.

“Charming?” His brows rose. “Certainly not the word I would’ve used, love. Makes me wonder about the sort of company you’ve kept.”

The *nerve* of the man. “I haven’t kept any company at all.”

He leered at her. “All the more fun for me, then.”

Hermione was surprisingly more irate than fearful, and she was quite aware that her glare was ineffectual, the heat of it leaving no marks at all as it rolled off Zabini’s thick skin. “You’re despicable,” she groused.

“Now you’ve got the idea.”

OH! And Happy Halloween. Not my favorite holiday, but I hope y'all have fun :)
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I've got an all day bachelorette party tomorrow, so I won't be around at all, but I'm working steadily on my pirate piece, and having more fun than melted cheese :)

another random snippet:

“Look,” Hannah said, spine finally gaining the steel Hermione had seen so often when she dealt with her pompously overbearing step-father, “we’ve a boy aboard the Clamoring Sea Hag, and we want him back.” )

ETA: meme gakked from [ profile] szm

Mean lil fellow, arn't you?

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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I haven't been this excited since starting Hogwarts in Space!!! Don't worry, this will end up as a one-shot I'm sure, not an ongoing AU, but DUDES! PIRATES! REGENCY ROMANCE! SLASH! SWASHBUCKLING!! BUCKLING OF SWASH!

snippetty snip snip )
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I'm jumpy as Nev in a pit full of snakes, and I don't know why. ARGH!

J and I went out to dinner last night for our ani. 2 years! Geez. Sometimes it seems much longer. And I'm honestly such a freak-hermit-nonpeopleperson that I have no idea how I even landed him. *giggles* Landed. Dating has got to be my least favorite activity ever. Dating involves meeting strangers. Dating sucks. But luckily I floundered through the first couple months and we have so much insanity in common it's... insane. *sigh*

I have not written anything worthwhile today... the Nev and Seamus adventure shall continue maybe tomorrow. And I have half an installment of DT done *gasp!* and I'm pondering something original as well. We'll see.

So to entertain those hanging about, here's a comment drabble I wrote for [ profile] lady_draherm a couple weeks ago... You might've spotted it at her journal. I contemplated making it longer or rewriting it, but you know what? I'm just not motivated enough. Hurrah!!!

Draco Malfoy is One Cracked Out Cracker: a Popslash/HP crossover that makes little than no sense! )
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For the few brave souls who encouraged my madness yesterday... *hugs them* I'm not claiming this is any good at all.

Warnings: some reference to child abuse, and my secret super secret weakness for hurt/comfort fics is revealed, because that is definitely where this is heading... I've never written it before (at least I don't think I have) but I've been craving a good h/c read, so.

In case you missed it, you can find part one here

The one where Nev is a rogue scientist and Seamus is his self-proclaimed comedic side-kick and brother, except it's more about Seamus than anything else and who is that mysterious merc? part 2/? )
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My mind is a pool of weird, endless plotting. It just keeps getting odder.

I don't know where this came from or where it's going.

The one where Nev is a rogue scientist and Seamus is his self-proclaimed comedic side-kick and brother, except there's something more going on, isn't there? part 1/? )
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few more Better Off Dead icons for your enjoyment:

Charles De Mar! )

And because two of you so many of you asked for a Breakfast Club scene, I wrote this. It's actually only loosely BfC, and it's also young Marauders, which I have never, ever written before. Fun snippet, going nowhere. Unbeta'd and pretty raw. I may write a longer, crackier one with the current gang of Hogwarters, but that remains to be seen.

Remus twitched and curled further into himself, head bowing as he felt the weight of blue eyes. )
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Or you people have to help me write these.

I love teen novels. I love cheesey coming-of-age, god, especially early 80's teen books. Paula Danziger? *loves* Judy Blume? Is there anything better? Harlequin cheese of the teenie bopper kind? Dude! G-rated love stories with fifteen-yr-olds!

And when I can't sleep at night, my mind goes on rabid tangents. There is no way in hell I want to actually write these - no way in hell - but coming up with the sums have been fun. I've only got two down, but I've even got a title for the series.

I would pretty much be willing to have anyone's babies who decides to run with these. Seriously.

They are called the No Boys Allowed fics. They are all completely AU crack. Teen romance. Chock full of growing pains. G to PG situations. PG-13 in a pinch.

And, DUDES, you remember that pairing I said made puppies cry? The one I can't even read anymore? Yeah, the first one totally had to be it. I don't know why, but it's the way it came out...

No Boys Allowed )
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Yes, thanks to wonder that is Celebrity and the agreement of [ profile] stereotype_vamp, another crack bunny has dug its sharp little teeth into my brain, thus rendering my previous idea a limp carcass. And the sad part is this idea will most likely fall just as flat eventually, but first. First, we have defunct crossover crack. Just a short delve into what might have been if my nsync/hp muse wasn't currently being a total bitch. Humph. I rather liked where this one was going, too.

disappearances, ghetto Justin, and fucking Irish magic )
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But really, I'm just looking at some old discs.

[ profile] dirtytrousers has hit over a 100 pages! *does The Robot* And I'm less than a week into it, in case you haven't noticed. It's only friday, and it started on a Saturday. Wow. This is panning out to be somewhat Long-hidden Skies-ish, in which I'm only about four days in and it's over a 100 pages (I think). Anywho, I'm having fun, so that's what counts!

And now, onto old discs. Anyone up for some deleted Don't Let's Start? Yes, that's right, I threw out a couple scenes I didn't like, and went in completely different directions. Fun, eh?

what the authoress never wanted you to see )

And that's all for now folks. Luff and smooches.
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And completely remiss in updating this. Sorry. I have been totally immersed (sp?) in [ profile] dirtytrousers which is good, but bad at the same time. BUT! I have been writing other things, just not showing you fine folks.

The sequel to my Seamus/Theo fic Rivalry - Revenge - is done and being perused by [ profile] sanityinstrife for quality crackedness control.

Everybody Here Would Know, Day Two, is still stuck on one point, but I'm working through it.

The epilogue to The Origin of Storms is with my beta-reader.

Nighthawk 10 is temporarily stalled, not by my own will, but my muse's. She can be a stubborn bitch. I fully expect to get back on track with that soon, though.

I'm still feeling all the love from my Dirty Trousers fans. You are the best!

A gift?

A little slice of Everybody Here Would Know, Day Two )

EDIT: It's snowing, work sent us home early, and I've just about OD'd on cookies. Hurray!


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