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No? Good. I promise to give him a happy ending and everything.

Also: Why has no one written a Stephanie Plum-esque MCR AU yet???


Gerard the fumbling, kick-ass Jersey bounty hunter! He lives in this little apartment with his HAMSTER - seriously - and doesn't like guns, so he always hides his bullets. Brian owns the bail bond office! Ray works the phone and hands out the cases! Frank's the tiny hyper dude they hired to file stuff, but ends up just going out with Gerard on cases - he ends up accidentally shooting something/someone all the time!

Gerard's kind of in this half-assed relationship with Bert the cop! Bert used to be a lot of trouble, but he's cleaned up and everything, and he's ready to settle down with Gerard, but Gerard's not too sure. Mainly because of Bob. Bob's mysterious! Bob's like a ninja, and he's this totally hot badass bounty hunter that occasionally ends up helping Gerard out and saving his life and shit. Bob just shows up out of nowhere. Bob is also very obviously attracted to Gerard and Gerard has to, like, remind himself constantly that's he's with Bert and shouldn't cheat on him and stuff, and Bob understands that but he also isn't going to give up trying to get Gerard to sleep with him. It's awesome.

Mikey divorces his wife Alicia and moves back into their parents' house and decides he's gay and takes up with this total spaz named Pete. Gerard regularly has to bail Pete out of shenanigans gone wrong.

Is it bad taste to make Mikey and Gerard's grandma be still alive? Because Gerard needs his grandma to drive around with him and blow shit up.

Bob has minions! Chicago minions! His right hand man is Patrick, who is tiny but regularly full of rage. Frank is all over this Patrick character. He is sure they are meant to be, and Patrick is sort of taken off guard by Frank's enthusiasm (but then Patrick is also best friends with Pete - some convulated plot point that'll come out some how or another - so he thinks he can handle Frank).

Gerard keeps getting his cars blown up and getting kidnapped and accidentally getting framed for murder, and Bob and Bert have their hands full trying to keep Gerard out of jail and still alive. Bob and Bert hate each other, but they're willing to work together to make sure Gerard is safe! Awwwwww!

So, yeah, can someone write this for me? Please?
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the first rule of broom-wielding | PG-13 | various pairings | 14,000+ words
“I think Ryan’s dead,” Brendon said, nodding solemnly. “I’m waiting for Frank to stop by, because I don’t want to be the one who finds his body.”
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A/N: Apartment building AU! So, um, if you’re familiar with my epic DT? This was kind of written like that, only at a much, much smaller scale. If you’re unfamiliar, it just means that it’s a whole bunch of scenes strung together by a whole bunch of characters. I pretty much throw you into the deep end and you have to swim out. Everyone is weird. Bob’s keys are all for [ profile] clumsygyrl. Enjoy! Feedback would be ever so nice :)

the first rule of broom-wielding )

part two
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Also randomly, why are there not more fics where Panic! and/or Fall Out Boy shrink to miniature size? Preferably Fall Out Boy, only because the short jokes would be HILARIOUS.

You know what's bad? When you sit and stare at the update screen for about ten minutes and can't think of anything to say. Why post at all, right? It is possible that I am the most boring person ever. I don't even have any amusing animal anecdotes. Except my brother came over to feed Steve the moray eel yesterday. I love Steve. Steve is super cool.

Er. I don't even have any snippets for you, since my Winnie-the-Pooh fic is for a challenge. However, seriously, Brendon is awesome as Tigger.

I am still waiting patiently for someone to write me Mikey/JT. They could meet outside a bar! Mikey could be all wry and quiet and Justin could be all I'M A SUPER STAR and it would be AWESOME okay? Justin would have trouble placing exactly where he's seen Mikey before, and then Frank could come bounding out to find Mikey, and Mikey just leaves Justin there all scratching-head like, with maybe a little enigmatic smile, and I'm not going to say no to some p0rn, but there could also be a delicious Justin-is-sort-of-stalking-Mikey PLOT which would involve creepy!threatening!cutefuzzybrother!Gerard (because his smile, people, you just want to pinch his cheeks!) and random-evil-eye!Ray and specialgueststar!Chris Kirkpatrick appearing in a role of your choosing! Maybe JC could be all hi-Gerard! with some dreamy smiles that confuse the hell out of him (hold me back, I'm visualizing Gerard/JC now) But seriously, WORK WITH ME HERE!
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Hey, so at one point I posted that I thought there was a serious lack of Gerard plus babies/puppies fic out there, which is so very sad, and then [ profile] clumsygyrl showed up with a pic of Frank and a puppy and we started commenting back and forth and then this happened. We couldn't help ourselves.

Herein lies something insanely cute.

clumsygyrl: there should be fic where gerard runs an animal shelter. or something. a no kill one. heh. )
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Title: Close Enough For True
Pairing: Spencer/Brendon
Rating: PG-13 for some language
Word count: ~7000
Warning: Snow White AU/parody, told sort of in omniscient story telling form.
Summary: Brendon was a prince. You might’ve thought that was important to the story, but it wasn’t. In fact, the story would’ve ended the same way had Brendon been a smithy. Or a woodsman.
A/N: Yay, it's done! Special thanks to [ profile] castoffstarter for the awesome beta. This is silly. This is so silly and so much fun, so enjoy.

download the soundtrack

Close Enough For True )
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Gerard is getting married? True? Wha-huh? Not that he isn't the prettiest thing since Spencer Smith, but. *scratches head*

Also! Snow White AU is not what I'd call bastardized. It's turning out to be sort of parody-like. Which is fun, but different for me.

It was the middle of the night, but Pete had yelled, “Fire drill!” and they all stumbled out into the chilly air and Joe tripped over a root in the dark. His lantern rolled to a stop some three feet ahead of him, illuminating a bunch of rabbits and a curled up, shivering form.

“What do you think it is?” Pete asked.

Patrick heaved a tired sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose underneath his glasses. He didn’t have any pants on. He really hated Pete sometimes. “A boy, Pete. It’s a boy.”

“I’ve always wanted a boy,” Pete said, grinning. “A boy of my very own.”

“Right,” Andy said. He had his hands on his hips. “That’s great.”
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J and I have agreed on a reception hall entry song! HURRAH! It's so exciting. We've decided to do Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off! I figure it's perfect, because everyone would probably know the tune, and then I get to have GCH playing at the reception :)

Does anyone have a copy of the Theme from Flash Gordon? Come on, Queen sings it. Someone out there must have it! He'll save everyone of us!

Okay. Okay, so I know some of you are probably, like, Snow White AU? WTF? Dwarves? But okay, see, not dwarves, but seven boys who SLEEP PRACTICALLY ON TOP OF EACH OTHER IN A TINY CABIN. See? See how that goes? And one of them is PETE and it's. I'm hoping it's going to be magical. We shall see.
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This bit is for [ profile] callsigns, and yes. Yes, Mikey totally drinks cordial and smokes pipes.

Previous parts here and here. I'm not sticking to any true chronological order. Stayed tuned next for some of Ryan-writing-his-masterpiece for [ profile] clumsygyrl :)

Spencer can’t stop hiccupping, and it’s making him laugh, and Ryan is just incredibly red-faced and hot and he thinks this might have been a bad idea. )
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Have I been that out of the loop that I'm just hearing about this stupid Fanlib crap? Man, remember when I asked about it way back in March after I was contacted to beta or something? Dudes, I'm so glad that I'm a lazy flake and pretty much completely forgot about it right after telling them I'd help out - because Jesus, who wants to get caught up in that shit? If you ask me, it's just a stupid idea anyway, but I'm not much of a team player. I don't archive my stuff anywhere but here and my website, so. Plus, I'm HORRIBLE at fandom participation. I write, I read, I squeal about Patrick's tiny, tiny body and Spencer's truly amazing hips and John's thigh holster and Rodney's ass or whatever, and maybe I want to marry them all and have their babies or something, but I don't even IM, so. *shrugs* I'm off in my own world most of the day.

Speaking of babies, [ profile] civilbloodshed and I want Mikey & Alicia to get on with the getting on and give Gerard a niece/nephew already, because baby + Gerard = explosion of cute. He'd be the best uncle EVER with the cuddling and the happy, happy smiles. Now, go forth and write about Gerard and babies. Or puppies. I'm flexible like that. oh my god, Gerard and puppies! I think my brain just broke.
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I'm in the process of trying to get my brother hooked on My Chemical Romance, because I am convinved they are, like, the greatest rock group of all time. I may be biased, but whatever. Gerard Way can have my soul if he wants it. I'm pretty sure he'd just say "thanks, that's so nice, but you might want to keep it," because he looks like he's so incredibly sweet! He doesn't want to eat my soul! He wants me to love my soul exactly how it is! *hugs him*

I'm eating rasberry danish. Mmmmmm... rasberry danish. Coooooofffeeee *drools*

Tonight is our tasting at the reception hall. My parents, his parents and us. I hope it's not disastrous.

Question -

May. 3rd, 2007 10:37 pm
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If you were going to have a massive free benefit concert in Chicago in November, where would it likely be?
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SPAM. Somehow, my furry octopus fic got put on some robot spam list - not as fun as it sounds - and I'm getting two to three replies a day about erectile disfunction and breast enlargement and stuff and I'm getting sick of it. Is anyone else having this problem? I flipped on the screen anon comments thing for it, so nobody sees them but me, but it's a pain in the ass.

Also, I may have a not!fic coming up soon, because Ryan? Kind of an Anne Shirley. No, no, seriously, hear me out: The Way brothers adopt him! Mikey wants to send him back! Gerard loves him instantly!! Spencer is his bosom friend and kindred spirit! Brendon pulls his pig-tails and Ryan hates him so much! Jon is the boy Spencer wants to marry and Ryan can't understand why he'd pick such a BOY who's going to be, like, a farmer or something, but wait, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here, because not!fic! Coming soon. And it will not be a fic. Don't you worry.
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But I'm totally not. World building is fun! So maybe you'll have to know Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, maybe others that I can't recall at the moment, as well as Panic! for this.

Also, I never really write in multiple POVs anymore, but I'm making an exception for this. Section-wise, at least.

And right now I'm avoiding writing Spencer and his big gay epiphany - you can't have an SGA fic without one. There's always that moment when Sheppard becomes John and, well, Urie becomes Brendon. Or whatever. I've got William explaining to Ryan about lobsters and crabs and love with his pet geode, Zippy, as illustration, so.

“Yeah, man, yeah, exactly. You’ve got some weird dynamics going on there,” William says, nodding, and as he’s ushering Ryan out of his labs – because he’s got “shit to do besides schooling eager young men in the mysterious ways of the heart” - he adds, “Oh, and tell Jon to come see me when he’s not busy being on the gayest team in the galaxy,” which is kind of laughable coming from William, except William isn’t on a ‘gate team, so point.


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